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Translating with Pootle

SME Server supports more than a dozen languages. See for the current list.

Pootle Video Tutorial

If you want to watch a video about Pootle in action, look at


Become a SME Translator

  1. Before you can request have access and be assigned responsible for one or more languages you will need to register at
  2. After registering you will have to log in and add the language and projects to your account in Pootle. This can be done by choosing the Change options under the My Account.
  3. Now select the three projects SME Server Console, SME Server Panels, and SME Contribs Panels under My Projects (Hold the Ctrl key while clicking the desired options to select multiple options).
  4. Last thing that you need to do is to select your language under My Languages. You are now subscribed to all required projects for the desired languages.
  5. Important.png Note:
    Please, do not request to be responsible translator for a certain language before having completed the above steps.

  6. To become responsible for the language you desire you need to request responsibility by creating a

    new bug

    , please provide your Pootle username as well as the language you want to be responsible for.

Language Translators

Language Responsibles (Pootle username)
Bulgarian stefangk
Chinese gfengyoung
Danish koopmann - p1ur - skovsgaard
Dutch Cactus - Marco Hess - jester - skydivers
French jpl - mmccarn - esibert - GrandPa - dadoudidon - Cool34000 - unnilennium - dani
German Reinhold - ente - koopmann
Greek MAuVE - pfloor
Hungarian tacsaby
Indonesion thomasch
Italian matprova - nicolatiana - Fumetto - nenonano - filippoc
Japanese misnerspace - sreejith - pranathi - yuka
Norwegian terje
Portuguese nrgomes
Portuguese (Brazil) jader
Russian Nikolay?
Slovenian bpivk
Spanish Normando - juanidada - oscartenerife - Calimenio
Swedish chrille
Thai Thirawoot
Turkish sami

Pootle tips

To speed up your translation process follow these tips:

Interface Customization

Enter at My account and then at Change options.

Set these values:

  • Number of rows in translate mode = 1
  • Number of rows in view mode = 5
  • Input Height (in lines) = 10

You can select your language and projects to see shortcuts at your home page.

Untranslated words

First login at Pootle, then click Show Editing Functions and finally at Quick Translate for each file or whole language.

Also you can see the suggestions clicking at Review Suggestions.

Translation Memory

You can use the matching translations from the Pootle right side related strings to speed up the translation process. Make the necessary fixes for the non matching strings.

Checks before finish your work

We generate daily a consistency verification,it´s available on

Please run these checks before conclude your work:

Under the language of your choice at root level project, click at Show Editing Functions and then Show Checks to see a list of syntax errors.

See and

It is clear that certain syntax errors will always be due to differences in languages. For example a question in English carries only the symbol of closure (?) while in Spanish also carries the opening (¿).

Important.png Note:
We need to make consistent translations. The system detect some consistence errors for all languages. You can check and see your language errors. Please fix the inconsistency errors

Example for Italian:

#: root/etc/e-smith/locale/en-us/etc/e-smith/web/functions/clamav:60(trans)
#: root/etc/e-smith/locale/en-us/etc/e-smith/web/functions/emailsettings:118(trans)
#, fuzzy
msgid "During office hours (8:00 AM to 6:00 PM) on weekdays"
msgstr ""
"#-#-#-#-#  clamav.po (SME Panels)  #-#-#-#-#\n"
"Durante l'orario d'ufficio (dalle 8:00 alle 18:00) giorni lavorativi\n"
"#-#-#-#-#  emailsettings.po (SME Panels)  #-#-#-#-#\n"
"Orario ufficio (8:00-18:00 Lun-Ven)"

You must fix the file clamav.po or emailsettings.po (not both) to only use one of the following translated values:

Durante l'orario d'ufficio (dalle 8:00 alle 18:00) giorni lavorativi 


Orario ufficio (8:00-18:00 Lun-Ven)

Please ensure to remove all \n characters from end of translation and escape characters \ before each " not present in english source language. ex. \"{$acct}\" should be "{$acct}". This only happens in the consistence checks.

So, at equal English strings values => equal translations (Italian) values.

In this example (Italian) the files clamav.po and emailsettings.po should have the same translated value:

Durante l'orario d'ufficio (dalle 8:00 alle 18:00) giorni lavorativi or Orario ufficio (8:00-18:00 Lun-Ven).


