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This is a list of pages with Syntax highlighting error

The extension adds pages that have a bad lang attribute in a <source> or <syntaxhighlight> tag to a tracking category. The message key MediaWiki:syntaxhighlight-error-category determines the category name; on this wiki it is Category:Pages with syntax highlighting errors.

The most common error that leads to pages being tagged with this category is a <tvar|syntaxhighlight><syntaxhighlight></> or <tvar|source><source></> tag with no <tvar|lang>lang</> attribute at all, because older versions of this extension supported the definition of "$wgSyntaxHighlightDefaultLang". These can typically either be replaced with <tvar|pre><pre></>, or <tvar|bash>lang="bash"</> or <tvar|text>lang="text"</> can be added to the tag.

The category may also be added, and the content will not be highlighted, if there are more than 1000 lines or more than 100 kB text.