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Trevor Batley
Current vesrion: 1.0-1


This contribution adds a tftp server (atftp-server) to your smeserver (primarily used by workstations that are using the pxeboot protocol to retrieve boot images and parameters from the server).

It was produced to support my smeserver-thinclient contrib, but can be used independently.

I also have a sister contrib that uses tftp-server, if you prefer that server. It works the same as this one and is interchangeable.


  • smeserver >= 7.0
  • atftp-server >= 0.7-3


This contrib is currently held in the smedev repository (I will try to move it into smecontribs), so the following commands will install on your smeserver. atftp-server is currently available in the dag repository.

You need to activate the Dag reposity before installing this contrib.

see dag repository

yum --enablerepo=smedev --enablerepo=dag install smeserver-atftp-server

Officially you should then need to activate the database changes etc., but this is not required for this package.

signal-event post-upgrade
signal-event reboot

The tftpd status is controlled via the Thin Clients server-manager panel if you have installed my smeserver-thinclient contrib.

If you haven't, you'll need to enable the atftp server and expand all the templates etc.

config setprop tftpd status enabled
signal-event tftpd-conf

If for any reason the atftp server isn't running, try:

/etc/init.d/supervise/tftpd restart


You shouldn't need to play with any parameters (except status). The defaults and allowed values are listed below.

<prop> default <value> allowed Values description
status disabled enabled/disabled
access private private/public/localhost private = internal interface ONLY

public = all interfaces

localhost = localhost ONLY disabled = none

user root root/nobody should default to nobody, but this doesn't work
timeout default default/300 default = 900 seconds (15 minutes)
UDPPort 69 any port
directory /tftpboot any directory

These settings can be set/changed via

config setprop tftpd <prop> <value>
signal-event tftpd-conf


yum remove smeserver-atftp-server atftp-server

Everything should be turned off, but if not, or you just want to make sure

/etc/init.d/supervise/tftpd stop

An error saying that /etc/init.d/supervise/tftpd does not exist should be returned


The source for this contrib can be found in the smeserver CVS on sourceforge.


Please raise bugs under the SME-Contribs section in bugzilla and select the smeserver-atftp-server component or use this link .

dag Repository

You need to activate the Dag reposity before installing this contrib.

see dag repository