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This is a dashboard overview of activities of the various aspects of SME Server. You can also visit the bugzilla bug matrix or the most recent bug changes. Please note that this dashboard does not include updates from upstream (RedHat/CentOS), and solely focuses on SME Server specific updates.

Last update June 8, 2023. 13:33 local time Paris (FR)


Issues RESOLVED and RELEASED since latest FINAL ISO

Latest release is Koozali SME Server 10.1

Issues VERIFIED, available for testing and awaiting release

IDVersionPackageStatusSummary (34 tasks) Modified
1234910.1smeserver-mockVERIFIEDerrors in install of smeserver-mock on Centos 72023-04-18
1233110.1spamassassinVERIFIEDUpgrade spamassassin to 4.0.02023-04-03
1231410.1e-smith-ldapVERIFIEDremove Alias=slapd.service2023-02-09
1230410.1e-smith-baseVERIFIEDLogging stops to messages - imjournal: too many open files2023-02-10
1230310.1smeserver-phpVERIFIEDphp_admin_value[session.save_handler] is set globally2023-02-12
1229610.1smeserver-hordeVERIFIEDmysl.init fails if php cli is set to higher version2023-02-11
1229510.1e-smith-baseVERIFIEDDHCP config template should add in SME as backup for DNS servers, but does not2023-02-09
1229410.1smeserver-managerVERIFIEDCorrect Requires in systemd service file2023-01-07
1225710.1e-smith-baseVERIFIEDDHCP Not working since last updates2022-12-26
1225310.1e-smith-baseVERIFIEDbootstrap-runlevel7.service screen displayed while no sysv service is misleading2022-12-06
1223110.1e-smith-sambaVERIFIEDRejoining to domain fails2022-11-30
1222110.1e-smith-ldapVERIFIED/slapd.service.d/50koozali.conf:4] Assignment outside of section2022-11-23
1222010.1smeserver-localeVERIFIEDapply local 2022-11-11.patch2022-12-04
1221010.1---VERIFIEDThe boot sequence for SME 10.1 shows 10.0 at the top of the text boot section2022-12-04
1220910.0smeserver-yumVERIFIEDOnly show Reconfigure button and message after an update if UnsavedChanges='yes'2023-03-09
1220710.1e-smith-apacheVERIFIEDRunning reconfigure from server-manager hangs at S07rotate_logfiles2022-11-22
1220410.1e-smith-managerVERIFIEDupdating e-smith manager using server-manager hangs at Executing signal-event temp ...........2022-11-22
1219510.1e-smith-baseVERIFIEDadd PartOf=networking.service to wan.service2022-11-25
1219410.1e-smith-libVERIFIEDstartScript not found for service network2022-11-25
1219010.1e-smith-baseVERIFIEDsmartd new configuration path2022-11-25
1218410.1smeserver-clamavVERIFIEDreview clamd.action2022-11-23
1218310.1e-smith-baseVERIFIEDdhcpd unit needs expand in other event2022-11-25
1218210.1e-smith-baseVERIFIEDraidmonitor not starting2023-02-12
1217910.1smeserver-yumVERIFIED/etc/e-smith/db/yum_repositories/defaults/smecontribs/status disabled2022-11-23
1217810.1e-smith-baseVERIFIEDrsshuser: CPU: ldapOperation: ldap_bind_s: Can't contact LDAP server2023-02-09
1217710.1e-smith-ntpVERIFIEDntpd error /var/lib/ntp/drift chown error, no drift file2023-02-10
1217510.1e-smith-baseVERIFIEDimjournal rate-limiting prevent to see all output from events2022-11-25
1211210.0smeserver-managerVERIFIEDupdate to httpd 2.4 syntax (SM2)2022-12-04
1186110.0smeserver-manager-AdminLTEVERIFIEDUpdate to AdminLTE 3.22022-12-06
1182710.0smeserver-manager-AdminLTEVERIFIEDFix format of datetime panel2022-12-10
1181610.0smeserver-managerVERIFIEDAdd Forgotten Password link to login panel2022-12-04
1151810.0rc1e-smith-baseVERIFIEDallow customization of PRUNEPATHS2023-02-10
1145410.0b1e-smith-proxyVERIFIEDError message overnight from Squid2023-02-11
1072010.0a4---VERIFIEDnightly logwatch email2022-12-04

Issues RESOLVED, awaiting Verification

Please visit this page on how to assist in verifying.

IDVersionPackageStatusSummary (30 tasks) Modified
1235010.1---RESOLVEDMock *.cfg needs multi packages adding to multi repo and includes in *.spec covers many packages2023-06-05
1234010.1smeserver-mockRESOLVED"change-log packagename.spec" does not work2023-04-13
1233010.1smeserver-spamassassinRESOLVEDFix spamassassin 4.0.0 logging2023-03-15
1219310.1cvmRESOLVEDAttempt to login via sqpsmtp using a group name causes a segfault in cvm-unix2023-06-01
1217110.1smeserver-yumRESOLVEDmanager ask to reconfigure when not needed2023-02-27
1211110.0smeserver-managerRESOLVEDuntainting server-manager22022-09-18
1198910.0smeserver-manager-AdminLTERESOLVEDRollup changes including AdminLTE 3.12022-06-06
1190610.0smeserver-manager-AdminLTERESOLVEDSort out spacing in menu when small fonts selected2022-06-28
1188110.0smeserver-manager-AdminLTERESOLVEDBrowser Error in js for AdminLTE version extraction2022-06-28
1188010.0smeserver-manager-AdminLTERESOLVEDBrowser error on non login pages (smeserver-manager-AdminLTE)2022-02-28
1186310.0smeserver-manager-AdminLTERESOLVEDUpdate css and checkbox for dark mode2022-02-12
1183310.0smeserver-manager-AdminLTERESOLVEDMore formatting2022-04-05
1183010.0smeserver-managerRESOLVEDUpdate Datetime and reboot ep files to help AdminLTE2022-01-05
1182610.0smeserver-manager-AdminLTERESOLVEDMore format changes to make it compatible2021-12-31
1182510.0smeserver-managerRESOLVEDReview configuration panel - In Server-Gateway, External IP and DHCP range not properly displayed2021-12-27
1182410.0smeserver-managerRESOLVEDUser and Hostnames list does not act responsivly as window is made smaller2021-12-26
1182310.0smeserver-managerRESOLVEDIn Review Configuration - IP address not show correctly for Server Gateway2021-12-26
1182210.0smeserver-managerRESOLVEDIn Review Configuration virtual domains not aligned.2021-12-26
1181510.0smeserver-managerRESOLVEDBring Group add and update panels into line with others2021-12-20
1178510.0smeserver-manager-AdminLTERESOLVEDSort out alignment of descriptions and inputs on panels, and make work for mobile screens2022-05-24
1178310.0smeserver-manager-AdminLTERESOLVEDBring update event into line with smanager update event2021-11-30
1178210.0smeserver-manager-AdminLTERESOLVEDFix up Configuration Review panel2021-11-30
1178110.0smeserver-manager-AdminLTERESOLVEDUpdate login screen and add password visibility2021-11-29
1178010.0smeserver-managerRESOLVEDAdd in dummy classes to div in each ep file for future themes2021-11-29
1170810.0smeserver-managerRESOLVEDCSRF security check should fully protect smeserver-manager2022-09-18
1162310.0rc1smeserver-manager-AdminLTERESOLVEDUpdate default.ep.html to new contribs-header and remove heading from status line2022-04-05
1157210.0rc1smeserver-manager-AdminLTERESOLVEDUpdate to AdminLTE 3.12022-05-24
1157110.0rc1smeserver-managerRESOLVEDTheme switch no longer works.2022-06-24
1154510.0rc1smeserver-manager-AdminLTERESOLVEDUpdate smeserver-manager-AdminLTE with crealinks -update event2022-06-24
1118510.0a5smeserver-managerRESOLVEDNew version for smeserver-manager2022-05-24

Issues BLOCKING the next release

No blocking issues.

New Feature Requests available for testing

No core issues currently in progress.

