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Just me. ReetP aka John Crisp
After adding repo data to the database update the configuration file:
signal-event yum-modify
status disabled
===Building RPMs===
My src RPM import notes
Importing a srpm/contrib.
Big note. If you are importing a server package then you need the common dir from an existing server package and not a contrib - they are different
It helps to have a dir with some common CVS files in.
On your local build server (could be on your koozali shell)
mkdir -p ~/smecontribs/rpms/NewPackage/contribs10
cd ~/smecontribs/rpms
Only required to add to CVS if it is totally new:
cvs add NewPackage
cd NewPackage
cvs add contribs10
cd contribs10
We need to get a common directory & Makefile there - note this is for a contrib, not server package
cp -R ~/rpms/{another package}/contribs10/common ~/rpms/NewPackage/contribs10
cp -R ~/rpms/{another package}/contribs10/Makefile ~/rpms/NewPackage/contribs10
Alternatively I already have a directory with these files in that I can re-use
cp -r ~/CVS_files/* ~/smecontribs/rpms/NewPackage/contribs10/
Update the name in the Makefile:
perl -p -i -e 's/{another package}/NewPackage/g' Makefile
./common/ -b contribs10 -m 'Initial import' NewPackage.src.rpm
make new-sources FILES="v-x.x.x.tar.gz"
cvs commit -m "Add updated sources file NewPackage"
Now, at this juncture it refused to mockbuild properly.
In the end I removed ALL the files in the NewPackage contribs10 dir and then did:
rm -rf *
cvs update -dPA
Then I did:
make clean;make prep; make mockbuild and it built
I then just did
make build
To get the name of the distribution in the filename you need something like this in the spec file.
Note the Release version format
%define name phpki
%define version 0.82
%define release 23
Summary: Phpki is a simple certificate management suite
Name: %{name}
Version: %{version}
Release: %{release}%{?dist}
License: GNU GPL version 2
Group: SMEserver/addon
Source: phpki-0.82.tar.gz
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