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RequestedDeletion (talk) Thanks, looks good. For the development part I am organizing all bit sand pieces as follows:

  • SME Server Development Framework
    • Development tools
    • All other CVS, RPM etc stuff
      • Various pages on specific how-to's
    • SME Server 9.0 Development
      • SME Server 9.0 pages
    • SME Server 9.1 Development
      • SME Server 9.1 pages

The idea is to have 'SME Server Development Framework' as an umbrella, and have subcategories 'SME Server 9.x' with their own specific pages, NOT backlinking to the umbrella, just to the parent.

[me is confused, so many twists with categories]

Thanks for leading this Tim!

Trex (talk) 16:24, 7 February 2013 (MST) Can add my thanks to that, looks good.

The more I go through this the better it looks...