In development, FYI only

IDVersionPackageStatusSummary (3 tasks) Modified
1211010.1smeserver-managerIN_PROGRESSuntainting printers server-manager22022-12-04
1179710.0perl-Email-SenderIN_PROGRESSFirst Import to SME v10 perl-Email-Sender-1.3000362022-06-15
2006------NEEDINFONon-ASCII characters used in passwords don't seem to work2022-04-16


IDVersionPackageStatusSummary (95 tasks) Modified
1235710.1e-smith-backupCONFIRMEDPDC domain users can't log in after migration from SME92023-05-27
1233510.1e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDsystem hangs after install and restore2023-03-07
1232210.1---CONFIRMEDBreakout setting ownership/permissions for ./files and ./html into a separate action2023-02-09
1232110.1---CONFIRMEDCreate a new action to set permissions for an ibay based on dbase parameters and pre-set settings2023-02-09
1232010.1e-smith-ibaysCONFIRMEDAdd functions to e-smith-ibays for webapps2023-02-09
1230210.1smeserver-phpCONFIRMEDNFR allow admin customization of ibays php fpm pool2023-05-17
1224510.1smeserver-manager-AdminLTECONFIRMEDMenu formatting with Server Manager 2 and AdminLTE2023-02-06
1217410.0smeserver-yumCONFIRMEDCGI time-out during yum update post-upgrade event in server-manager2023-02-04
1217310.1smeserver-yumCONFIRMEDcgi error when trying to install a new package with panel2022-10-11
1217210.1smeserver-yumCONFIRMEDpanel say update /install is finished while an event is still running2022-10-11
1217010.1smeserver-yumCONFIRMEDerror when selecting package to update in manager2022-10-11
1215610.0e-smith-backupCONFIRMEDlog user to remove as they have no more use and missing their home2022-08-24
1215510.0---CONFIRMEDgroup member forward fails with 550 relay denied2022-10-03
1214610.1e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDcheck and add back www user in shared group2023-02-28
1214510.1smeserver-mysqlCONFIRMEDbackup restore user privileges2022-10-11
1214110.1smeserver-supportCONFIRMEDlist contribs2022-10-11
1212110.0e-smith-managerCONFIRMEDChanging host.domain does not update Host in server-manager2022-07-20
1209910.0e-smith-opensshCONFIRMEDIncrease MaxAuthTries for sshd2022-07-17
1193510.0---CONFIRMEDoauth soon mandatory to fetch from gmail accounts2022-04-16
1190010.0smeserver-mysqlCONFIRMEDcheck use of /sbin/e-smith/mysql-preload2022-03-12
1184610.0smeserver-managerCONFIRMEDWarning from Browser when jquery loaded - unable to find .map file2022-01-13
1182110.0smeserver-managerCONFIRMEDMail log file analysis shows blank2021-12-23
1181710.0smeserver-manager-AdminLTECONFIRMEDGet Breadcrumb trail working2021-12-21
1181010.0smeserver-managerCONFIRMEDLicense panel is left truncated, does not flow.2022-04-05
1180910.0smeserver-managerCONFIRMEDLack of a space after full stop and comma in English version of Server Manager2 panel descriptions in some places.2021-12-17
1180210.0qpsmtpdCONFIRMEDUpdate qpsmtpd to latest from git2022-04-06
1177210.0e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDssl.pm does not handle elliptic curve certificates2021-11-29
1167110.0smeserver-qpsmtpdCONFIRMEDFiles and folders in /var/spool/qpsmtpd are not being cleaned up2022-04-10
1167010.0e-smith-backupCONFIRMEDTimeout on restore from workstation2022-04-03
1156010.0rc1e-smith-grubCONFIRMEDupdate-grub action runt by local on every reboot2021-04-17
1154010.0rc1e-smith-managerCONFIRMEDcookie without SameSite property2022-04-03
1153410.0rc1e-smith-radiusdCONFIRMEDdifference between domain events2021-04-07
1147810.0rc1smeserver-audittoolsCONFIRMEDConfiguration report (under Server Manager/Report a bug) Includes some parts of the standard install2022-04-06
1144810.0b1smeserver-hordeCONFIRMEDunable to update the configuration2021-03-10
1140610.0b1e-smith-apacheCONFIRMEDSSLRequire is deprecated2022-04-03
1138010.0b1e-smith-devtoolsCONFIRMEDbrb and python for genfilelist2021-02-22
1127110.0a5smeserver-mysqlCONFIRMEDChanging host.domain does not update Host in mysql database2022-07-20
1108510.0a5---CONFIRMEDimprove integration of certificate with dehydrated using a dedicated domain2021-04-15
1097710.0a4e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDMake remoteaccess.pm also validate the subnet octets - make change for Server-Manager22020-06-28
1097610.0a5e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDMake localnetworks.pm validate the subnet octets for Server- manager22020-06-28
1095410.0a4anacondaCONFIRMEDcreate and fill help KoozaliPlaceholder.html and KoozaliPlaceholderWithLinks.html2022-07-17
1095310.0a4anacondaCONFIRMEDdisable and hide addons in gui install2021-03-30
1093510.0a4smeserver-dovecotCONFIRMEDdovecot should use ssl_dh=</path/to/dh.pem instead of ssl_dh_parameters_length2020-06-30
1093310.0a4qpsmtpdCONFIRMEDTLS error give an empty line2020-05-02
1092610.0a4smeserver-yumCONFIRMEDCSRF time-out during yum update in server-manager2023-02-04
1084710.0a4e-smith-ldapCONFIRMEDibay-modify failed to modify entry2019-12-12
1084510.0a4e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDpost-upgrade : Use of uninitialized value $nt_hash in string eq at /etc/e-smith/events/post-upgrade/S15user-lock-passwd2019-12-07
1077810.0a5smeserver-qpsmtpdCONFIRMED554 Message not allowed - [299] on yahoo server after enabling disclaimer2022-04-05
1072510.0a4e-smith-managerCONFIRMEDerror logged on backup panel2019-01-27
1064310.0a4---CONFIRMEDError: IP cannot be server IP or Gateway IP.2020-07-30
1059810.0a3spamassassinCONFIRMEDspamassassin needs updating to GeoIP22020-06-18
1055010.0a3e-smith-libCONFIRMEDpassword generator2018-04-06
1044010.0rc1e-smith-qmailCONFIRMEDemail to pseudonyms pointing to another pseudonym fails when they are another full email2022-04-06
1033610.0a3---CONFIRMEDplymouth screen on first boot display linux centos 72021-02-17
1028510.0a4e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDPrevent entering invalid netmask2022-09-19
1023310.0a2e-smith-backupCONFIRMEDrestore from console will not restore mysql db2020-06-17
1010310.0perl-Mail-DMARCCONFIRMEDDMARC sql error in qpsmtpd log2022-06-11
1009010.0a2e-smith-emailCONFIRMEDmodify SM email panel wording to make spamassassin setting clearer2022-04-03
994410.0a2e-smith-managerCONFIRMEDreorganize manager foot copyright2019-01-27
990610.0a4smeserver-qpsmtpdCONFIRMEDRejected DMARC emails are tried every night, and never deleted?2019-01-27
980510.0a4smeserver-qpsmtpdCONFIRMEDFailure in DMARC report sending overnight2019-01-27
965610.0a1smeserver-qpsmtpdCONFIRMEDReturn 4XX in case of DNS timeout while fetching dkim policies2019-01-27
959310.0a1e-smith-managerCONFIRMEDuninitialized value username in lc2019-01-27
949210.0rc1smeserver-qpsmtpdCONFIRMEDRemove unused config for qmail-smtpd2021-03-19
943110.0a1e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDerror running bootstrap-console2019-01-27
942610.0a1e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDwarning in messages logs and on screen when running ippp2022-07-17
927310.0rc1smeserver-spamassassinCONFIRMEDTextCat spamassassin plugin not loaded in the correct file2021-04-11
905810.0rc1e-smith-sambaCONFIRMEDOplock break failed for file USER.V5/NTUSER.DAT2021-04-11
894510.0a4e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDLocked account - modify panel/wording2019-10-23
842010.0a4e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDLocal Networks - Delete Form - "Abbrechen" Button does not work correct2019-01-27
8376---e-smith-proftpdCONFIRMEDproftpd: Can I disable Anonymous logins2017-11-16
830910.0a4e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDAdd ipt_recent sshd autoblocking to e-smith-openssh - additional note in server-manager2021-03-24
830410.0a4e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDConsole display slightly corrupted - black borders missing on two sides. [sme9b4]2019-01-27
827510.0a4e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDno console page uses whiptail2019-01-27
826810.0a4e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDRemove primary (all lower case) from defaults and accounts database2019-01-27
820710.0a5e-smith-qmailCONFIRMEDError 454+451 in qmail log while trying to send mail trough ISP server2020-12-04
819210.0rc1e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDMove dmount() to backup.pm2021-04-11
807410.0rc1e-smith-emailCONFIRMEDSMTP to ISP Authentication timeout problem2021-04-11
800810.0a4e-smith-apacheCONFIRMEDdeclare unixgroup in httpd.conf2019-01-27
789110.0rc1smeserver-qpsmtpdCONFIRMEDEmail - Block Executable Content false positives when signature found in the middle of a file2021-04-11
784010.0a4e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDCannot exit from console on tty1 after updating to 8.1 when console boot set to auto mode2019-01-27
780510.0a4e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDAdditional old name cannot be removed in DNS panel after updating e-smith-base to version 5.2.0-79.el5.sme2019-01-27
780410.0a4e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDOld name cannot be removed in DNS panel after server name is changed after updating e-smith-base to version 5.2.0-79.el5.sme2019-01-27
774210.0a4smeserver-dovecotCONFIRMEDIMAP session continues after disable IMAP in server-manager2020-05-03
746310.0a4e-smith-managerCONFIRMEDHeadingWeight Wrong in Server Panel navigation scripts2019-01-27
712910.0e-smith-proftpdCONFIRMED"proftpd: pam_env(ftp:setcred): Unable to open config file: /etc/security/pam_env.conf: No such file or directory" in "/var/log/secure"2023-01-25
683610.0a4e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDconsole backup does not cope well with multiple removable devices available [8b7]2019-01-27
680710.0a4e-smith-formmagickCONFIRMEDFormmagick error with file upload fields2019-01-27
679610.0a4e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDhostentries do no survive change of domain2020-07-30
629410.0a4e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDInability to change entries in Hostnames and Addresses panel (IP and FQDN)2019-01-27
538210.0rc1e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDHostnames/addresses panel doesn't reject same IP with different mac2021-04-11
420610.0a4smeserver-qpsmtpdCONFIRMEDA uuencoded message attachment appears as garbled text in the body of a message2020-11-10
3797?10.0a3e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDtryagain_page doesn't always display for admin2022-09-19
376310.0a4e-smith-sambaCONFIRMEDchanging admin password via windows ctrl-alt-del does not also change root password2020-06-24
15610.0a2e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDUnlocalised strings in server-manager header2019-01-27

