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This page tries to catch all ideas and serves as a centralised overview of user submitted new or enhanced SME Server features suggestions.

Please note down your thoughts in a simple 1 liner. Further in depth discussions can be done on the devinfo mailinglist and the discussion mailing list.

This 'wishlist' is what it is, a list of wishes. Nothing more, nothing less. Which ones are 'in' or 'out' should be decided by the community on the mailing lists. All suggestions are about SME Server in general and not targeted specifically towards any one version of SME Server. A feature or suggestion that has been decided on to be included in a version will be logged in our Bug Tracker. Please join in.

Please append your name at end of your post. Thanks.

SME Server 9.0

SME Server 9.0 is in final productisation, bugfixes and translations only.

SME Server 9.1

SME Server 9.1 is likely to be based on CentOS 6.6 maybe during summer 2014.

  • Webmail
    • Webmail is Core
    • For SME Server 9.1 Horde 5.x is the default for core. See Bug 6653
  • Partial Samba 4 support
    • What can be achieved in the next 3 months?
    • See See Bug 8075
  • Minor improvements to Backup - Restore (Ian)
    • My improvements to Backup Restore did not make the 9.0 development freeze.

SME Server 9.X

  • Add additional secure VPN solution (OpenVPN?). Default PPTP VPN is proven insecure. (waves to NSA)

Open. Need to select from the nice-to-have below

SME Server 10.X

SME Server 10.0 is likely to be based on CentOS 7.0

  • Full Samba 4 support (David Harper)
    • Investigate the implications for the SME ecosystem of moving to Samba 4 (e.g. currently UNIX accounts are used for authentication but for Samba 4 all auth would have to be done through Active Directory - e.g. IMAP, webmail, VPN etc.)
    • Would likely require BIND 9 instead of dnsmasq

  • Finish LDAP auth, and use as default going forward (mrjhb3)
    • having full user and group in LDAP would allow comprehensive management of users over multiple servers Unnilennium (talk)

  • Webmail
    • Choose the webmail solution that will be in the core for SME Server 10. Alternatives will be contribs.
      • Zarafa oh yé Stephdl (talk)
      • Horde 5.x - has free sync to Outlook via Funambol (David Harper) I have this working (mrjhb3)
      • eGroupware It will be my choice --Larieu (talk) 03:35, 6 February 2013 (MST) - I think this is a good starting point to compare compare

  • Cloud awareness (HF)
    • Market development and usage of services and software are changing quickly. One of them being 'Cloud' and all xaaS related services
    • Being able to deploy SME Server as a Virtual Machine (VPS) in ServerGateway mode with an ISP that only offers 1 Network interface
    • Patch available, Proof of concept applied on production servers Bug 7200
    • ease backup to cloud Bugzilla:9517 Unnilennium (talk)

  • New VPN Approach Unnilennium (talk)
    • this should include OpenVPN and IPSec
    • OpenVPN Bridge (Credit: Daniel)
    • OpenVPN_Bridge is a much wanted feature, and could be considered as a Core feature
    • Remote workers, home office, road-worriers is a very common way of working today
      • Bravo daniel openvpn-bridge+openvpn-s2s integrated as core system Stephdl (talk)
      • I subscribe also for any core development which support openVPN client with default user/passfrom LDAP Larieu (talk)

  • Backups
    • encrypted backup (for cloud purpose and others)Unnilennium (talk)
    • Integrate AFFA 3 contrib into core SME for doing remote backups via rsync and migrating SME boxes to new hardware / versions. (I have done many migrations for SME6 -> 7, SME 7 -> 8 and SME 8 -> 9. It just works!) Svsleuwen (talk)

SME Server 11.X

SME Server 11.0 is likely to be based on Rocky 8.X

Prerequesite to start

  • a koji builder
  • moving sources to git

For the server

  • finish Mojolicious server-manager integration
  • integrate SSL certificate handling in manager
  • Finish LDAP auth, and use as default going forward
    • having full user and group in LDAP would allow comprehensive management of users over multiple servers
  • easing switching between webmail software
  • rethink the backup management
  • change DNS stack to bind
  • change Qmail to Postfix keeping qpsmtpd
  • IPv6
  • new firewall using Shorewall
  • multiple network interface
  • moving httpd-e-smith to httpd
  • moving httpd user from www to the standard apache
  • rethink the apache auth to make it pluggable (eg: allow adding a geoip filter)

Nice to have

  • NFS server (David Harper)
    • Investigate ways of promulgating network-wide UNIX UID & GID - LDAP or AD based
    • Would allow for "roaming profile" like setups for clients like Ubuntu and CentOS Desktop
    • David, would you be able to work on a smeserver-nfs as a contrib and I would support change to the core where needed to make this work. (Ian)

  • High Availability (HF)
    • Initial HA based on 2-node fail-over, active/standby cluster involving 2 SME Servers
    • Only supervised services are monitored and HA aware
    • Includes real-time replication of data between the 2 nodes (LAN/WAN Raid1 based on DRBD)
    • Proof of concept available

  • Re-ordered server configuration pages (HF)
    • Start with server role, then continue with existing order (POC available)
    • Add new server role 'Hosted virtual server'. If only 1 NIC present, a second dummy will be used, otherwise usual server/gateway mode (POC available)

  • Delegation - into core (larieu)
    • Server roles - support by default for "split" servers
      • one approach is PDC + mail only + ftp only...
        • in this scenario if you declare server 2 mail only and you set on the primary mx.domain.tld remote x.x.x.x both must work in tandem as one
        • the main one should not keep any mail all related tasks to mail should be delegate to the second one, the second one should receive and maintain local backup user data from main one
      • another approach is PDC Main branch + backup PDC + branch server 1 + branch server 2 ....
        • in this scenario you have the main with HA backup + subdomain1.domain.tld should contain everything for your subdomain inclusive local authentication + mails of users (+ VPN s2s between master and subdomains - star scenario) but users data should be set only on main one, the server-manager on subdomain should have only local users
    • user role delegation - now you can achieve this by separate contrib
      • to be able to delegate user administration for group / domain /...
      • to be able to delegate ibay administration
      • to be able to delegate access to some panels

  • Git (Marco Hess)
    • Move the development of SME Server and SME Contribs to a more modern version controls system like Git instead of CVS.
    • Some work/investigation has already be done a few years ago.

  • Minimise Required Reboots (Marco Hess)
    • It would be nice if a contrib package on install (or upgrade) could flag that the full blown signal-event post-upgrade and signal-event reboot is not required.

  • chpst (wellsi)
    • Make a decision on chpst vs softlimit (runit rather than daemontools). See Bug 509

  • 2 WAN + 2 LAN
    • 2 WAN - nowadays you have one terrestrial internet connection and for shure good plans from GSM company (Wireless one - but with ETH connection for the whole house) - why to not have 2 WAN
    • 2 LAN - one for "normal" LAN and one for guest / wireless access - or VLAN support - multiple LAN

  • ARM processor support (Mike)
  • A Rolling release version of the SME-Server
  • JMAP support (JSON Meta Application Protocol Specification)
  • Wireguard VPN *in kernel since 3/20 (Seems to be a very professionally scripted new and opensource VPN solution that is a big improvement over OpenVPN and it is also much easier to setup/integrate)

  • journaled quota (larieu)
    • standard used kernel supports the journaled quota but it seems that the default option is standard non-journaled quota ( even it is recommended to use journaled )

Ideas and suggestions