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Just me. ReetP aka John Crisp
After adding repo data to the database update the configuration file:
signal-event yum-modify
ReetP repo
db yum_repositories set reetp repository \
BaseURL http\$releasever \ EnableGroups no \ GPGCheck no \ Name "ReetP Repo" \ GPGKey \ Visible yes \ status disabled</noinclude> ReetP testing repo - here be Dragons. Not for production use. <noinclude> db yum_repositories set reetpTest repository \ BaseURL\$releasever \
EnableGroups no \
GPGCheck no \
Name "ReetP Repo" \
GPGKey http \
Visible yes \
status disabled
Libreswan repo
db yum_repositories set libreswan repository \
BaseURL \
EnableGroups no \
GPGCheck yes \
GPGKey \
Name LibreSwan \
Visible yes \
status=disabled \
After adding it to the database updating the configuration file is requiredMC repo<noinclude> db yum_repositories set mc repository \ BaseURL \ Name mc \ Visible yes \ signal-event yum-modifystatus enabled \</noinclude>
{{#TwitterFBLikeNodeJS repo (latest is 10)<noinclude> db yum_repositories set nodejs8 \ repository Name 'Node JS 8' \ BaseURL https:|medium}}// \ EnableGroups no \ GPGCheck no \ Visible yes \ status disabled</noinclude>

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