Issues RESOLVED and RELEASED for SME Server 9

No Contribs updates found.

Issues VERIFIED, awaiting release

No issues currently in progress.

Issues RESOLVED, awaiting Verification

Your assistance is important to us. Please visit this page on how to assist in verifying.

IDVersionComponentStatusSummary (26 tasks) Modified
1235410.0smeserver-phpki-ngRESOLVEDrewritecond for crl stop working2023-05-17
1234410.0smeserver-altqmailRESOLVEDmake it for sme102023-03-24
1234210.0smeserver-durepRESOLVEDBar image not displayed in durep panel (SM2)2023-03-23
1233410.0smeserver-softethervpn-serverRESOLVEDadd backup list2023-03-07
1233310.0smeserver-softethervpn-serverRESOLVED/etc/raddb/users has moved to /etc/raddb/mods-config/files/authorize2023-03-08
1232710.0smeserver-mailstatsRESOLVEDAdd in auth::auth_imap2023-02-15
1231610.0smeserver-onlyofficeRESOLVEDonlyoffice 7.3 move from supervisord to systemd2023-02-09
1227110.0smeserver-bridge-interfaceRESOLVEDDHCP Not working since last updates - smeserver-bridge-interface is impacted2022-12-25
1225010.0smeserver-mediawikiRESOLVEDUpgrade MediaWiki to LTS version 1.39.0 (Supported until Dec 2025)2022-12-01
1222810.0smeserver-phpki-ngRESOLVEDwrong uid and gid2022-11-18
1221910.0smeserver-zoneminderRESOLVEDUnable to install Zoneminder2022-11-17
1221710.0smeserver-ddclientRESOLVEDUpgrade ddclient to 3.10.02023-02-15
1216310.0smeserver-gitRESOLVEDsmeserver-git will not allow periods in the name of the repo, yet says it does.2023-03-25
1214810.0smeserver-qmHandleRESOLVEDRemoving stuck mail in E-Mail queue management stops email processing.2022-10-07
1208410.0smeserver-affaRESOLVEDAFFA --run job ends with message "uninitialized value"2022-07-07
1208110.0smeserver-affaRESOLVEDif host key verification fails (because response no), affa tries again 32022-07-07
1178410.0smeserver-affaRESOLVEDConf files placed in /etc/affa cannot contain spaces and/or sub folders with spaces2022-07-07
1166510.0smeserver-gitRESOLVEDApache fails to start AH00526: Syntax error on line 999 of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf Invalid command 'RewriteLog', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration2023-03-25
1162910.0smeserver-sogoRESOLVEDimport smeserver-sogo into 10.x2023-01-10
1152510.0rcsmeserver-shared-foldersRESOLVEDadd deps for [smeserver-rsyncd] and clean duplicate code2022-12-06
1152410.0rcsmeserver-rsyncdRESOLVEDInitial Import to SME10 tree [smeserver-rsyncd]2022-12-06
1140910betasmeserver-libreswan-xl2tpdRESOLVEDInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-libreswan-xl2tpd]2021-03-02
1140510betasmeserver-libreswanRESOLVEDInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-libreswan]2021-03-01
1122610alphasmeserver-zoneminderRESOLVEDInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-zoneminder]2023-03-25
96299.0smeserver-gitRESOLVEDSystemName and DomainName not used in server manager2023-03-25
59258.0smeserver-awstatsRESOLVEDinsert qmail stats in the current awstats contribs2023-02-12


