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Important.png Note:
This is just a upgrade CHECK. There is NO upgrade path in place!!. This page is simply here to see what upstream thinks about an 'in place' upgrade from CentOS 6.5 (SME9) to CentOS 7 (SME10). This check will NOT take into account any contribs or other modifications to your SME Server.There is MUCH more to be done under the hood, but consider this a first step in gaining an understanding of what needs to be addressed at least.


CentOS has released an "Upgrade Tool" which is basically a pre-check of a possible upgrade from CentOS 6.5 to CentOS 7. This tool will not upgrade anything, and won't alter your system other then writing the test results to a file. The main goal of this tool is to gather information about what would be required to prepare an (Manual) upgrade. The tool can be installed as a RPM.


The "upgrade tool" can be installed by adding the repo to your TEST SME9 server (please use a VM and note the virtual drivers).

Clean install of SME9

You need to start with a brand new installation (or a clone) of a SME9 server, without any modifications.

After a basic install, perform a yum update with only the default repo's enabled. (No action required if all left at default settings).

Add repository

The "Upgrade tool is available as RPM's from the CentOS testing repo. To add this repo to your test SME9 server issue:

db yum_repositories set upgradetool repository \
BaseURL http://dev.centos.org/centos/6/upg/x86_64/ \
Name "upgradetool" \
gpgcheck yes \
status disabled \
Visible yes \
EnableGroups no
gpgkey=file:///etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-CentOS-6 \

followed by:

signal-event yum-modify

Install the Upgrade tool RPM's

To install the Upgrade tool RPM's perform:

yum install redhat-upgrade-tool preupgrade-assistant-contents --enablerepo=upgradetool

Using Upgrade Tool

After a successful installation, one must perform 2 commands:

preupg -l

This will prepare a file called 'CentOS6_7' that will be used by the actual test. Followed by:

preupg -s CentOS6_7

This test will take a while (up to 5 to 10 minutes depending on your system hardware) and cosists of nearly 100 checks/tests.


After the tests and checks have finished, the on screen information and instructions will show you how to gain access to the results. To get immediate access and for easy of use, one could browse the results from the console with the following command:

links /root/preupgrade/result.html