  • Do not use colloquial terms. Only formal XXX-LANG.
  • Please DON'T use automatic nor machine generated translations. These are BAD quality. Leave human translators them make its work!
  • Review the orthographic errors. A very simple way is to use Firefox with the installed XXX-LANG dictionary.
  • Verify the translation in the context.
  • Not to be brief words. Ej. "Ud." instead of "Usted" (Spanish example)
  • The subscripts "_" in Pootle indicate a space in target.
  • Not to add capital letters in where in English they are not it. Ej. "Web page" must be translated like "Página web" and not like "Página Web" (Spanish example). The intention is to translate and not to invent. For it we must be exact although it demands much greater time the translation.
  • Any discussion or doubts or interchange of ideas can be made at the tab "discussion" in the top part of this page. Indent the answers adding two points at the beginning of each new line.
  • IMPORTANT. If at the moment of an installation or modification of the adjustments of SME Server it detects an inexact translation or that one does not adjust to the context, please, takes note precise from the same one and in where it found it, soon to correct it. If you want you can fix at Does not let save the opportunity to correct.

Changing the Server Language


Change the language the panel is in by changing your browser default language

For Firefox currently it is: Preferences, content, Languages.


For Centos 6 i.e. SME9, and older versions

Edit the first two lines in /etc/sysconfig/i18n

#nano -w /etc/sysconfig/i18n
SUPPORTED="en_US:en"  (maybe not needed, doesn't exist by default)

issue a db command

config setprop sysconfig Language sv_SE

For CentOS 7 and SME 10

List available keymaps starting with 'us' :

#localectl list-keymaps | grep ^us

To permanently change the keymap on CentOS 7 to e.g. the US keymap run the localectl command:

#localectl set-keymap us

To confirm your permanent keymap settings execute the localectl command without any arguments.


Choose a Language (and Keytable see below) from the list

(-) in front of the line means SME doesn't have any translation for that language