IDVersionComponentStatusSummary (306 tasks) Modified
1236310.0smeserver-freepbxCONFIRMEDUpgrade Asterisk to a supported version - minimum 162023-05-31
1236210.0smeserver-freepbxCONFIRMEDUCP WebRTC phone requires websocket2023-05-31
1236110.0smeserver-freepbxCONFIRMEDUCP does not use mysql socket2023-05-31
1235210.0smeserver-lazy_admin_toolsCONFIRMEDInstall from git repo fails due to .gitignore file in empty directory (needed to track empty directories)2023-05-01
1235110.0smeserver-egroupwareCONFIRMEDInstall from git repo complains about .gitignore files not being in package2023-05-01
1234710.0smeserver-webhostingCONFIRMEDDisabled functions displays incorrectly after save2023-04-02
1234510.0smeserver-extrarepositoriesCONFIRMEDadd wandisco git repository2023-03-25
1234310.0smeserver-phpmyadminCONFIRMEDauthorization in Location section make Directory section authorization ignored2023-05-17
1234110.0smeserver-phpvirtualboxCONFIRMEDhttpd error whilst using group access via WebAuth2023-03-19
1233910.0smeserver-nextcloudCONFIRMEDrecognize app needs access to /proc/cpuinfo2023-03-17
1232910.0smeserver-nextcloudCONFIRMEDGet rid of nextcloud signup in the footer2023-02-23
1232510.0smeserver-letsencryptCONFIRMEDrenewal fails after domain deleted from manager.2023-02-14
1232310.0smeserver-ddclientCONFIRMEDReplace ddclient by ddupdate2023-02-12
1231810.0smeserver-nextcloudCONFIRMEDNeed to upgrade to at least version 25.0.3 for LDAP backend bug2023-02-08
1231310.0smeserver-zabbix-agentCONFIRMEDremove active and passive property and document better Servers vs ServerActive2023-02-03
1231110.0smeserver-ddclientCONFIRMEDConfiguration DB option for getting IP does not work2023-01-31
1230910.0smeserver-collaboraCONFIRMED`WRN Util::stringVectorToMap => record is misformed: #------------------------------------------------------------| common/Util.cpp:1003`2023-02-07
1230810.0smeserver-nextcloudCONFIRMEDsmeserver-nexcloud overwrite.cli.url needs url value escaping and custom url setting2023-02-08
1230610.0smeserver-ddclientCONFIRMEDWith Multi domains the second update fails2023-01-22
1229810.0smeserver-nextcloudCONFIRMEDupgrade php fpm pool version2023-05-18
1229710.0smeserver-phpkiCONFIRMEDldap entries need to be sanitize.2022-12-30
1228210.0smeserver-zabbix-serverCONFIRMEDIncorrect default charset for Zabbix database: "utf8mb4" instead "UTF8, UTF8MB3".2022-12-18
1228110.0smeserver-zabbix-serverCONFIRMEDmisisng font firectory in php base dir2022-12-18
1227910.0smeserver-zabbix-serverCONFIRMEDmissing deps2022-12-17
1227810.0smeserver-extrarepositoriesCONFIRMEDshould add priority to sclo repo2022-12-16
1227510.0phpki-ngCONFIRMEDPHP Warning: Use of undefined constant2022-12-14
1227010.0smeserver-roundcubeCONFIRMEDNFR: Allow the specification of the host for the imap mail2022-12-14
1226510.0smeserver-dovecot-extrasCONFIRMEDupdate sieve /spam script2022-12-14
1226310.0smeserver-roundcubeCONFIRMEDNFR: review the limit access from web interface2022-12-12
1226010.0smeserver-bridge-interfaceCONFIRMED** Ignoring requests on br0. If this is not what2022-12-10
1225810.0smeserver-openvpn-routedCONFIRMEDchown error2022-12-10
1225210.0smeserver-shared-foldersCONFIRMEDmove /etc/rc.d/rc7.d/S95rsyncd and /etc/rc.d/init.d/supervise/rsyncd to a systemd unit2022-12-05
1224710.0smeserver-collaboraCONFIRMEDWRN convert-to: Requesting address is denied2022-12-01
1224610.0smeserver-qmHandleCONFIRMEDWhen run under SM2 and AdminLTE theme and dark mode charaters are "displayed" in black type2022-11-25
1224010.0smeserver-ddclientCONFIRMEDUpgrade Server manager to incorporate ddclient 3.10 new options.2022-12-09
1222310.0smeserver-openvpn-s2sCONFIRMEDadd option for lzo in gui2022-11-18
1221310.0smeserver-remoteuseraccessCONFIRMEDcreate a shell /ssh jail root for user2022-10-17
1219910.0smeserver-fail2banCONFIRMEDadd externalip /internal ip to whitelist2022-09-25
1219710.0smeserver-BackupPCCONFIRMEDcleanup /var/log/httpd-bkpc/2022-09-24
1219610.0smeserver-BackupPCCONFIRMEDremove old way logrotate2022-09-24
1219210.0smeserver-qmHandleCONFIRMEDsm2 not handling long running delete well2022-09-27
1218910.0smeserver-sysmonCONFIRMEDNFR: read hddtemp2022-09-20
1218810.0smeserver-sysmonCONFIRMEDNFR: support temperature for multiple core2022-09-20
1218610.0smeserver-smeadminCONFIRMEDincrease size of loging2022-09-19
1216910.0smeserver-radicaleCONFIRMEDmake cert and key sync with LE when available2022-09-08
1216810.0smeserver-radicaleCONFIRMEDif public make it listen on
1216510.0smeserver-affaCONFIRMEDrsync update rsync.x86_64 0:3.1.2-11.el7_9 breaks AFFA sync2023-03-21
1216210.0smeserver-mxbackupCONFIRMEDFirst import to Koozali SME v10 [smeserver-mxbackup]2022-08-31
1215310.0smeserver-dar2CONFIRMEDInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-dar2]2022-08-20
1215210.0smeserver-ntopCONFIRMEDimport to sme102022-08-20
1214310.0smeserver-extrarepositoriesCONFIRMEDadd other version repo lemonldap2022-08-06
1214010.0smeserver-radicaleCONFIRMEDupgrade radicale to v32022-08-04
1213810.0smeserver-phplistCONFIRMEDNFR ldap access2022-08-03
1213710.0smeserver-phplistCONFIRMEDwhen login with http auth login is asked again in app2022-08-03
1212810.0smeserver-shared-foldersCONFIRMEDNFR: add field in panel to select php version2022-07-25
1212710.0smeserver-redisCONFIRMEDNFR: implement backup and restore2022-07-25
1212610.0smeserver-print-monitorCONFIRMEDrewriting externalSSLAccess2022-07-24
1212510.0smeserver-ezmlmCONFIRMEDNFR: add the migrate procedure for mailman2022-07-24
1212310.0smeserver-BackupPCCONFIRMEDimport deps from fws2022-07-22
1210910.0smeserver-libreswanCONFIRMEDNFR reuse existing entries in manager code2022-07-17
1210410.0smeserver-autodiscoverCONFIRMEDNFR: support autodiscover v2 with json file2022-07-14
1210010.0smeserver-autodiscoverCONFIRMEDNFR: apple mail autoconfig2022-07-14
1209310.0smeserver-softethervpn-serverCONFIRMEDUpdate softether to latest source 4.39, needs openssl3.0.22022-07-06
1208310.0smeserver-postgresqlCONFIRMEDNFR rewrite contrib to be able to run multiple pgsql version at once2022-06-24
1208210.0smeserver-rabbitmq-serverCONFIRMEDNFR : implement backup and restore2022-06-23
1207610.0smeserver-mod_deflateCONFIRMEDsmeserver-mod_deflate missing Match sections for DEFLATE2022-06-21
1203510.0UnknownCONFIRMEDupdate to httpd 2.4 syntax contrib master bug2022-08-05
1203310.0smeserver-zabbix-proxyCONFIRMEDadd contrib to backup list [smeserver-zabbix-proxy]2022-07-21
1202810.0smeserver-xinetdCONFIRMEDadd contrib to backup list [smeserver-xinetd]2022-07-21
1202610.0smeserver-transmissionCONFIRMEDadd contrib to backup list [smeserver-transmission]2022-07-21
1202210.0smeserver-sargCONFIRMEDadd contrib to backup list [smeserver-sarg]2022-07-31
1201710.0smeserver-ntopCONFIRMEDadd contrib to backup list [smeserver-ntop]2022-07-31
1201310.0smeserver-limesurveyCONFIRMEDadd contrib to backup list [smeserver-limesurvey]2022-07-21
1201210.0smeserver-lemonldap-ngCONFIRMEDadd contrib to backup list [smeserver-lemonldap-ng]2022-07-21
1200210.0smeserver-dansguardianCONFIRMEDadd contrib to backup list [smeserver-dansguardian]2022-07-21
1199710.0UnknownCONFIRMEDenable backup of existing contribs - master bug2022-08-02
1199510.0smeserver-clamav-unofficial-sigsCONFIRMEDNFR: panel2023-02-01
1198310.0smeserver-open-vm-toolsCONFIRMEDupdate description2022-05-27
1198210.0smeserver-open-vm-toolsCONFIRMEDnoise during install2022-05-27
1196610.0smeserver-tt-rssCONFIRMEDUnable to open Unix domain Socket on web page access2022-06-16
1195910.0smeserver-mailstatsCONFIRMEDerror in messages log2022-04-21
1195410.0smeserver-centos2smeCONFIRMEDnoise with /etc/e-smith/events/actions/systemd-default2022-04-17
1194810.0smeserver-mailmanCONFIRMEDNFR add property and fragment to allow personalization2022-04-16
1194210.0smeserver-dlCONFIRMEDupdate to 0.192022-04-14
1193810.0smeserver-mailmanCONFIRMEDas mailman create the list for a specific domain we should use the domain in account entry as we do for pseudonyms2022-07-24
1191710.0smeserver-ezmlmCONFIRMEDNFR ezmlm-web and ezmlm-www cron script to update indexes, archives and search indexes2022-03-20
1191610.0smeserver-ezmlmCONFIRMEDez-indexer fails after about 7000 messages to index2022-03-20
1191510.0smeserver-ezmlmCONFIRMEDNFR www archive interface access permission2022-03-20
1191410.0smeserver-ezmlmCONFIRMEDwww archive interface kinosearch not working2022-03-20
1189210.0smeserver-dockerCONFIRMEDFirst import smeserver-docker to SME 10 [smeserver-docker] v0.4-12022-10-11
1184310.0smeserver-fail2banCONFIRMEDWARNING Command ['status', 'ftp'] has failed.2022-01-08
1180510.0smeserver-fail2banCONFIRMEDNFR: use fail2ban db to list banned host2021-12-09
1180110.0smeserver-fail2banCONFIRMEDNFR: add a permanent/custom or manual jail2021-12-08
11796Futursmeserver-letsencryptCONFIRMEDIs the dns-01 Challenge Supported or is it in planing?2021-12-07
11793Futursmeserver-webhostingCONFIRMEDFor smeserver-manager - add module class to div id="module"2021-12-03
11767Futursmeserver-wireguardCONFIRMEDChange Smeserver (Wireguard) external IP address in Wireguard configuration for clients2021-11-18
11754Futursmeserver-smeadminCONFIRMEDUntranslated title on graph (see screenshot)2021-11-14
1174710.0smeserver-zabbix-serverCONFIRMEDadd SME specific templates2021-11-09
Warnings were generated during the execution of function
  1. Report truncated - count greater than max allowed 101 > 100


