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The optional yum change log module provides a way to examine the change log of available repo updates or already installed RPM packages installed through yum.


The installation is the same for both SME8 and SME9. The yum change log module is available through the default SME Server repo's, so no additional repo's are required. To install the module, as root enter:

yum install yum-changelog python-dateutil

After installation, yum change log is immediately available without any further configuration to either yum or SME Server.

Usage examples

Show the complete change log of the installed e-smith-base RPM:

yum changelog all e-smith-base


yum changelog all e-smith-base | less

Show the last [n] (in the below example n=2) change log entries of the installed e-smith-base RPM

yum changelog 2 e-smith-base 

Show the latest change log of an RPM package that is available on one of the enabled repo's:

yum update e-smith-base --changelog

Show all changes logs of an RPM available through an available repo since a given date:

yum changelog 01-01-2014 e-smith-base