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This wikli entry is a work in progress, contribs to be listed TBA

Version 10 Contrib testing This document lists Contribs that, need to be tested or have had been tested running under SME 10Contribs should work if they are perl or php based (unless php53 deprecated some functions needed) . Some binary applications will work as well.Contribs using perl modules might be broken due to change of pathPlease also see Contribs BugreportTest guidelinesConsiderations_before_installing advises that Contribs for SME 10 have not yet been released, this is to avoid dev workload diagnosing bugs caused by contribs.Please don't post SME 10 bugs unless you can replicate the bug with the contrib removed or isolated.


If you have suggestions, issues or solutions for a contrib, please post them in bugzilla 

against the contrib.

SetupDuring the transition from SME9 to SME10, contrib packages will be migrated to the SME10 contrib repository. If the contrib is not yet in the SME9 Contrib repository and an entry in this Q&A suggests it will install properly then you will need to install the contrib from the SME9 repository.Check to see if you already have the sme9contribs repository set up using the command:db yum_repositories show smecontribsIf it returns nothing then you will need to create a repo named sme9contribs ( to be created), which points to the SME 9 smecontribs repodb yum_repositories set final details to be created


now you will need to add the package from sme9contribs and  smecontribs to resolve some problems of dependencies...


you might also consider to add some external repo such as epel...

The following shows an example of how to install a contrib from the SME 9 repo: yum --enablerepo=sme9contribs,smecontribs install smeserver-openvpn-s2sNotice the additional phrase "sme9contribs," in the command line.Another example is as follows: yum install smeserver-usbdisksmanager --enablerepo=sme9contribs --enablerepo=smecontribsTemplate for testingnot workingplease open a bug against the contrib. , and write in the wiki you tested it and it fails.


the title of your bug should look to "smecontribs:Can't locate esmith/FormMagick/Panel/" for example.

BROKEN with your signature (--Terry Fage (talk) 00:16, 14 March 2020 (CET))wikipage : smeserver-contribbugs : bugzilla:NUMBERto install : yum install smeserver-contrib --enablerepo=sme8contribs,smecontribs,epelversion-release tried:dependencies not in smeos,smeaddons,smecontribs:error :workaround :tested beyond installation : yes / noworkingwrite here it works, with the following information :WORKS with your signature. (--Terry Fage (talk) 00:16, 14 March 2020 (CET))wikipage : smeserver-contribto install : yum install smeserver-contrib --enablerepo=sme9contribs,smecontribs,epelversion-release installed:dependencies not in smeos,smeaddons,smecontribs:tested beyond installation : yes / noThen please open a bug against the contrib. , to ask to push the contribs to sme9contribs.


The title of your bug should be for example "first import to sme10 tree [smeserver-mediawiki]"

ContribsList of Contribs being tested