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SME Server Bug Tracking

Ian Wells has set up pages for tracking SME Server 9 & 8 bugs that have been fixed and candidates for release.

These pages analyse the bugs from the changelogs and their current bugzilla status. The analysis is not complete as some bugs, such as the installer, do not produce a changelog in the files tracked. Also some bug numbers in the changelogs may be missing or wrong.

Matrix - Product v's Status

The Matrix Direct Link

The First option (date range) shows bugs where some action has to take place.

The second option (More) adds 'New Feature Requests', 'Cleanup' and 'Resolved Remind'

The third option (All) also includes 'Verified' and 'Closed bugs'.

Product v's Status

Less than 2 days :: (More) :: (All)

Less than a month :: (More) :: (All)

Less than a year :: (More) :: (All)

Greater than a year :: (More) :: (All)

Flagged bugs

Flagged bugs - - - All

Maintained Upstream - - Need Help to Verify - - Need SME Server Build - - Patch or Code Attached - - Review - - Verified waiting a release

More reports

Long link Description
[1] Bugs with no comments
[2] Active Open Bugs, modified in the last 60 days
[3] Idle >60 days <100 days.
[4] Inactive bugs. 100+ days.
[5] Future Bugs
[6] Verified bugs of SME Server, waiting a release

Bugs on smecontribs

Sorted categories Description
Bugs in smecontribs All bugs related to all versions of SME Server
Bugs in sme8contribs All bugs related to the version SME Server 8
Bugs in sme9contribs All bugs related to the version SME Server 9
Bugs verifications All bugs here need to be verified, please go ahead
Bugs verified Verified bugs waiting a release to smecontribs

Saved searches

Generate a list of bugs as a saved search.

  • Click this SampleLink
  • Adjust your search criteria as desired
  • Adjust your email address, (your bugzilla username), and hit search.
  • Enter 'My Bugs' in the lower right and click the 'Remember search' button.

Verification Queue

This page shows all the bugs that need verification by the community.

Verification Queue

Verified Bugs

This is the page of all verified bugs, waiting a release in our repository


New Feature Requests

If a bug report is deemed to be adding a new feature rather than reporting a bug in the the current release of SME Server, the bug report may be designated a New Feature Request.