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Hi Imcintyre,

First of all thanks for adding the MoinMoin howto to the wiki.

As you might have seen I modified your MoinMoin page to be more according to the layout of other howto's. For a next time please bear in mind that some charachters are used as control charachters to create links ) [, [[, ] and ]]) and are not used to emphasize text, if you want to emphasize text you should use either '' (italic) or ''' (bold).

Furthermore try not to reproduce data that is listed on some other page as this will mean we have to do more maintenance on the pages, I am especially referring to the checksum information you posted, this is in their wiki at the download page, just point there using a link.

When writing a step by step instruction you make things clearer to follow for users, therefore try to number your steps. Also try to make use of the fixed width font for code or contents of text files as this will improve readability as it will show indents and new lines as is, instead of putting them all together on a long line.

When you want to link to a category please use the proper case as the link you provided would have created a new category.

One last thing is to keep personal opinion out of the contents of the howto and place it on the Talk/Discussion page.

To review changes to your page have a look here.

I hope you find this constructive enough.

— Cactus (talk | contribs 01:04, 1 June 2008 (MDT)

Thanks for the help, admittedly my knowledge of wiki formatting synatx needs work. I did not know about the talk/discussion area so now I know something new.