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httpsLogin as brianr.  sudo dnf install epel-release sudo dnf install mock sudo /usr/sbin/usermod -G mock brianr sudo dnf install glances sudo yum install make rpm-build rpm-sig (Missing python-ctypes??)  cd /etc/mock/ sudo rm site-defaults.cfg sudo dnf install wget sudo wget sudo wget sudo wget sudo wget sudo wget sudo wget sudo wget sudo wget sudo wget sudo wget sudo chown root:mock /etc/mock/* Note that the smeserver-10 file is incomplete (and actually the only one we really want!). Ideally the full one will be uploaded in time.   #!/bin/sh mkdir ~/rpmbuild for i in BUILD BUILDROOT RPMS SOURCES SPECS SRPMS do mkdir ~/rpmbuild/$i done  sudo dnf install cvs sudo nano /etc/profile.d/ # Developer environment # This gets symlinked into /etc/profile.d export CVS_RSH=ssh # tell CVS to use ssh # DO NOT set CVSROOT alias rm='rm -i' alias cp='cp -i --preserve=timestamps' alias mv='mv -i' Create the ssh details for the build server:  mkdir -p ~/.ssh nano ~/.ssh/config  Host User brianr Port 222 IdentityFile /home/brianr/.ssh/smeserver-buildsys ForwardAgent yes Make Sure your public and private keys are syncronised onto the build server (I just copied the key files to the rocky server from my Centos 7 server). Then pull in the complete Contribs tree  cvs -z3 co -P rpms Disable selinux by editing config replace "enforcing" by "disabled" sudo nano /etc/sysconfig/selinux and reboot. Need also to copy over from current build system ~/.plague-client.cfg .rpmmacros .cvspass (although this one is empty?) AND smeserver-10-x86_64-base.cfg from (and to) /etc/mock as the one downloaded above seems to be not complete for sme10. make mockbuild runs ok. Not yet tried submitting build to buildsys - need to find plague-client to download - found Centos 7  wget wget wget wget Need python2 sudo dnf install python2

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