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The Koozali SME Server project

The Koozali Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that governs the open source Koozali SME Server project. Koozali SME Server is a stable, secure and easy to use/manage linux server that provides common server functionalities out of the box. Many open source contributions are available that can extend the default server functionality making Koozali SME Server an even more powerful and flexible business server solution. Thousands of Koozali SME Severs have been deployed as real or virtual servers and in the cloud to serve many small to medium enterprises, and this number is growing day by day. The Koozali SME Server is free to use but it takes a lot of effort and money to develop, make, and maintain. We therefore ask you for your considerations.


Koozali Foundation Inc. together with its community hosted at is a collaborative effort of volunteers. You too can contribute to the development and continuity of the Koozali SME Server project as described on our volunteering page. Everybody is welcome to join the already 4000+ member community and can contribute with any skill set.

Financial donations

You can also show your support by making financial donations. The preferred way to make financial donations is using the donate option in the forums. You are free to choose any amount and frequency, being monthly, yearly or only once. The benefit of donating through your forums account is that your forum user name will receive a badge, showing your donation status. If you do not have a forum account, you can create one, or select the below PayPal option to make your donations.

Commercial usage

Organizations that use Koozali SME Server for their business, provide professional services related to SME Server or in any other way benefit commercially from the Koozali SME Server project, are kindly requested to consider regular financial donations that reflect their business benefits.

Koozali Foundation Inc. is happy to supply an invoice for any donations received. For more information on invoicing please send a mail to

Thank you for your considerations and support!

Information.png Tip:
For a complete overview of SME Server Development see our SME Server Development Framework page.

SME Server 10

Current status

  • Latest Build: SME Server 10.1 Http but if You need to build your Own Iso for Testing purpose see the Jigdo page and specially

this one


All users are encouraged to test, see our draft quality assurance testing page for tasks SME10.0_QA.

All testing should be based on the released version.

Considerations before installing


[Hardware requirements]

There needs to be hardware (motherboard chipset video graphics etc) compatibility with the underlying Linux version that sme server uses.

For SME10 A4, it is based on CentOS 7.6.1810 and all available updates To test your hardware to see if compatible with the underlying Linux version, download & install the appropriate CentOS version as listed above. If you have problems installing CentOS then you are likely to have problems installing SME server, so in that case you may need to chose more compatible hardware. Sometimes you can turn off advanced features in the BIOS as a workaround where there are limited compatibility issues, and/or disable onboard components that are known to be incompatible & use add on plug in expansion boards to perform those functions eg NIC, graphics, where suitable drivers are not available for the onboard product.

[Installation procedure]

