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Work in progress

This page will be updated with the plan to 'SME 9.0 FINAL'. In addition to the roadmap there needs to be a short-term task list for community members. That will be linked from here.

SME Server 9.1

The development of the SME Server 9.x series continues with the SME Server 9.1 Roadmap


Development is performed using COS6 minimal and packages from SME 8 and any other needed repo.


No external yum repo

COS6 ISO is used as a base, but only SME repos are needed.

status: Achieved 5th Feb 2013

SME Server Services start

  • SME Server 9.0 will use runlevel 4
  • Use Upstart
  • Ensure that the services start

status: Achieved with workarounds

Create SME 9 packages

  • Build all SME Server packages on COS6, see SME9BuildQueue
  • Cleanup SME 9 packages
  • Import package into SME9

status: Achieved for Alpha 1

SME 9.0 Alpha 1 - Done 14th Feb

This is the first ISO created from the SME 9 stream.

Status: Achieved, 14th February


  • Our own ISO to replace need for COS6 minimial ISO.
  • Base to start verifications

SME 9.0 Alpha 2 - Done 6th March

This is the second ISO created from the SME 9 stream.

Status: Achieved, 6th March


  • post-install script run at end of installer
  • console starts on first reboot after install
  • Image must boot to runlevel 4 and services start.
  • Default yum configuration correct
  • Network working

SME 9.0 Alpha 3 - Done 12th March

This is the third ISO created from the SME 9 stream.

Status: Achieved, 12th March


  • SME Server branding, no obvious upstream branding left in.

SME 9.0 Beta 1 - Done October 14th

  • Maturity is sufficient for widespread testing use, installer is functional but not supporting all options
  • contrib owners should start testing their own contrib packages
  • All fixes from SME 8.1 ported to SME 9.0 Beta 1

Status: Achieved, 14th October

SME 9.0 Beta 2 - Done November 8th

  • Installer maturity increase, some installer options supported, i.e. anaconda is updated

Status: Achieved, November 8th

SME 9.0 Beta 3 - Done January 27th

  • Installer maturity increases close to SME Server 8 parity, i.e. anaconda is updated

Status: Achieved, January 27th

SME 9.0 Beta 4 - Done April 11th

  • Installer maturity matches SME Server 8, i.e. anaconda is updated with all relevant SME 8 patches

Note: The spare handling for RAID arrays is not implemented

Status: Achieved, January 27th

SME 9.0 RC 1 - Done 10th May

  • Maturity matches SME 8.0
  • Extensive testing need to prove maturity

Status: Achieved, May 10th

SME 9.0 Final - Done 28th June

  • Maturity matches SME 8.0
  • Feature parity with SME 8.0, the intention is not to add new features
  • Content identical to the final RC, just version and release note updates.
  • The main contrib packages should be working at the final release.

Status: Achieved, June 28th

Release notes pointers