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Maintainer: TrevorB

Devel 10:
Contrib 9:
The latest version of smeserver-thinclient is available in the SME repository, click on the version number(s) for more information.


This contribution adds a server manager panel that allows an administrator to manage thinclient workstations (ie. workstations that are using the pxeboot protocol to retrieve a boot image from the server).

For usage see this page.


  • smeserver >= 7.0
  • The thinclient workstations are receiving their dhcp info from your smeserver.
  • A tftp-server, either on your smeserver or another server in your domain (I have also created a contrib to install a tftp server on your smeserver).
  • The thinclient workstations have a PXE capable NIC and BIOS. (although booting from usb stick, floppy & CD is possible. Please refer to the documentation of your thinclient OS).


This contrib is held in the smecontribs repository, so the following commands will install on your smeserver.

yum --enablerepo=smecontribs install smeserver-thinclient

You will then need to activate the database changes, re-order the navigation menu, etc.

signal-event post-upgrade
signal-event reboot

Go to the Thin Clients panel on Server Manager (within the Configuration section) and 'enable' etc.


Upgrade from smeserver 6.x

There is no 'official' upgrade for thinclient from smeserver 6.x to 7.x, but if you:

  • uninstall the current version before upgrading to smeserver 7.x (rpm -e smeserver-thinclient) and
  • install the newer version after your upgrade (as per install),

you just need to leave everything in your /tftpboot/ directory and move the /home/e-smith/pxeclients file across to /home/e-smith/db/thinclient. eg.

mv /home/e-smith/pxeclients /home/e-smith/db/thinclient

Enable via the server manager panel and everything should still be there.


yum remove smeserver-thinclient


The source for this contrib can be found in the smecontribs CVS on sourceforge.


Please raise bugs under the SME-Contribs section in bugzilla and select the smeserver-thinclient component or use this link .

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