IDVersionPackageStatusSummary (55 tasks) Modified
1196210.0e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDConfig properties for rsyslog, log messages from systemd journal to syslog.2022-05-02
1174610.0e-smith-radiusdCONFIRMEDAdd Radius auth via PAP and db settings add LDAP and WAP auth now available see bugs2021-11-08
1170910.0---CONFIRMEDcontrib smeserver-dokuwiki - link to http://gitweb.firewall-services.com2021-10-12
1169610.0mod_auth_tktCONFIRMEDRsync based migration not aware of contribs relying on ACLs2021-11-05
1159410.0e-smith-backupCONFIRMEDWorkstation backup no longer supports SMB1, now includes option to backup to a SMB1 target2021-05-13
1158510.0e-smith-sambaCONFIRMEDnew default executable files disabled by default smb, ibay and pers space2021-04-29
1158410.0smeserver-mysqlCONFIRMEDTemplate more mysqld parameters list of avail db settings2021-05-04
1158310.0smeserver-mysqlCONFIRMEDEnable mysqld slow queries log see db settings2021-05-04
1156210.0e-smith-sambaCONFIRMEDSMB config settings for client min protocol and server min protocol2021-04-17
1153810.0e-smith-emailCONFIRMEDClamAV silently ignores .rar archives - enable this filter if you want to exclude rar archives2021-04-09
1153310.0e-smith-baseCONFIRMEDNFR: Template dhcpd.conf domain-name-servers setting2021-04-26
1150910.0e-smith-emailCONFIRMEDClamAV silently ignores .rar archives2021-04-09
1149710.0---CONFIRMEDcontribs: change usage of headertabs to tabs2021-03-28
1147310.0smeserver-hordeCONFIRMEDwhen accessing to admin panel in Horde we get this message on red background2021-03-20
1147210.0smeserver-phpCONFIRMEDOption to update PHPBaseDir to include PEAR on dynamic content enabled ibay2021-03-22
1146010.0smeserver-phpCONFIRMEDsync php properties accross ibays fpm and php.init2021-03-15
1143410.0smeserver-mysqlCONFIRMEDEnabling MySQL 4-byte support2021-03-08
1137710.0smeserver-spamassassinCONFIRMEDspamd SpamLearning needs to be changed to spamassassin SpamLearning2021-02-22
1134710.0---CONFIRMEDInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-remoteuseraccess]2021-02-15
1134610.0rsshCONFIRMEDuser needing scp access with rssh shell need to be member of rsshusers group2022-04-18
1126110.0e-smith-runitCONFIRMEDNeeds details adding to wiki for info - runit should run at basic.target and before network.target2020-12-14
1126010.0e-smith-packetfilterCONFIRMEDUpdate wiki re use of pptpd for sme10, has been depreciated2020-12-13
1125910.0e-smith-emailCONFIRMEDmigration to systemd - smtp-auth-proxy - /service/smtp-auth-proxy/run2020-12-13
1125810.0e-smith-ldapCONFIRMEDmigration to systemd - ldap - /service/ldap/run2020-12-12
1125710.0e-smith-apacheCONFIRMEDmigration to systemd - httpd-e-smith - /service/httpd-e-smith/run - httpd.service2020-12-12
1124010.0e-smith-radiusdCONFIRMEDWiki needs update re migration to systemd - radiusd - /service/radiusd/run - radiusd.service2020-12-15
1123810.0e-smith-nutUPSCONFIRMEDService migrated to systemd, renamed ups, changes to template structure and nameing2021-04-25
1123710.0multiple-packagesCONFIRMEDChanges to actions and events as indicated a consequence of systemd-reload changes2020-12-14
1123610.0smeserver-qpsmtpdCONFIRMEDUpdate docs with change to systemd - qpsmtpd - /service/qpsmtpd/run2020-12-07
1122510.0smeserver-phpCONFIRMED[systemd] enable php services for sme-server.target2020-12-14
1122010.0e-smith-qmailCONFIRMED[updates w/o reboot] migration intergration - e-smith-qmail2020-12-01
1121910.0e-smith-baseCONFIRMED[systemd] starting a service with systemd only if `db configuration getprop SERVICE status` is enabled2020-12-01
1121810.0e-smith-qmailCONFIRMEDservice needs migration to systemd - qmail - /service/qmail/run2020-12-01
1121410.0e-smith-tinydnsCONFIRMEDservice needs migration to systemd - tinydns - /service/tinydns/run2020-11-29
1121310.0e-smith-dnscacheCONFIRMEDservice needs migration to systemd - dnscache - /service/dnscache/run2020-11-29
1118810.0---CONFIRMEDAMD processors other than server class have no official support2021-02-20
1099010.0---CONFIRMEDSoftware_Collections:Python wiki instructions are need to be updated in particular for SME102020-07-01
105559.2---CONFIRMEDupdate wiki pages2018-04-08
105539.0---CONFIRMEDupdate way we configure repo in wikipage2018-04-05
105409.2---CONFIRMEDNICBonding not documented in server manual2018-03-15
1037510.0---CONFIRMEDAnaconda exception report - name already in use2021-03-27
99419.0smeserver-qpsmtpdCONFIRMEDDisable DMARC and SPF rejections by default2017-01-23
95459.0---CONFIRMEDreplace manually entered repo info in wiki pages2016-06-01
94699.1smeserver-qpsmtpdCONFIRMEDDocument qpsmtpd changes2017-02-22
90839.0---CONFIRMEDAll qpsmtpd properties should be listed in http://wiki.contribs.org/DB_Variables_Configuration2015-10-20
888510.0e-smith-packetfilterCONFIRMEDmasq TCPMinimizeDelay db setting and masq template2019-01-27
88449.0---CONFIRMEDThe pointer of the download page is lost in too much Informations2015-02-12
88439.0---CONFIRMEDUpdate the wiki UPS Page2015-02-13
87989.0---CONFIRMEDAffa 3 Wiki Page2021-09-23
87799.0---CONFIRMEDKeep a copy of all emails - not working2015-02-11
81488.0---CONFIRMEDDocument changes to backup (DAR) in respect of inconsistent set numbers2014-01-19
779910.0e-smith-ibaysCONFIRMEDAn ibay cannot have the same name as an html sub-directory2021-03-10
76648.0---CONFIRMEDinstalling modSSL verified certificate doesn't work for SSL IMAP or SSMTP transactions2016-01-17
67498.0---CONFIRMEDAudit the pages listed under Category:Contrib in the wiki2013-02-07
169510.0e-smith-ibaysCONFIRMEDNFR: allow i-bays named after reserved names.2021-03-10


93718.xCONFIRMEDPootle does not import already present translation2016-03-23
Important.png Note:
Please help us to triage all open bugs for SME Server. The steps involved in triage are pretty straightforward and easy to do. Please see the Bug Triage page.

If you can help, the developers can concentrate on fixing the bugs. The steps in this list take approx 90% of the time in the resolving of most bugs. Reread How to report bugs effectively

Now look at the bug list below with your Troubleshooter hat on.

