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The Koozali SME Server project

The Koozali Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that governs the open source Koozali SME Server project. Koozali SME Server is a stable, secure and easy to use/manage linux server that provides common server functionalities out of the box. Many open source contributions are available that can extend the default server functionality making Koozali SME Server an even more powerful and flexible business server solution. Thousands of Koozali SME Severs have been deployed as real or virtual servers and in the cloud to serve many small to medium enterprises, and this number is growing day by day. The Koozali SME Server is free to use but it takes a lot of effort and money to develop, make, and maintain. We therefore ask you for your considerations.


Koozali Foundation Inc. together with its community hosted at is a collaborative effort of volunteers. You too can contribute to the development and continuity of the Koozali SME Server project as described on our volunteering page. Everybody is welcome to join the already 4000+ member community and can contribute with any skill set.

Financial donations

You can also show your support by making financial donations. The preferred way to make financial donations is using the donate option in the forums. You are free to choose any amount and frequency, being monthly, yearly or only once. The benefit of donating through your forums account is that your forum user name will receive a badge, showing your donation status. If you do not have a forum account, you can create one, or select the below PayPal option to make your donations.

Commercial usage

Organizations that use Koozali SME Server for their business, provide professional services related to SME Server or in any other way benefit commercially from the Koozali SME Server project, are kindly requested to consider regular financial donations that reflect their business benefits.

Koozali Foundation Inc. is happy to supply an invoice for any donations received. For more information on invoicing please send a mail to

Thank you for your considerations and support!


This Section lists Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for SME server. Problems many people run into installing SME server for the first time or upgrading to later versions are found here.

If your question isn't listed here, it's possible it's a Rarely Asked Question (RAQ), in which case you'll be better off searching for answers in Bugzilla.

Please see how to get a wiki account

Information.png Tip:
One page FAQ Manual All the chapters on one page. This is a very large page !

Warning.png Warning:
Many of the FAQ tips are for SME Server versions earlier than the current version of SME Server. Please verify that the FAQ is relevant to the version you are working with before applying any changes. The current released and only supported version is Koozali SME Server version 10.

Section 1 - Installation

  • Installation Troubles
  • Yum Updates
  • Removing Software
  • Hardware Compatibility List
  • Client Computers
  • Web Applications
  • Reset the root and admin password
  • File Size Limitations
  • External DNS
  • Domains
  • Virus Scanning
  • Proxy Pass
  • Shell Access
  • Upgrading Server
  • Changing maximum Ibay, Account or Group name length
  • Deletion of Users Ibays Groups
  • Access denied to i-bay with newly created group
  • Change Password Users by command Line
  • Password Strength Checking
  • Hard Drives, RAID's, USB Hard Drives
  • Backups & Restores
  • Supervised Services
  • Server-Manager
  • Booting with SMP kernel after upgrade to version 7.2 from CD
  • Special Characters
  • Upstream proxy server configuration
  • Memory usage and limits

Section 2 - Booting

  • Installation
  • Boot Options
  • More

Section 3 - Log Files

  • Access
  • Logfile Names
  • Error Messages
  • RK Hunter Messages

Section 4 - Email

  • Troubleshooting
  • Spam
  • Anti Virus
  • Email Clients
  • Server Settings
  • External Access
  • Imap
  • qpsmtpd
  • Internal Mail Servers
  • Secondary/Backup Mail Server Considerations
  • User accounts
  • Mail server on dynamic IP

Section 5 - Firewall

  • FAQs
  • DB Settings
  • Custom templates
  • Open Ports in Private Server/Gateway Mode

Section 6 - MySQL

  • General
  • MySQL root password
  • Access MySQL from the local network
  • Access MySQL from a remote network
  • Create MySQL user(s) with access from other computers
  • Enable InnoDB engine
  • Administration
  • Optimizing MYSQL default settings

Section 7 - Later versions of applications

  • Is xxx on SME Server still safe to run?
  • Can I install a later version of xxx

Section 8 - Known Problems

  • Backup/Restore
  • Hardware
  • Installation (not hardware related) & Initial Configuration
  • Services
  • Packages