 Bulgarian	bg	latarcyrheb-sun16	bg_BG.UTF-8	bg	Europe/Sofia
-Catalan	ca	latarcyrheb-sun16	ca_ES.UTF-8	es	Europe/Madrid
 Chinese(Simplified)	zh_CN	none	        zh_CN.UTF-8	us	Asia/Shanghai
-Chinese(Traditional)	zh_TW	none	        zh_TW.UTF-8	us	Asia/Taipei
-Croatian	hr	latarcyrheb-sun16	hr_HR.UTF-8	croat	Europe/Zagreb
-Czech	        cs	latarcyrheb-sun16	cs_CZ.UTF-8	cz-lat2	Europe/Prague
 Danish        da	latarcyrheb-sun16	da_DK.UTF-8	dk	Europe/Copenhagen
 Dutch	        nl	latarcyrheb-sun16	nl_NL.UTF-8	nl	Europe/Amsterdam
 English	en	latarcyrheb-sun16	en_US.UTF-8	us	America/New_York
 Estonian	et	latarcyrheb-sun16	et_EE.UTF-8	et	Europe/Tallinn
-Finnish	fi	latarcyrheb-sun16	fi_FI.UTF-8	fi	Europe/Helsinki
 French        fr	latarcyrheb-sun16	fr_FR.UTF-8	fr-latin1  Europe/Paris
 German        de	latarcyrheb-sun16	de_DE.UTF-8	de-latin1-nodeadkeys  Europe/Berlin
 Greek	        el	iso07u-16	        el_GR.UTF-8	gr	Europe/Athens
-Gujarati	gu	none	                gu_IN.UTF-8	us	Asia/Calcutta
-Hindi	        hi	none	                hi_IN.UTF-8	us    	Asia/Calcutta
 Hungarian	hu	latarcyrheb-sun16	hu_HU.UTF-8	hu	Europe/Budapest
-Icelandic	is	latarcyrheb-sun16	is_IS.UTF-8	is-latin1  Atlantic/Reykjavik
 Indonesian	id	latarcryheb-sun16	id_ID.UTF-8	us	Asia/Jakarta
 Italian	it	latarcyrheb-sun16	it_IT.UTF-8	it	Europe/Rome
 Japanese	ja	none	                ja_JP.UTF-8	jp106	Asia/Tokyo	
-Kannada	kn	none	                kn_IN.UTF-8	us	Asia/Calcutta
-Korean        ko	none	                ko_KR.UTF-8	us	Asia/Seoul	
-Macedonian	mk	latarcyrheb-sun16	mk_MK.UTF-8	mk	Europe/Skopje
-Malay         ms	latarcyrheb-sun16	ms_MY.UTF-8	us	Asia/Kuala_Lumpur
-Malayalam     ml	none	                ml_IN.UTF-8	us	Asia/Calcutta
-Marathi	mr	none	                mr_IN.UTF-8	us	Asia/Calcutta
 Norwegian	nb	latarcyrheb-sun16	nb_NO.UTF-8	no	Europe/Oslo
-Northern Sotho nso	latarcyrheb-sun16	nso_ZA.UTF-8	us	Africa/Johannesburg
-Oriya	        or	none	                or_IN.UTF-8	us	Asia/Calcutta
 Polish        pl	latarcyrheb-sun16	pl_PL.UTF-8	pl2	Europe/Warsaw
 Portuguese	pt	latarcyrheb-sun16	pt_PT.UTF-8	pt-latin1  Europe/Lisbon
 Portuguese(Brazilian)	pt_BR latarcyrheb-sun16	pt_BR.UTF-8	br-abnt2  America/Sao_Paulo
-Punjabi	pa	none	                pa_IN.UTF-8	us	Asia/Calcutta
 Russian	ru	latarcyrheb-sun16	ru_RU.UTF-8	ru	Europe/Moscow
-Serbian	sr	latarcyrheb-sun16	sr_CS.UTF-8	sr-cy	Europe/Belgrade
-Serbian(Latin) sr@Latn latarcyrheb-sun16	sr_CS.UTF-8@Latn sr-cy	Europe/Belgrade
-Sinhala	si	none	                si_LK.UTF-8	us	Asia/Colombo
-Slovak	sk	latarcyrheb-sun16	sk_SK.UTF-8	sk-qwerty Europe/Bratislava
 Slovenian     sl      latarcyrheb-sun16	sl_SI.UTF-8	slovene	Europe/Ljubljana
 Spanish	es	latarcyrheb-sun16	es_ES.UTF-8	es	Europe/Madrid
 Swedish	sv	latarcyrheb-sun16	sv_SE.UTF-8	sv-latin1 Europe/Stockholm
-Tamil	        ta	none	                ta_IN.UTF-8	us	Asia/Calcutta
-Telugu        te	none	                te_IN.UTF-8	us	Asia/Calcutta
 Turkish	tr	latarcyrheb-sun16	tr_TR.UTF-8	trq	Europe/Istanbul
-Ukrainian	uk	latarcyrheb-sun16	uk_UA.UTF-8	ua-utf	Europe/Kiev
-Vietnamese	vi	latarcyrheb-sun16	vi_VN.UTF-8	us	Asia/Saigon
-Welsh	        cy	latarcyrheb-sun16	cy_GB.UTF-8	uk	Europe/London
-Zulu	        zu	latarcyrheb-sun16	zu_ZA.UTF-8	us	Africa/Johannesburg


Issue a db command

config setprop sysconfig Keytable sv

The above command, and editing /etc/sysconfig/i18n doesn't completely fix the keyboard.

Pootle for Developers

Lexicons for rpms in smecontribs and smeserver are automatically added to Pootle.

A patch is automatically created at You then apply this to the rpm to add the new translations or update the existing ones.

We need a few volunteers to apply these patches to smecontribs, say weekly, or more or less as the need arises, it isn't difficult and we will guide you.

Language rpms for the base rpms are generated less frequently. If you would like to check your translating work you can apply the daily patch to the smeserver-locale .src.rpm to create your own rpm. Everyone has read access to smeserver cvs and you would basically follow the instructions at Package_Modification, ask if you need help.

  • The English locale file is used as the Pootle template. Other languages are edited/translated at Pootle.
  • Every time you modify, add to or remove strings from the English locale file, just re-commit to cvs. There is a daily update to apply cvs changes to Pootle
  • Make your original FM file XML strict. Always close the opened tags (<i>...</i>). Use the same caps for tags (<b> is not equal to <B>).
  • Review the General lexicon, you don't need to duplicate these entries in your contrib lexicon