Current tasks

Current open bugs

IDStatusPackageSummary (151 tasks)
156CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseUnlocalised strings in server-manager header
2023CONFIRMEDe-smith-managerServer manager header/footer template fragments are in wrong RPM
2269CONFIRMEDe-smith-apacheLoad apache mod_dav module by default
3763CONFIRMEDe-smith-sambachanging admin password via windows ctrl-alt-del does not also change root password
3797?CONFIRMEDe-smith-basetryagain_page doesn't always display for admin
4118CONFIRMEDe-smith-managerserver-manager login isn't locale aware (isn't UTF-8 aware either)
4206CONFIRMEDsmeserver-qpsmtpdA uuencoded message attachment appears as garbled text in the body of a message
4780CONFIRMEDsmeserver-qpsmtpdValid recipient check is disabled for locally generated mail ("relayclients")
5382CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseHostnames/addresses panel doesn't reject same IP with different mac
5676?CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseBonding cannot be disabled if one NIC is disabled/removed
5702CONFIRMEDe-smith-backupAdd a manual backup option in sme
6294CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseInability to change entries in Hostnames and Addresses panel (IP and FQDN)
6465CONFIRMEDsmeserver-hordeIMP should implement max_recipients and max_timelimit restrictions
6796CONFIRMEDe-smith-basehostentries do no survive change of domain
6807CONFIRMEDe-smith-formmagickFormmagick error with file upload fields
6836CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseconsole backup does not cope well with multiple removable devices available [8b7]
7129CONFIRMEDe-smith-base"proftpd: pam_env(ftp:setcred): Unable to open config file: /etc/security/pam_env.conf: No such file or directory" in "/var/log/secure"
7463CONFIRMEDe-smith-managerHeadingWeight Wrong in Server Panel navigation scripts
7742CONFIRMEDsmeserver-dovecotIMAP session continues after disable IMAP in server-manager
7804CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseOld name cannot be removed in DNS panel after server name is changed after updating e-smith-base to version 5.2.0-79.el5.sme
7805CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseAdditional old name cannot be removed in DNS panel after updating e-smith-base to version 5.2.0-79.el5.sme
7840CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseCannot exit from console on tty1 after updating to 8.1 when console boot set to auto mode
7891CONFIRMEDsmeserver-qpsmtpdEmail - Block Executable Content false positives when signature found in the middle of a file
8008CONFIRMEDe-smith-apachedeclare unixgroup in httpd.conf
8074CONFIRMEDe-smith-emailSMTP to ISP Authentication timeout problem
8192CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseMove dmount() to
8207CONFIRMEDe-smith-qmailError 454+451 in qmail log while trying to send mail trough ISP server
8268CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseRemove primary (all lower case) from defaults and accounts database
8275CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseno console page uses whiptail
8304CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseConsole display slightly corrupted - black borders missing on two sides. [sme9b4]
8309CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseAdd ipt_recent sshd autoblocking to e-smith-openssh - additional note in server-manager
8376CONFIRMEDe-smith-proftpdproftpd: Can I disable Anonymous logins
8420CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseLocal Networks - Delete Form - "Abbrechen" Button does not work correct
8676CONFIRMEDe-smith-base (certif)Integration of EFF free certificates
8945CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseLocked account - modify panel/wording
9058CONFIRMEDe-smith-sambaOplock break failed for file USER.V5/NTUSER.DAT
9273CONFIRMEDsmeserver-spamassassinTextCat spamassassin plugin not loaded in the correct file
9426CONFIRMEDe-smith-basewarning in messages logs and on screen when running ippp
9431CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseerror running bootstrap-console
9492CONFIRMEDsmeserver-qpsmtpdRemove unused config for qmail-smtpd
9586CONFIRMED---Move Mitel copyright notices to copyright and licenses page
9593CONFIRMEDe-smith-manageruninitialized value username in lc
9656CONFIRMEDsmeserver-qpsmtpdReturn 4XX in case of DNS timeout while fetching dkim policies
9695CONFIRMEDsmeserver-hordehorde template for configuration should point to in /etc/horde
9696CONFIRMED---update link
9805CONFIRMEDsmeserver-qpsmtpdFailure in DMARC report sending overnight
9906CONFIRMEDsmeserver-qpsmtpdRejected DMARC emails are tried every night, and never deleted?
9944CONFIRMEDe-smith-managerreorganize manager foot copyright
10090CONFIRMEDe-smith-emailmodify SM email panel wording to make spamassassin setting clearer
10103CONFIRMEDperl-Mail-DMARCDMARC sql error in qpsmtpd log
10233CONFIRMEDe-smith-backuprestore from console will not restore mysql db
10285CONFIRMEDe-smith-basePrevent entering invalid netmask
10336CONFIRMED---plymouth screen on first boot display linux centos 7
10440CONFIRMEDe-smith-qmailemail to pseudonyms pointing to another pseudonym fails when they are another full email
10497CONFIRMEDqpsmtpdqpsmtpd plugin typo in HELO log report
10550CONFIRMEDe-smith-libpassword generator
10570CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseremove key StatusReports from config db
10598CONFIRMEDspamassassinspamassassin needs updating to GeoIP2
10643CONFIRMED---Error: IP cannot be server IP or Gateway IP.
10725CONFIRMEDe-smith-managererror logged on backup panel
10738CONFIRMEDqpsmtpdqpsmtpd logging corruption
10778CONFIRMEDsmeserver-qpsmtpd554 Message not allowed - [299] on yahoo server after enabling disclaimer
10845CONFIRMEDe-smith-basepost-upgrade : Use of uninitialized value $nt_hash in string eq at /etc/e-smith/events/post-upgrade/S15user-lock-passwd
10847CONFIRMEDe-smith-ldapibay-modify failed to modify entry
10889CONFIRMEDsmeserver-hordeimp, ingo, mnemo, turba, kronolith settings
10911CONFIRMEDsmeserver-hordecleanup /migrate user@domains entries
10926CONFIRMEDsmeserver-yumCSRF time-out during yum update in server-manager
10933CONFIRMEDqpsmtpdTLS error give an empty line
10935CONFIRMEDsmeserver-dovecotdovecot should use ssl_dh=</path/to/dh.pem instead of ssl_dh_parameters_length
10953CONFIRMEDanacondadisable and hide addons in gui install
10954CONFIRMEDanacondacreate and fill help KoozaliPlaceholder.html and KoozaliPlaceholderWithLinks.html
10976CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseMake validate the subnet octets for Server- manager2
10977CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseMake also validate the subnet octets - make change for Server-Manager2
11085CONFIRMED---improve integration of certificate with dehydrated using a dedicated domain
11230CONFIRMED---openfusion newer rpms
11235CONFIRMED---config memory / number convert sanitizer
11271CONFIRMEDsmeserver-mysqlChanging host.domain does not update Host in mysql database
11367CONFIRMED---change type from service to configuration
11380CONFIRMEDe-smith-devtoolsbrb and python for genfilelist
11400CONFIRMEDsmeserver-phpease php change for contribs
11406CONFIRMEDe-smith-apacheSSLRequire is deprecated
11416CONFIRMEDe-smith-testremove pptpd references
11417CONFIRMEDe-smith-libremove pptpd references
11418CONFIRMEDe-smith-hostsremove pptpd references
11419CONFIRMEDe-smith-radiusdremove pptpd references
11421CONFIRMEDe-smith-proftpdUnable to open config file: /etc/security/pam_env.conf
11427CONFIRMEDsmeserver-phpallow set timeout
11444CONFIRMEDsmeserver-phpibay customisation: merge SSL option
11445CONFIRMEDsmeserver-hordeibay customisation: merge SSL option
11448CONFIRMEDsmeserver-hordeunable to update the configuration
11454CONFIRMEDe-smith-proxyError message overnight from Squid
11476CONFIRMEDsmeserver-phpEdit spelling and confirm db prop name ibay.conf and 20Horde
11478CONFIRMEDsmeserver-audittoolsConfiguration report (under Server Manager/Report a bug) Includes some parts of the standard install
11518CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseallow customization of PRUNEPATHS
11534CONFIRMEDe-smith-radiusddifference between domain events
11540CONFIRMEDe-smith-managercookie without SameSite property
11560CONFIRMEDe-smith-grubupdate-grub action runt by local on every reboot
11588CONFIRMEDqmaildkim signing of internally sended emails
11644CONFIRMEDsmeserver-horde"This is a thumbnail of an image attachment." showed as a question mark
Warnings were generated during the execution of function
  1. Report truncated - count greater than max allowed 101 > 100

