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This page is a Work in Progress. The contents off this page may be in flux, please have a look at this page history the to see list of changes.

Important.png Note:
This how-to is NOT following the SME Server procedures regarding repositories and templates. Apart from an ibay it seems a normal linux install. Following this how-to will break some SME Server mechanisms. As it is now it has the characteristics of an advertisement/spamm. Also the version advertised (1.7.9) is old since 1.8.2 is available.


Xibo Open Source Digital Signage is a powerful Digital Signage content management system and suite of signage players.

See https://xibo.org.uk/ for more information

I still use version 1.7.9 didn't test 1.8.2 since everything is running fine.


Create a new database

create database xibo;
grant all privileges on xibo.* to username identified by 'password';
flush privileges;

Create an ibay in server manager, with the following typical settings:

 Information bay name - xibo, Description - xibo, Group - Admin, User access - Write = group, Read = everyone, 
 Public access via web - Entire Internet (no password required), Execution of dynamic content - Enabled

update any base components

yum update -y

We need Epel

/sbin/e-smith/db yum_repositories set epel repository \
Name 'Epel - EL6' \
BaseURL 'http://download.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/6/$basearch' \
MirrorList 'http://mirrors.fedoraproject.org/mirrorlist?repo=epel-6&arch=$basearch' \
EnableGroups no \
GPGCheck yes \
GPGKey http://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/RPM-GPG-KEY-EPEL \
Exclude perl-Razor-Agent \
Visible no \
status disabled
signal-event yum-modify
yum install php-soap php-mcrypt --enablerep epel

We need to adjust Upload Max File Size and Post Maximum Size to 128M

db configuration setprop php PostMaxSize 128M
db configuration setprop php UploadMaxFilesize 128M
expand-template /etc/php.ini
/etc/init.d/httpd-e-smith restart

Now download and install xibo into the ibay xibo. (i am still running version 1.7.9 there is a new version available but didn't try it yet!!)
so in this case i use

 cd /home/e-smith/files/ibays/xibo/html
 wget https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo-cms/archive/1.7.9.tar.gz
 sudo tar zxvf 1.7.9.tar.gz
 sudo mv xibo-cms-1.7.9 xibo
 chmod 755 -R xibo
 cd ../..
 mkdir xibo-library
 chmod -R 755 xibo-library
 chown -R www:www xibo-library

Now go to


Follow instructions and begin the setup.

Clean up

 cd /home/e-smith/files/ibays/xibo/html/
 rm 1.7.9.tar.gz