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Important.png Note:
Please help us to verify all corrections to SME Server. The steps involved in verifying fixes are pretty straightforward and easy to do. Please see the How to verify fixes page.

All the errors below have been fixed and need verification, they are split up into SME Server 9, SME Server 8 & contribs.

The bug report will detail the exact package and version needed. These are normally in smeupdates-testing and can be installed by "yum --enablerepo=smeupdates-testing update <package>"

for example

yum --enablerepo=smeupdates-testing update e-smith-ldap

As it is a manual step to move packages into smeupdates-testing the most recent packages will be in smetest and can be installed from there if necessary. for example

 yum --enablerepo=smetest update e-smith-ldap

or if you need several repositories :

 yum --enablerepo=smetest,smeupdates-testing,smedev update e-smith-ldap

SME Server 10 Verifications

IDPackageSummary (25 tasks) MilestoneBlocksDepends
11185smeserver-managerNew version for smeserver-manager---  
11545smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate smeserver-manager-AdminLTE with crealinks -update event---  
11571smeserver-managerTheme switch no longer works.---  
11572smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate to AdminLTE 3.1---  
11623smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate default.ep.html to new contribs-header and remove heading from status line---  
11708smeserver-managerCSRF security check should fully protect smeserver-manager---  
11780smeserver-managerAdd in dummy classes to div in each ep file for future themes---  
11781smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate login screen and add password visibility---  
11782smeserver-manager-AdminLTEFix up Configuration Review panel---  
11783smeserver-manager-AdminLTEBring update event into line with smanager update event---  
11785smeserver-manager-AdminLTESort out alignment of descriptions and inputs on panels, and make work for mobile screens---  
11815smeserver-managerBring Group add and update panels into line with others---  
11822smeserver-managerIn Review Configuration virtual domains not aligned.---  
11823smeserver-managerIn Review Configuration - IP address not show correctly for Server Gateway---  
11824smeserver-managerUser and Hostnames list does not act responsivly as window is made smaller---  
11825smeserver-managerReview configuration panel - In Server-Gateway, External IP and DHCP range not properly displayed---  
11826smeserver-manager-AdminLTEMore format changes to make it compatible---  
11830smeserver-managerUpdate Datetime and reboot ep files to help AdminLTE---  
11833smeserver-manager-AdminLTEMore formatting---  
11863smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate css and checkbox for dark mode---  
11880smeserver-manager-AdminLTEBrowser error on non login pages (smeserver-manager-AdminLTE)---  
11881smeserver-manager-AdminLTEBrowser Error in js for AdminLTE version extraction---  
11906smeserver-manager-AdminLTESort out spacing in menu when small fonts selected---  
11989smeserver-manager-AdminLTERollup changes including AdminLTE 3.1---  
12111smeserver-manageruntainting server-manager2---  

Direct Link of Bugzilla

SME Server Translations Verifications

"Well done guys, no more open bugs!"

Direct Link of Bugzilla

SME Server Contribs Verifications

IDComponentVersionSummary (29 tasks)
12232phpki-ng10.0Not Found The requested URL /phpki/search.php was not found on this server.
11784smeserver-affa10.0Conf files placed in /etc/affa cannot contain spaces and/or sub folders with spaces
12081smeserver-affa10.0if host key verification fails (because response no), affa tries again 3
12084smeserver-affa10.0AFFA --run job ends with message "uninitialized value"
12251smeserver-bandwidthd10.0bandwidthd remaind disabled
12250smeserver-mediawiki10.0Upgrade MediaWiki to LTS version 1.39.0 (Supported until Dec 2025)
12187smeserver-nextcloud10.0shell_exec() is blocked from use, but looks to be used in NextCloud.
12208smeserver-nextcloud10.0Nextcloud email notification include invalid links
12241smeserver-nextcloud10.0username matching partially group name remove group access to ibays external file
12242smeserver-openvpn-bridge10.0logging to message instead of dedicated file
12243smeserver-openvpn-routed10.0logging to message
12244smeserver-openvpn-s2s10.0allow loging in locale timezone
10874smeserver-password10.0NFR: Add password history
11873smeserver-phpki-ng10.0remove phpki from logfiles2timestamp
12198smeserver-phpki-ng10.0remove folder /var/log/httpd-pki/
12222smeserver-phpki-ng10.0Provides: smeserver-phpki
12228smeserver-phpki-ng10.0wrong uid and gid
12229smeserver-phpki-ng10.0remove var/service/httpd-pki
12148smeserver-qmHandle10.0Removing stuck mail in E-Mail queue management stops email processing.
12249smeserver-userpanel10.0/etc/e-smith/events/conf-userpanel/S70conf-userpanelsymlinks issue httpd-admin restart
12219smeserver-zoneminder10.0Unable to install Zoneminder
11524smeserver-rsyncd10.0rcInitial Import to SME10 tree [smeserver-rsyncd]
11525smeserver-shared-folders10.0rcadd deps for [smeserver-rsyncd] and clean duplicate code
11226smeserver-zoneminder10alphaInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-zoneminder]
11405smeserver-libreswan10betaInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-libreswan]
11409smeserver-libreswan-xl2tpd10betaInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-libreswan-xl2tpd]
11438smeserver-phpki-ng10betaphpki-ng setup does not detect openvpn - missing takey static key
6155smeserver-openvpn-bridge7.4Connected since is not using local time
10261smeserver-userpanel9.2smeserver-userpanel S70conflinktotranslations error in logs

Direct Link of Bugzilla

SME Server Contribs NeedInfo

"Well done guys, no more info needed!"

SME Server 9.x NeedInfo

"Well done guys, no more info needed!"

SME Server 10.x NeedInfo

2006e-smith-*/smeserver-* packages---Non-ASCII characters used in passwords don't seem to work