Important.png Note:
Bugs needing verification are shown here Verification_Queue


IDPackageSummary (25 tasks)
11185smeserver-managerNew version for smeserver-manager
11545smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate smeserver-manager-AdminLTE with crealinks -update event
11571smeserver-managerTheme switch no longer works.
11572smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate to AdminLTE 3.1
11623smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate default.ep.html to new contribs-header and remove heading from status line
11708smeserver-managerCSRF security check should fully protect smeserver-manager
11780smeserver-managerAdd in dummy classes to div in each ep file for future themes
11781smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate login screen and add password visibility
11782smeserver-manager-AdminLTEFix up Configuration Review panel
11783smeserver-manager-AdminLTEBring update event into line with smanager update event
11785smeserver-manager-AdminLTESort out alignment of descriptions and inputs on panels, and make work for mobile screens
11815smeserver-managerBring Group add and update panels into line with others
11822smeserver-managerIn Review Configuration virtual domains not aligned.
11823smeserver-managerIn Review Configuration - IP address not show correctly for Server Gateway
11824smeserver-managerUser and Hostnames list does not act responsivly as window is made smaller
11825smeserver-managerReview configuration panel - In Server-Gateway, External IP and DHCP range not properly displayed
11826smeserver-manager-AdminLTEMore format changes to make it compatible
11830smeserver-managerUpdate Datetime and reboot ep files to help AdminLTE
11833smeserver-manager-AdminLTEMore formatting
11863smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate css and checkbox for dark mode
11880smeserver-manager-AdminLTEBrowser error on non login pages (smeserver-manager-AdminLTE)
11881smeserver-manager-AdminLTEBrowser Error in js for AdminLTE version extraction
11906smeserver-manager-AdminLTESort out spacing in menu when small fonts selected
11989smeserver-manager-AdminLTERollup changes including AdminLTE 3.1
12111smeserver-manageruntainting server-manager2