  • Ask the questions asked by the essay
  • Get the information from the reporter, set the bug to NEEDINFO when more information is required
  • Reproduce the issue
  • CONFIRM the bug or if you can't reproduce it then add a comment that you cannot reproduce. If no-one can reproduce it then RESOLVED-WORKSFORME may be appropriate.
  • Summarise the issue if the report isn't clear
  • Add a note about a workaround/fix if one is obvious to you
  • That fix may not be the one we adopt, but it often helps if you tell us what you did to fix it

The bugs below need triage, they are split up into SME Server 10, SME Server 9 & contribs.

SME Server 10

IDStatusSummary (12 tasks) Modified
1027UNCONFIRMEDSMTP authentication user/password should be verified in panel2022-04-03
2006NEEDINFONon-ASCII characters used in passwords don't seem to work2022-04-16
6819UNCONFIRMEDPort 25 closed after Server gateway switched to server, then back to gateway2019-01-27
7914?UNCONFIRMEDCorrect proftpd.conf template(40IBayAccess).2021-12-01
7915UNCONFIRMEDNew ibay's directory loses SGID flag then created via ftp.2017-11-16
9844UNCONFIRMEDUser-password gives misleading error on entering same password2022-04-03
10307UNCONFIRMEDJunkMail - some messages end ups in JunkMail folder despite "Sort spam into junkman folder" = Disabled2022-04-03
10613UNCONFIRMEDDMARC Send Reports cron task result email shows an error2019-01-27
10779UNCONFIRMEDqpsmtpd "Unable to scan for viruses" after creating custom rules for local.cf2021-02-13
11536UNCONFIRMEDUSB Mouse continually connects and disconnects creating a lot of log noise is messages log2021-04-09
12181UNCONFIRMEDafter update to 10.1, post-upgrade/reboot needed after yum update2022-12-28
12328UNCONFIRMEDUpgrade errors, WAN/LAN2023-02-17

SME Server 9

"Well done guys, no more open bugs!"

SME Server Contribs

IDStatusSummary (67 tasks) Modified
6648UNCONFIRMEDText-string might need review2011-06-18
6682UNCONFIRMEDmysql password is not properly set on SME8b62011-07-09
6683UNCONFIRMEDZarafa7 on SME8b6, zarafa-monitor is complaining that Terminal locale is not UTF-82011-08-23
6746UNCONFIRMEDNo configuration information in Panel2011-10-01
6818UNCONFIRMEDMissing Data from Squid Report Generator (Only in the web interface?)2011-12-19
6861UNCONFIRMEDInstallation fails creating snort_archive table2016-02-05
6914UNCONFIRMEDCan not access internet after switch serveronly to servergateway and back again2013-06-22
6919UNCONFIRMEDCan not access internet after switch from servergateway to serveronly and back again2013-12-02
6947UNCONFIRMEDDAR2 contrib dar2-mc plugin does not allow midnight commander to browse dar files2014-12-31
7052UNCONFIRMEDCannot find backup directory when restoring to a new disk2012-07-24
7134UNCONFIRMEDUnable to install TRAC to sme 8.0 - missing python 2.42015-03-25
7177UNCONFIRMEDZarafa for SME8 custom templates2013-02-20
7195UNCONFIRMEDLater php53-mapi version requested2013-01-01
7674UNCONFIRMEDsmeserver-sogo: need to change /etc/sysconfig/memcached2013-06-27
7802UNCONFIRMEDfeature request - send info about unused mac / IP for certain period of time2013-07-24
8126UNCONFIRMEDIf you have the contrib OpenVPN will not assign the correect interface2021-10-25
8127UNCONFIRMEDnot enough data about mac address database2014-01-10
8572UNCONFIRMEDmaildrop: delivery deferred2014-10-14
8715UNCONFIRMEDZarafa <= 7.1 vulnerable to POODLE (SSLv3)2014-12-04
8736UNCONFIRMEDSarg report missing day.2014-12-31
8859UNCONFIRMEDFEATURE REQUEST: All permission map for the server in a single web form2015-02-26
8862UNCONFIRMEDYum hangs when updating to smeserver-sogo-1.3-12.el6.sme.noarch2015-04-04
8906UNCONFIRMEDserver.conf is not correct for the latest version of Zarafa2015-11-11
8955UNCONFIRMEDFail2Ban error in qpsmtpd.conf regex2022-04-03
9107UNCONFIRMEDtrouble fetching mails when one of the list is infected2015-10-27
9111UNCONFIRMEDNFR: add handling of "Comment" property in lat-hosts2016-03-07
9131UNCONFIRMEDfetchmail loop if one mail contains a virus2015-11-19
9171UNCONFIRMEDNew templates for use with zarafa 7.22016-01-01
9455UNCONFIRMEDscript qmail-awstats-setup.v2.sh modified for SME 9.1. and awstats-7.4-12018-10-11
9735UNCONFIRMEDsquid report generator2016-08-08
9816UNCONFIRMEDSarg Segmentation fault2016-10-01
9866UNCONFIRMEDnetdata realtime monitor integration2022-04-03
9916UNCONFIRMEDSogo/ActiveSync Freebusy empty file issue2017-03-24
10199UNCONFIRMEDproblemi con WebFiltering2017-04-02
10244UNCONFIRMEDIncorrect sme9admin explanation string 18502021-04-22
10363UNCONFIRMEDAdding a new Dynamic DNS Provider - https://freedns.afraid.org/dynamic/2020-06-24
10398UNCONFIRMEDmx.koozali.org on SMEOptimizer-dnsblocklist2022-06-16
10422UNCONFIRMEDNFR: portscan jail2018-11-06
10430UNCONFIRMEDSSH Denyhosts Web panel does not support entry of range of "Authorized IP"2017-09-27
10465UNCONFIRMEDError message returned as Vacation auto reply2017-11-30
10620NEEDINFOAsterisk not logging to CDR or CEL databases2022-12-07
10708UNCONFIRMEDVacation additional columns2019-01-21
10913UNCONFIRMEDOpenVPN connections status showing time in non-human readable format2020-03-27
10914UNCONFIRMEDOpenVPN kicking connections generate an error and does not disconnect2020-03-27
10999UNCONFIRMEDQoS on 10.x2020-08-17
11048UNCONFIRMEDPublic access, no auth2020-10-22
11338UNCONFIRMEDCopy rules from one user account to another2021-02-09
11546UNCONFIRMEDGenerates FATAL PLUGIN ERROR [check_badcountries]: No record found for IP address x.x.x.x2021-04-12
11575UNCONFIRMEDNo content-type / charset in sent emails2021-04-23
11705UNCONFIRMEDNo '/sbin/sendmail' available2021-10-10
11764UNCONFIRMEDqueries fail with missing tables2021-11-19
11806UNCONFIRMEDmailstats email arrived this morning but empty2021-12-12
11829UNCONFIRMEDwrong spelding in vacation message2022-04-03
11831UNCONFIRMEDlearn.pl attempts but fails to create default directories for some users.2022-09-22
11865UNCONFIRMEDsmeadmin faukt message bug2022-09-30
11878UNCONFIRMEDUnable to see pages after logging in (smeserver-ttrss)2022-05-24
12119UNCONFIRMEDShared folder access rights lost2022-07-25
12161UNCONFIRMEDsmeserver-dar2 not found when following the SME10 instructions2022-08-31
12176UNCONFIRMEDphp version hard coded to 73 in httpd.conf2022-09-15
12201UNCONFIRMEDLimit log noise in /var/log/httpd/error_log2022-09-26
12216UNCONFIRMEDnetwork scan takes server off line (smeserver-dhcpmanager)2022-10-30
12285UNCONFIRMEDWARNING message in daemon log after reboot about ssh2022-12-21
12307UNCONFIRMEDProblem activating url filtering and category filtering smeserver-webfilter2023-01-31
12346UNCONFIRMEDFirebird v2.5.x on SMEserver v10.12023-04-01
12355UNCONFIRMEDShutdown errors detected and logged during shutdown of Postgres 13.2023-05-17
12356UNCONFIRMEDMigration to latest available PHP2023-05-26
12366UNCONFIRMEDdatestyle on en_US needs to be mdy, not dmy.2023-06-05

