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The following is an outline of proposed categorisation and hierarchical structure for the wiki pages for SME Server. This is based on the existing pages, some of which still need review and or merging together but at least if they are all categorised together in the right place we can see the wood for trees and work towards sorting them out.

If it doesn't say page after it in the following list it is a category.

Short form category names and longer description shown. Put explanatory text and description on the category page itself.

While there is quite a lot of work to move all the existing pages into this structure particularly the howts and contribs, once done most of them would be reasonably static so trying to template the categorisation as has been suggested might be a bit over the top and more hard work than it is worth. Every page would still need altering initially to template them.

We could template skill levels and contrib/how to in a similar strip to language so every page has a clear description at the top. While we may get mixed contribs and hosts in skill or categorisation categories, when someone clicks through to the page they would at least be given an understanding at the top of that page.

The category tree is created by putting Category refs to the parent category on the sub category page as if it was an ordinary page.

Category 'bread crumbs' appearing at the bottom of the pages is a wiki function affected only by the chosen skin and therefore a user preference I believe

  1. SME Server Project
    1. Main Page page
    2. SME Development - SME Server Development
      1. SME Gen Develop - SME General Development
        1. Translations page
        2. Package Modification and more CVS commands pages
        3. SME Server Wishlist page
        4. SME Server Development Framework page
        5. Setting up RPM Building for SME Server page
        6. Simple Package Modification page
      2. SME 8 Develop - SME Server 8 Development
        1. SME8.0 QA page
        2. SME8 Contribs QA page
      3. SME 9 Develop - SME Server 9 Development
        1. SME9 BuildQueue page
        2. SME9 Kickstart page
        3. SME9 Roadmap page
        4. SME9RPMList page
        5. SME 9 DEV user feedback page
        6. SME Server 9.1 Development page
        7. SME 9.0 Development page
        8. SME on Centos 6 page
    3. SME System - SME Server Software System
      1. SME Releases - SME Server Releases
        1. SME Stable - Current Stable Releases
          1. Release note pages
          2. 7.6
          3. 8.0
          4. ....
        2. SME End of Life - Historical Releases
          1. Release note pages
          2. 7
          3. 7.1
          4. 7.2
          5. ....
        3. Download page
      2. SME Community - SME Server Support
        1. The future of SME Server page
        2. About page
        3. Advice pages
        4. Community page
        5. Community Forum page
        6. Community mailing list page
        7. Community Manual page
        8. Community Wiki page
        9. Community Portal page
        10. Donation page
        11. Volunteering page
      3. SME Contribs - SME Server Contributed Software Extensions - Packaged
        1. These to be sub-categorised as existing - categorisation, skill level etc
      4. SME Howtos - SME Server Howto Software Extensions - Unpackaged
        1. These to be sub-categorised as existing - categorisation, skill level etc
    4. SME Documentation - SME Server Documentation
      1. SME Docs - SME Server Official Manual and Help
        1. Documentation page
        2. Admin Manual
        3. User Manual
        4. Technical Manual
        5. SME FAQ
          1. FAQ Content page
          2. Current FAQ and QA pages split down to component part pages
        6. Bugzilla Help page, Bugtracker QA page (need combining/sorting out)
        7. Template Tutorial
      2. SME Additions - SME Server Extensions
        1. Adding Software
        2. Contribs QA
        3. Development Review page
        4. Releasing Contribs page
        5. Web Application RPM page
      3. Help (This is the existing Wiki Help pages at Help:Contents) - Help Namespace
        1. Quick Start Page
        2. SME Manual of Style page
        3. SME Language policy
        4. Navigation page
        5. Searching page
        6. Tracking Changes page
        7. Versions page
        8. Editing pages page
        9. Starting a new page page
        10. Formatting page
        11. Using Templates page
        12. Links page
        13. Categories page
        14. Images page
        15. Table page
        16. Creating Templates page
        17. Variables page
        18. Managing Files page
        19. Preferences page
        20. Skins page
        21. Interwiki linking page
        22. External Searches page
        23. Namespaces page
        24. Random page
        25. Syntaxhighlight page
        26. Special Pages page
    5. SME Archive - SME Archived pages (any pages we want to keep but are historical in nature and not necessarily relevant to the current releases)