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Important.png Note:
Please help us to verify all corrections to SME Server. The steps involved in verifying fixes are pretty straightforward and easy to do. Please see the How to verify fixes page.

All the errors below have been fixed and need verification, they are split up into SME Server 9, SME Server 8 & contribs.

The bug report will detail the exact package and version needed. These are normally in smeupdates-testing and can be installed by "yum --enablerepo=smeupdates-testing update <package>"

for example

yum --enablerepo=smeupdates-testing update e-smith-ldap

As it is a manual step to move packages into smeupdates-testing the most recent packages will be in smetest and can be installed from there if necessary. for example

 yum --enablerepo=smetest update e-smith-ldap

or if you need several repositories :

 yum --enablerepo=smetest,smeupdates-testing,smedev update e-smith-ldap

SME Server 10 Verifications

IDPackageSummary (18 tasks) MilestoneBlocksDepends
11005smeserver-managerperl packages building for sme10 need more from epel---  
11185smeserver-managerNew version for smeserver-managerFuture  
11322smeserver-managerMenu items not translated in smeserver-managerFuture  
11332smeserver-managerMissing backup functions in new smeserver-managerFuture  
11545smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate smeserver-manager-AdminLTE with crealinks -update eventFuture  
11780smeserver-managerAdd in dummy classes to div in each ep file for future themes---  
11781smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate login screen and add password visibility---  
11782smeserver-manager-AdminLTEFix up Configuration Review panel---  
11783smeserver-manager-AdminLTEBring update event into line with smanager update event---  
11785smeserver-manager-AdminLTESort out alignment of descriptions and inputs on panels, and make work for mobile screens10.0  
11815smeserver-managerBring Group add and update panels into line with others---  
11822smeserver-managerIn Review Configuration virtual domains not aligned.---  
11823smeserver-managerIn Review Configuration - IP address not show correctly for Server Gateway---  
11824smeserver-managerUser and Hostnames list does not act responsivly as window is made smaller---  
11825smeserver-managerReview configuration panel - In Server-Gateway, External IP and DHCP range not properly displayed---  
11826smeserver-manager-AdminLTEMore format changes to make it compatible---  
11827smeserver-manager-AdminLTEFix format of datetime panel---  
11830smeserver-managerUpdate Datetime and reboot ep files to help AdminLTE---  

Direct Link of Bugzilla

SME Server Translations Verifications

"Well done guys, no more open bugs!"

Direct Link of Bugzilla

SME Server Contribs Verifications

IDComponentVersionSummary (37 tasks)
11845smeserver-affa10.0Restoring a file - Rsync can't connect via ssh to production server
11788smeserver-durep10.0No translation in menu and form title - (server-manager)
11789smeserver-durep10.0links in report blocked by CSRF control - smeserver-manager
11744smeserver-extrarepositories10.0add zabbix repos up to 55
11636smeserver-fail2ban10.0First use of smeserver-fail2ban with server-manager
11650smeserver-fail2ban10.0NFR: Make smeserver-fail2ban handle banning of subnets
11068smeserver-sane10.0Initial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-sane]
11787smeserver-webhosting10.0First use with smeserver-manager
11693smeserver-xt_geoip10.0Error reported on saving changes
11512smeserver-extrarepositories10.0rcasterisk repo for sme10
11541Unknown10.0rcInitial Import in SME 10 [qmail-notify]
11579Unknown10.0rcInitial Import in SME 10 [perl-Lazy-Utils]
11046smeserver-bandwidthd10alphaInitial Import to SME10 tree [smeserver-bandwidthd]
11285smeserver-git10alphaInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-git]
11284smeserver-gitweb-theme10alphaInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-git-web-theme]
11074smeserver-tftp-server10alphaInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-tftp-server]
11076smeserver-usbdiskmanager10alphaInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-usbdiskmanager]
11226smeserver-zoneminder10alphaInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-zoneminder]
11405smeserver-libreswan10betaInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-libreswan]
11409smeserver-libreswan-xl2tpd10betaInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-libreswan-xl2tpd]
10802smeserver-zabbix-server9.2check cert
11432phpki-ngFuturPHPKi needs Additional create options
11656smeserver-ddclientFuturWarning email received every 2-3 hours "found neither ipv4 nor ipv6 address"
11794smeserver-ddclientFuturfor smeserver-manager - add class = "module" to div id="module"
11812smeserver-ddclientFuturTweak format on SM2 panel
11849smeserver-ddclientFuturInitial run of ddclient when internet comes up does not honour the config db debug
11836smeserver-domainsFuturAdd in extra class in div for AdminLTE
11841smeserver-durepFuturdirectory is wrong for localisation files
11837smeserver-fail2banFuturAdd in extra class in div for AdminLTE
11838smeserver-genewebFuturAdd in extra class in div for AdminLTE
11832smeserver-qmHandleFuturAdd extra class attributes to div in server-manager2 panel
11834smeserver-vacationFuturAdd in extra class in div for AdminLTE
11828smeserver-wblFuturSM2 panel does not show all the buttons
11839smeserver-xt_geoipFuturAdd in extra class in div for AdminLTE

Direct Link of Bugzilla

SME Server Contribs NeedInfo

IDComponentVersionSummary (2 tasks)
11288smeserver-ezmlm10alphaInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-ezmlm-web]
10182smeserver-mxbackupFuturCompatibilty with SME 9 and/or 10

SME Server 9.x NeedInfo

"Well done guys, no more info needed!"

SME Server 10.x NeedInfo

"Well done guys, no more info needed!"