IDSummary (330 tasks) PackageProductModified
12202Limit log noise in /var/log/httpd/error_logsmeserver-phpSME Server Future2022-09-26
12200NFR: create wrapper for php-fpm binsmeserver-phpSME Server Future2022-09-25
12185list php poolssmeserver-phpSME Server Future2022-09-19
12103Expand esmith:DB to include data verification---SME Server Future2022-07-13
12101input verificationmultiple-packagesSME Server Future2022-08-06
11931add port to DelegateMailServere-smith-qmailSME Server Future2022-09-18
11857NFR: add setting to force default from_addrsmeserver-hordeSME Server Future2022-09-18
11689Allow comment for Remote Access panel, Remote Management tablee-smith-baseSME Server 10.X2022-04-17
11682SSH add MaxAuthTries to server-manager panele-smith-opensshSME Server Future2022-07-18
11616NFR : proftpd check if custom cert and key are related and default to self signed if note-smith-proftpdSME Server Future2022-09-18
11615NFR : httpd check if custom cert and key are related and default to self signed if note-smith-apacheSME Server Future2022-09-18
11614NFR : check if custom cert and key are related and default to self signed if note-smith-base (certif)SME Server Future2022-09-18
11588dkim signing of internally sended emailsqmailSME Server 10.X2021-05-05
11553NFR: stop service on uninstallsmeserver-yumSME Server Future2022-09-18
11427allow set timeoutsmeserver-phpSME Server 10.X2021-10-24
11400ease php change for contribssmeserver-phpSME Server 10.X2021-10-24
11235config memory / number convert sanitizer---SME Server 10.X2020-12-07
10886NFR: make php*-php-fpm use php-fpm or php config unless one is definedsmeserver-phpSME Server Future2022-09-18
10844use yum-plugin-universal-hookssmeserver-yumSME Server Future2019-12-06
10841list modified rpm owned filessmeserver-audittoolsSME Server Future2019-12-03
10834NFR: Display warning on root login if UnsavedChanges = 'yes'e-smith-baseSME Server Future2022-10-07
10686pre update smeserver-yum and smeserver-support before any yum update.smeserver-yumSME Server Future2019-12-06
10623NFR: allow multiple upstream ntp serverse-smith-ntpSME Server Future2022-04-16
10522Samba4 standalone "samba-tools" user (add,remove,update) via server-manager---SME Server Future2018-02-19
10456add hw info to bugreporte-smith-managerSME Server Future2022-09-18
10402NFR: template the qpsmtpd helo plugin 'reject' treatmentsmeserver-qpsmtpdSME Server Future2017-08-04
10391Add option for sshfs to workstation backupe-smith-backupSME Server Future2022-04-03
10364qmail outbound throttlee-smith-qmailSME Server Future2022-04-03
10359NFR: only allow SENDING local email for User accountsmeserver-qpsmtpdSME Server Future2022-04-03
10346Add possibility to set User/group account with local INCOMING email only via the manager + reword Pseudonyms panele-smith-emailSME Server Future2022-09-18
10323Qpsmtpd: Change the error message for unknown userqpsmtpd-pluginsSME Server Future2019-01-18
10236adopt duplicity as an alternative backup toole-smith-backupSME Server Future2022-09-18
10177[SAMBA 4] missing win10samba.reg and maybe other changes on e-smith sambasmeserver-sambaSME Server Future2020-09-30
10176NFR: remote information box in the server manager and update messagesmeserver-managerSME Server Future2022-10-22
10158NFR Improve support for 3rd party repositoriessmeserver-yumSME Server Future2022-04-03
10152Restrict dhcp leases only to reserved onese-smith-baseSME Server Future2022-09-19
10128property to prevent modification of permission for an ibay subfolders and filese-smith-ibaysSME Server Future2022-09-18
10127[NFR] Better spam learningsmeserver-dovecotSME Server Future2020-04-30
10105NFR Creating additional hidden folders inside of user's home share.e-smith-sambaSME Server Future2020-12-04
10075SPF / SRS : Sender Rewriting Schemee-smith-qmailSME Server Future2019-01-26
9867adopt haveged to increase pseudo randomness availability---SME Server Future2022-04-16
9822[Samba 4] Update console startup module for Samba 4 (smb)---SME Server Future2020-09-30
9807[Samba 4]smeserver-qpsmtpd changes for Samba 4---SME Server Future2020-09-30
9806[Samba 4] e-smith-openssh modifications for Samba 4---SME Server Future2020-09-30
9804[Samba 4] Update password functions in esmith::util for Samba 4---SME Server Future2020-09-30
9802[Samba 4] Modify user events/actions and server-manager panel---SME Server Future2020-09-30
9801[Samba 4] Add createADUser function to esmith::Util---SME Server Future2020-09-30
9800[Samba 4] update e-smith-quota to process quotas for active directory users---SME Server Future2020-09-30
9764[SSD] Add fstab key in e-smith db---SME Server Future2022-04-03
9713[Samba 4] Reconfigure recycle bin for Samba 4---SME Server Future2020-09-30
9712[Samba 4] Reconfigure shadowcopy for Samba 4---SME Server Future2020-09-30
9708[Samba 4] Evaluate registry fragments in server-resources for Samba 4---SME Server Future2020-09-30
9700[Samba 4]Consider removing /sbin/e-smith/samba_check_password---SME Server Future2020-09-30
9662[Samba 4] System Initialization and Re-Configuration with Active Directory---SME Server Future2020-09-30
9651[Samba 4] Remove Samba Parts from esmith::Util for Samba 4---SME Server Future2020-09-30
9650Allow control over antivirus scan schedulingsmeserver-clamavSME Server Future2022-04-03
9643NFR: avoid backup tar to cross filesystems --one-file-systeme-smith-backupSME Server Future2016-07-02
9632?Add the extra list of rpm in the backupe-smith-backupSME Server Future2017-04-26
9609setting for a fixed mac address for remote connectione-smith-base (network)SME Server Future2016-06-20
9568merge ibays and shared foldere-smith-ibaysSME Server Future2023-02-22
9567Template for Content-Security-Policy on VirtualHostse-smith-apacheSME Server Future2016-06-22
9566Server-Manager uses unsafe-inline scripts/stylesheets <-> Strong Content-Security-Policy on VirtualHostse-smith-managerSME Server Future2021-04-09
9517add cloud capability to smeserver-backupe-smith-backupSME Server Future2020-04-28
9457NFR: possibility to disable the creation of default pseudonymse-smith-baseSME Server Future2022-09-18
9306Add yum plugin to enable all repos for 'yum clean all'.smeserver-yumSME Server Future2019-12-06
9291log admin's access to server-managere-smith-managerSME Server Future2017-03-01
9214?add to db command a search key functione-smith-libSME Server Future2021-11-19
9213add to db command json formatted outpute-smith-libSME Server Future2022-09-18
9203Implement reboot server-manager panel using Mojolicious::Litee-smith-managerSME Server Future2016-10-22
9193Modify the Primary ibay from the server-managere-smith-ibaysSME Server Future2022-09-18
9190editable/configurable port forward rulese-smith-portforwardingSME Server Future2016-06-17
9136Update/Add default SBLList property in configuration qpsmtpd databasesmeserver-qpsmtpdSME Server Future2016-03-26
9125NFR: check for updates just after installe-smith-baseSME Server Future2015-11-15
9122Email - ODT and Docx files blocked as Zip filessmeserver-qpsmtpdSME Server Future2015-11-17
9121Email - Different mail pattern for v3 Zip filesmeserver-qpsmtpdSME Server Future2022-09-18
9109enable squid authenticatione-smith-proxySME Server Future2016-03-26
9084Bcc direction (all/outgoing/incoming) should be a parametersmeserver-qpsmtpdSME Server Future2016-03-26
9050problems with sending mail via Office365 SmartHost---SME Server Future2016-03-26
9030Activate Samba Audit functionality for user home directoriese-smith-sambaSME Server Future2015-09-03
8984Allow more DB settings for cron jobse-smith-baseSME Server Future2022-04-03
8852Do not offer AUTH if a weak encryption is usedsmeserver-qpsmtpdSME Server Future2022-09-18
8803Adjust the Primary welcome page. Make it friendly, promotive and informativee-smith-baseSME Server Future2022-09-18
8703[SAMBA4] Samba 4: Home directorye-smith-sambaSME Server Future2020-09-30
8690[SAMBA4] e-smith-base updates due to Samba 4 WINS/smbpasswd removale-smith-baseSME Server Future2020-09-30
8689[SAMBA4] e-smith-backup updates for Samba 4 -- wins and smbpasswde-smith-backupSME Server Future2020-09-30
8688[SAMBA4] update e-smith-lib for Samba 4e-smith-libSME Server Future2020-09-30
8687[SAMBA4] Add SSSD daemon for Samba 4 local authenticatione-smith-sambaSME Server Future2020-09-30
8681Include python script to decode dnscache logse-smith-dnscacheSME Server Future2016-03-26
8676Integration of EFF free certificatese-smith-base (certif)SME Server 10.X2020-11-10
8674[SAMBA4] Remove smbpasswd and WINS pieces for Samba 4e-smith-sambaSME Server Future2020-09-30
8668[SAMBA4] Bootstrap-Console update for Samba 4e-smith-baseSME Server Future2020-09-30
8665[SAMBA4] esmith::AD perl module for interacting with Active Directorye-smith-ldapSME Server Future2020-09-30
8660[SAMBA4] User account authentication with Active Directory and AccountsDBe-smith-ldapSME Server Future2020-09-30
8638[SAMBA 4] DNS Backend for Samba 4e-smith-dnscacheSME Server Future2020-09-30
8632[Samba 4] Remove smb.conf template fragments from e-smith-LPRng-2.4.0-1e-smith-LPRngSME Server Future2020-09-30
8628Hardcoded ServerName in httpd.conf 45ServerNamee-smith-apacheSME Server Future2022-09-18
8596config command line sanitise and comment data inputs---SME Server Future2014-10-09
8540[SSD] Use of SSD disks (Write Amplification/Over Provisioning)---SME Server Future2022-04-03
8532safer email with dnssec and danee-smith-qmailSME Server Future2016-09-30
8490Harmonize backup options to attached diske-smith-backupSME Server Future2019-12-06
Warnings were generated during the execution of function
  1. Report truncated - count greater than max allowed 101 > 100
Important.png Note:
Please help us to verify all corrections to SME Server. The steps involved in verifying fixes are pretty straightforward and easy to do. Please see the How to verify fixes page.

