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SME Server Development

Welcome to the development of SME Server!

To provide SME Server a consistent and a sustainable future the community is formalising the future development of SME Server. Not just the next release, but all future releases. You're most welcome to join and contribute in whatever way you can for all skills are welcomed. Not just programmers, but also enthusiasts that can help out.

Have fun!

Current development cycle

Development roles

Documentation writers


  • Ability to write user documentation
  • Ability to write technical documentation
  • Ability to write administration manuals


There's a lot that non-coders can do to help in the bug tracker to improve bug report quality. We need help in making sure that bug reports are clear, that observations are fully collected, are separated from speculation and attempted workarounds, relevant log files are checked, etc, etc.


  • Enthusiasm


Patch Author

Someone who has a fix that they want to contribute, but currently does not want to get involved with CVS and a build system


  • Linux knowledge


Someone who is able to retrieve our source code from Sourceforge and make local builds to test out their fix. Note: The actual build system will not be mandated, and several options will be given.


  • Linux knowledge
  • CVS: able to retrieve the latest source code.
  • Patch creation
  • Working build system
  • Perl / Python / Bash
  • Regular expressions


Someone who has write access to our CVS on Sourceforge.


  • CVS: able to retrieve, update, and commit a source code change.


Someone who has access to the SME Server Build System. This includes running 'make tag build' on behalf of the committers.


  • SME Server Build System

Contrib Owner

Someone who maintains or develops one of the contrib packages.


  • Linux knowledge
  • CVS: able to retrieve the latest source code.
  • Patch creation
  • Working build system (official or their own)
  • Perl / Python / Bash
  • Regular expressions

Development tools





RPM building

Development process

  • Set goals for the release
  • Get organised
  • Create a roadmap such as SME9.0_Roadmap
  • Start a step by step plan such as this one.
  • Stick to the roadmap