IDPackageSummary (18 tasks)
10720---nightly logwatch email
11816smeserver-managerAdd Forgotten Password link to login panel
11861smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate to AdminLTE 3.2
12112smeserver-managerupdate to httpd 2.4 syntax (SM2)
12175e-smith-baseimjournal rate-limiting prevent to see all output from events
12179smeserver-yum/etc/e-smith/db/yum_repositories/defaults/smecontribs/status disabled
12183e-smith-basedhcpd unit needs expand in other event
12184smeserver-clamavreview clamd.action
12190e-smith-basesmartd new configuration path
12194e-smith-libstartScript not found for service network
12195e-smith-baseadd PartOf=networking.service to wan.service
12204e-smith-managerupdating e-smith manager using server-manager hangs at Executing signal-event temp ...........
12207e-smith-apacheRunning reconfigure from server-manager hangs at S07rotate_logfiles
12210---The boot sequence for SME 10.1 shows 10.0 at the top of the text boot section
12220smeserver-localeapply local 2022-11-11.patch
12221e-smith-ldap/slapd.service.d/50koozali.conf:4] Assignment outside of section
12231e-smith-sambaRejoining to domain fails
12253e-smith-basebootstrap-runlevel7.service screen displayed while no sysv service is misleading


IDPackageSummary (1027 tasks)
79e-smith-proxy[ 1200402 ] squid is logging (mostly) to syslog
118smeserver-yum[ 1296024 ] yum: Error: No Groups on which to run command
139e-smith-php[ 1350044 ] Move PHP sessiondir to /var/lib/php/session
455smeserver-mysqlEnable mysqld slow queries log
946e-smith-baselogfiles2timestamp creates dangling symlinks (upgrade.log)
1005smeserver-hordeavoid losing user pref when changing primary domain / login using another virtualhost
1416e-smith-apachehttpd-e-smith does not have a logger
1502smeserver-yumpredownload rpm nightly to ease update yumdownloader or downloadonly -y
2370smeserver-qpsmtpdRequire valid reverse DNS in qpsmtpd
2408e-smith-base (network)Move dhcpd logs out of /var/log/messages
2475e-smith-proxysquid configuration redundant port specification
3139e-smith-backuprestore from backup does not report "disk full" error
3461e-smith-basemigrate fragment to validate key and crt settings
3802e-smith-emailNFR: Web interface to configure pseudonym for local networks only (visible internal) when adding new pseudonym
4079---RAID 6 / 10 with 4 HDD
4123e-smith-managerServer manager header is not locale aware
4402smeserver-hordehorde DB entries are not removed when deleting users from SME
4536smeserver-hordeConsider adding Kronolith (Calendar) to base for webmail
4537smeserver-hordeConsider adding nag (Tasks) to base for webmail
4538smeserver-hordeConsider adding mnemo (notes) to base for webmail
4597smeserver-qpsmtpdbadrcptto should not be evaluated for connections from lan
4606smeserver-mysqlTemplate more mysqld parameters
4607e-smith-baseConsole "Manage disk redundancy" does not capture add_drive_to_raid die() output to console or messages log
4661e-smith-lib-compspecPressing TAB to autocomplete causes bash error to fail on db foo bar show <TAB> like commands
5092smeserver-qpsmtpdDisable DNSBL for authenticated users
5759smeserver-phpOption to update PHPBaseDir to include PEAR on dynamic content enabled ibay
5890e-smith-baseSMART on by default
5933e-smith-baseOnly list devices that carry a backup when performing a console restore
6404e-smith-baseTerabyte quotas display incorrectly
6458multiple-packagescpu won't allow local users to be added to ldap groups
6499smeserver-yumAdd support for yum-plugin-priorities
6536e-smith-baseMake also validate the subnet octets
6713?e-smith-managerServer-manager access via HTTPS proxy forwarding fails after login success
6804e-smith-proftpdAdding TLS support to proftp configuration
6940smeserver-yumserver-manager says system is up to date, but cron email says there are updates available (and packages being obsoleted)
7011?e-smith-phpSet php_admin_value upload_tmp_dir per ibay
7224e-smith-dynamicdns-dyndns.orgdyndns client not working
7510smeserver-dovecotLet dovecot handle pop3
