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Warning.png Warning:
This package is still in development (alpha 10). Do Not install on production server. Only for TESTING purposes.


Michel Begue


Alpha 10:
The latest version of smeserver-manager is available in the SME repository, click on the version number(s) for more information.


smeserver-manager is a new version of SME administration manager (e-smith-manager). It is built on Mojolicious, a real-time web framework and provides at least the functions of the original manager in an analogous presentation with however a different user interface. It has the advantage of being much more evolutionary.


yum --enablerepo=[smetest,]smedev install smeserver-manager [smeserver-manager-locale-xx] [smeserver-manager-AdminLTE] 


smeserver-manager-locale-xx for an additionnal language (still incomplete),
smeserver-manager-AdminLTE for a more sophisticated theme.

you may want to install jquery for better responsiveness (in this case put it before),

yum --enablerepo=epel install js-jquery

If you install jquery after smeserver-manager, you will have to manually add the link to jquery like this:

ln -s /usr/share/javascript/jquery/latest/jquery.min.js %{dir_mngr}/themes/default/public/js/jquery.min.js

and also:

expand-template /usr/share/smanager/conf/srvmngr.conf 
signal-event smanager-modify

then log to your new server-manager : https://hostname/smanager and use it as the other manager.


configuration db values

config show smanager

Mojolicious configuration (extracts)

# configuration file for Mojolicious Server-Manager2 application
   secrets => ['generated_value'],
   theme => 'default',
   timeout => '300',
   hypnotoad => {
   ## adresses and ports listened
       listen => [''],
        pid_file => '/var/run/',
   hasJquery => 1,
   mode => 'production',
   debug => 0,

Systemctl service

smanager is the hypnotoad service managed by systemctl. The initialization phase of smanager defines the parameters taken into account. With each modification a reload is necessary.

systemctl reload smanager

Adjustments and checks

the two 'mode' and 'debug' parameters can be manually modified to view the process and in case of a crash. They are in the file: /usr/share/smanager/conf/srvmngr.conf change 'mode' value to 'development' and/or 'debug' to 1.

reload the service the service

The log informations are in /usr/share/smanager/log/{production|development}.log depending on current mode. Other informations are classically found in /var/log/httpd or using

systemctl status -l smanager


Some contributions are already adapted to this new version and will be automatically integrated as soon as they are installed. Their numbers should continue to grow.

There is a wiki document here which describes the process you might go through to convert an existing contrib to one that integrates with Server manager 2. It uses the DHCPManager contrib as an example.


yum remove smeserver-manager js-jquery


sme-server is the component and smeserver-manager is the package.


Please raise bugs under the SME-Server section in bugzilla

and select the smeserver-manager component or use this link

Below is an overview of the current issues for this package:

IDProductVersionStatusSummary (87 tasks)
12700SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDNo way of programming in the translation for a contrib menu item title to be translated
12699SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDSM2 Re-configure and Reboot not translated
12696SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDUncaught File 'Roboto-Regular.ttf' not found in virtual file system
12695SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDcache issue
12680SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDAlign "submit" button on the left consistently on initial panel for each function
12679SME Server 11.XunspecifiedVERIFIEDAdd mojolicious logo to footer
12674SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDAdd some margin around the table controls
12672SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDSubmit (Save/Perform/etc) button on the bottom each panel is often not in the same place
12671SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDRemote Access form shows a empty network present - errors on save "field validation error"
12669SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDAfter using dnf to update and reboot, unable to login to SM1
12667SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDWorkstation restore from a removeable device fails
12666SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDLegacy panels under Server Manager 2 still require login to SM1
12664SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDsmanager excessive logging to messages
12656SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDTables do not show the Datatable stuff and extra buttons
12655SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDUnable to reset passwqord through "password Reset" link on login
12652SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDUnable to add an ibay
12645SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDsmanager - Wokstation Backup - attempt verify backup fails, does not list backups
12644SME Server 11.XunspecifiedVERIFIEDsmanager - selecting workstation backup using a removeable device no devices displayed in form
12643SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDError message in logs on Startup 'Argument "" isn't numeric'
12641SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDBackup or Restore - when selected no drop down displayed to select method
12640SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDAdmin User forward not displayed in user table
12608SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDAH01215: CGI::param called in list context can lead to vulnerabilities
12498SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDRegression - menu restore does not work
12491SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDMail Log analysis - qmail-q based options need to run as root or qmail
12488SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDLegacy contribs (ones not converted to SM2 / mojo code) are left in the menu at the end and appear in a new browser window / tab
12485SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDRun the server manager perl files through the prettifier.
12484SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDMake sure that the categories/sections in the menu are in the same order.
12483SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDhos_ERROR_CREATING_HOST on adding new hostname
12482SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDMake login by ordinary user show correct menu
12480SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDNFR: Suppress the version number in the footer unless user logged in.
12479SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDClick on "add domain" and it goes to corporate DNS Settings.
12478SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDAfter creating I-bay it was not visible in the ibay list.
12476SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDRe-organise menu as per discussions on Rocket
12472SME Server 11.XunspecifiedUNCONFIRMEDSM2 XTGeoipRev=enabled != displays as ==
12471SME Server 11.XunspecifiedUNCONFIRMEDSM2 email-filtering spam settings display or change incorrectly
12467SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDIcon not shown when second page selected on dataTable table
12466SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDAdd export buttons to tables in SM2 default theme.
12465SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDUpdate smeserver-manager-jsquery to fix left alignment of tables
12464SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDServer Manager 2 needs to save and restore menu organisation
12459SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDCreate rpm - smeserver-manager-jquery
12458SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDUpdate SM2 to use jquery plugin dataTable for tables
12457SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDExperiment with making tables sortable and filterable and paged - using jquery.
12446SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDInitial screen - immediately after install - fails to show translated message
12444SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDProxy Error following software update
12442SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDDefault theme for SM2 submit button does not reflect hover or click
12428SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDSM2 Login button does not highlight when you press it. - default Theme
12392SME Server 10.X10.1VERIFIEDDomains panel does not show borders around table of domains
12387SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDServer Manager 2 should open unconverted contribs/panels in the current page, possibly within an iframe
12245SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDMenu formatting with Server Manager 2 and AdminLTE
12209SME Server 10.X10.0VERIFIEDOnly show Reconfigure button and message after an update if UnsavedChanges='yes'
12111SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDuntainting server-manager2
11989SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDRollup changes including AdminLTE 3.1
11906SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDSort out spacing in menu when small fonts selected
11881SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDBrowser Error in js for AdminLTE version extraction
11880SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDBrowser error on non login pages (smeserver-manager-AdminLTE)
11863SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDUpdate css and checkbox for dark mode
11846SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDWarning from Browser when jquery loaded - unable to find .map file
11833SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDMore formatting
11830SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDUpdate Datetime and reboot ep files to help AdminLTE
11827SME Server 10.X10.0VERIFIEDFix format of datetime panel
11826SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDMore format changes to make it compatible
11825SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDReview configuration panel - In Server-Gateway, External IP and DHCP range not properly displayed
11824SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDUser and Hostnames list does not act responsivly as window is made smaller
11823SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDIn Review Configuration - IP address not show correctly for Server Gateway
11822SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDIn Review Configuration virtual domains not aligned.
11821SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDMail log file analysis shows blank
11817SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDGet Breadcrumb trail working
11815SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDBring Group add and update panels into line with others
11810SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDLicense panel is left truncated, does not flow.
11809SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDLack of a space after full stop and comma in English version of Server Manager2 panel descriptions in some places.
11793SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDFor smeserver-manager - add module class to div id="module"
11785SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDSort out alignment of descriptions and inputs on panels, and make work for mobile screens
11783SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDBring update event into line with smanager update event
11782SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDFix up Configuration Review panel
11781SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDUpdate login screen and add password visibility
11780SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDAdd in dummy classes to div in each ep file for future themes
11708SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDCSRF security check should fully protect smeserver-manager
11623SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDUpdate default.ep.html to new contribs-header and remove heading from status line
11572SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDUpdate to AdminLTE 3.1
11571SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDTheme switch no longer works.
11545SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDUpdate smeserver-manager-AdminLTE with crealinks -update event
11478SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDConfiguration report (under Server Manager/Report a bug) Includes some parts of the standard install
11185SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDNew version for smeserver-manager
10976SME Server 11.XunspecifiedRESOLVEDMake validate the subnet octets for Server- manager2
10926SME Server 10.X10.0a4VERIFIEDCSRF time-out during yum update in server-manager
7463SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDHeadingWeight Wrong in Server Panel navigation scripts
5382SME Server 11.XunspecifiedCONFIRMEDHostnames/addresses panel doesn't reject same IP with different mac


Only released version in smeserver are listed here.