All the errors below have been fixed and need verification, they are split up into SME Server 9, SME Server 8 & contribs.

The bug report will detail the exact package and version needed. These are normally in smeupdates-testing and can be installed by "yum --enablerepo=smeupdates-testing update <package>"

for example

yum --enablerepo=smeupdates-testing update e-smith-ldap

As it is a manual step to move packages into smeupdates-testing the most recent packages will be in smetest and can be installed from there if necessary. for example

 yum --enablerepo=smetest update e-smith-ldap

or if you need several repositories :

 yum --enablerepo=smetest,smeupdates-testing,smedev update e-smith-ldap

SME Server 10 Verifications

IDPackageSummary (30 tasks) MilestoneBlocksDepends
11185smeserver-managerNew version for smeserver-manager---  
11545smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate smeserver-manager-AdminLTE with crealinks -update event---  
11571smeserver-managerTheme switch no longer works.---  
11572smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate to AdminLTE 3.1---  
11623smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate default.ep.html to new contribs-header and remove heading from status line---  
11708smeserver-managerCSRF security check should fully protect smeserver-manager---  
11780smeserver-managerAdd in dummy classes to div in each ep file for future themes---  
11781smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate login screen and add password visibility---  
11782smeserver-manager-AdminLTEFix up Configuration Review panel---  
11783smeserver-manager-AdminLTEBring update event into line with smanager update event---  
11785smeserver-manager-AdminLTESort out alignment of descriptions and inputs on panels, and make work for mobile screens---  
11815smeserver-managerBring Group add and update panels into line with others---  
11822smeserver-managerIn Review Configuration virtual domains not aligned.---  
11823smeserver-managerIn Review Configuration - IP address not show correctly for Server Gateway---  
11824smeserver-managerUser and Hostnames list does not act responsivly as window is made smaller---  
11825smeserver-managerReview configuration panel - In Server-Gateway, External IP and DHCP range not properly displayed---  
11826smeserver-manager-AdminLTEMore format changes to make it compatible---  
11830smeserver-managerUpdate Datetime and reboot ep files to help AdminLTE---  
11833smeserver-manager-AdminLTEMore formatting---  
11863smeserver-manager-AdminLTEUpdate css and checkbox for dark mode---  
11880smeserver-manager-AdminLTEBrowser error on non login pages (smeserver-manager-AdminLTE)---  
11881smeserver-manager-AdminLTEBrowser Error in js for AdminLTE version extraction---  
11906smeserver-manager-AdminLTESort out spacing in menu when small fonts selected---  
11989smeserver-manager-AdminLTERollup changes including AdminLTE 3.1---  
12111smeserver-manageruntainting server-manager2---  
12171smeserver-yummanager ask to reconfigure when not needed10.2  
12193cvmAttempt to login via sqpsmtp using a group name causes a segfault in cvm-unix10.2  
12330smeserver-spamassassinFix spamassassin 4.0.0 logging---  
12340smeserver-mock"change-log packagename.spec" does not work---  
12350---Mock *.cfg needs multi packages adding to multi repo and includes in *.spec covers many packages---  

Direct Link of Bugzilla

SME Server Translations Verifications

"Well done guys, no more open bugs!"

Direct Link of Bugzilla

SME Server Contribs Verifications

IDComponentVersionSummary (26 tasks)
11784smeserver-affa10.0Conf files placed in /etc/affa cannot contain spaces and/or sub folders with spaces
12081smeserver-affa10.0if host key verification fails (because response no), affa tries again 3
12084smeserver-affa10.0AFFA --run job ends with message "uninitialized value"
12344smeserver-altqmail10.0make it for sme10
12271smeserver-bridge-interface10.0DHCP Not working since last updates - smeserver-bridge-interface is impacted
12217smeserver-ddclient10.0Upgrade ddclient to 3.10.0
12342smeserver-durep10.0Bar image not displayed in durep panel (SM2)
11665smeserver-git10.0Apache fails to start AH00526: Syntax error on line 999 of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf Invalid command 'RewriteLog', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration
12163smeserver-git10.0smeserver-git will not allow periods in the name of the repo, yet says it does.
12327smeserver-mailstats10.0Add in auth::auth_imap
12250smeserver-mediawiki10.0Upgrade MediaWiki to LTS version 1.39.0 (Supported until Dec 2025)
12316smeserver-onlyoffice10.0onlyoffice 7.3 move from supervisord to systemd
12228smeserver-phpki-ng10.0wrong uid and gid
12354smeserver-phpki-ng10.0rewritecond for crl stop working
12148smeserver-qmHandle10.0Removing stuck mail in E-Mail queue management stops email processing.
12333smeserver-softethervpn-server10.0/etc/raddb/users has moved to /etc/raddb/mods-config/files/authorize
12334smeserver-softethervpn-server10.0add backup list
11629smeserver-sogo10.0import smeserver-sogo into 10.x
12219smeserver-zoneminder10.0Unable to install Zoneminder
11524smeserver-rsyncd10.0rcInitial Import to SME10 tree [smeserver-rsyncd]
11525smeserver-shared-folders10.0rcadd deps for [smeserver-rsyncd] and clean duplicate code
11226smeserver-zoneminder10alphaInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-zoneminder]
11405smeserver-libreswan10betaInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-libreswan]
11409smeserver-libreswan-xl2tpd10betaInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-libreswan-xl2tpd]
5925smeserver-awstats8.0insert qmail stats in the current awstats contribs
9629smeserver-git9.0SystemName and DomainName not used in server manager

Direct Link of Bugzilla

SME Server Contribs NeedInfo

10620smeserver-freepbx9.2Asterisk not logging to CDR or CEL databases

SME Server 9.x NeedInfo

"Well done guys, no more info needed!"

SME Server 10.x NeedInfo

2006e-smith-*/smeserver-* packages---Non-ASCII characters used in passwords don't seem to work