7655e-smith-baseerror during ftp - Unable to open config file: /etc/security/pam_env.conf
7827smeserver-mysqlBackup fails in pre-backup in mysqldump on invalid views, with possible solution
7958---Exact version shown during installation
8077smeserver-phpibay customisation: PHP error reporting
8150e-smith-ibaysibay customisation: merge SSL option
8156e-smith-base (certif)Wild Card support in the default self signed certificate
8160smeserver-spamassassinintegrate BayesAutoLearnThresholdSpam and BayesAutoLearnThresholdNonspam properties and handle bayes_auto_learn
8244e-smith-basecannot find backup media during console restore due to bad filesystem
8292---NFR: Rename admin account
8316e-smith-ibaysAdd more PHP settings by db command
8362e-smith-dnscachednscache CNAME chain lookup problem (
8365---phpinfo shows Password in plain text!?
8393e-smith-backupAllow backup to mounted drive
8484smeserver-qpsmtpdqpsmtpd dnsbl does not allow configuration of blocklists without TXT records
8591e-smith-qmailError in template expansion /var/qmail/control/virtualdomains
8675e-smith-ldap[SAMBA4] e-smith-LDAP + Samba 4
8692---The account xxx' can't be created because there is already a system account of that name.
8693e-smith-apachemoving SSL httpd certificate to virtual host and allow multiple certificates
8705smeserver-yumavoid reboot after updating smeserver-X rpms
8762?e-smith-base (certif)generate a wildcards domain certificate by marco hess
8782smeserver-yumcheck4contribsupdates minor language and formatting corrections
8783e-smith-managerAdd bug reporting templates to server manager
8787smeserver-phpadd mail.add_x_header and mail.log to php-ini
8834smeserver-yuminstall deltarpm to reduce updates sizes
8876e-smith-baseServerName property from smb key is missing in defaults. Leads to perl warning
8881e-smith-ntpUse /var/lib/ntp/ as home for ntp drift file instead of /etc/ntp/
8903smeserver-supportRemove option in server manager to create a starter website
8952smeserver-qpsmtpdlogterse summary record not found in qpsmtpd logs after unrecognised command
8961---Add support for SPDNS.DE dynamic dns to the console.
9060e-smith-sambaremove the win98pwdcache.reg of the server-resources
9090?e-smith-backupTest if the remote (nfs,cifs) host is mountable in the worskation backup panel
9105e-smith-ibayscreate tmp directory for every php enabled ibay
9127e-smith-backupMake sure only one backup run at a time
9155rsshuser needing scp access with rssh shell need to be member of rsshusers group
9159e-smith-backupBackup deletion of incomplete backups fail
9189---Koozali SME Server 10 tracking bug
9192e-smith-apacheport 80 and 443 shouldn't be hardcoded
9206smeserver-qpsmtpdAdd DMARC to qpsmtpd
9208---implement a cockpit's plugin to interact with SME's command
9209LPRngLPRng doesn't build on el7
9210perl-Object-Persistenceperl-Object-Persistence doesn't build on el7
9211pppppp doesn't build on el7
9212---Create SME Server 10 Alpha 1
9215e-smith-apachee-smith-apache doesn't build on el7
9216e-smith-basee-smith-base doesn't build on el7
9219smeserver-spamassassinspamassassin doesn't build on el7
9220e-smith-sambae-smith-samba doesn't build on el7
9221e-smith-radiusde-smith-radiusd doesn't build on el7
9222e-smith-qmaile-smith-qmail doesn't build on el7
9223e-smith-proxye-smith-proxy doesn't build on el7
9224e-smith-proftpde-smith-proftpd doesn't build on el7
9225e-smith-pptpde-smith-pptpd doesn't build on el7
9226e-smith-opensshe-smith-openssh doesn't build on el7
9227e-smith-ntpe-smith-ntp doesn't build on el7
9228e-smith-emaile-smith-email doesn't build on el7
9229smeserver-yumsmeserver-yum doesn't build on el7
9230smeserver-qpsmtpdsmeserver-qpsmtpd doesn't build on el7
9232e-smith-devtoolsgenfilelist should not treat symlinks as directories
9233bufferbuffer doesn't build on el7
9235---mod_perl doesn't build on el7
9236qpsmtpdqpsmtpd failed to build on el7
9237---Suggested new method for esmith::DB - get_all_by_props()
Warnings were generated during the execution of function
  1. Report truncated - count greater than max allowed 101 > 100

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