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  • Daniel, I'm a bit confused about the rpmforge repo and DAG repo. The DAG repo (db repo name) points to rpmforge? Should the DAG repo not be named DAG and rpmforge rpmforge?

they are the same or almost.Unnilennium (talk) 15:38, 24 March 2016 (CET)


For information the 5.2 version of pydio does not work when you try to disconnect with LemonLdap as auth . HEre is a dirty workaround :

edit the file /var/lib/pydio/plugins/core.auth/standard_auth_actions.xml

               <action name="logout" expireDefault="true">
                       <gui text="164" title="169" src="decrypted.png" iconClass="icon-signout"
                               accessKey="" hasAccessKey="false">
                               <context selection="false" dir="" recycle="false"
                                       contextMenu="false" actionBar="true" actionBarGroup="minisite" ajxpWidgets="UserWidget::logging_string">
                       <rightsContext noUser="false" userLogged="only" guestLogged="hidden" read="false" write="false" adminOnly=""></rightsContext>
                               <clientCallback prepareModal="false"><![CDATA[
                                       var connexion = new Connexion();
                                       connexion.addParameter('get_action', 'logout');
                                       connexion.onComplete = function(transport){
  var child = transport.responseXML.documentElement.childNodes;
       document.location.href = "https://auth.YOURSITE/";
// end of add
                                       // commented//     ajaxplorer.actionBar.parseXmlMessage(transport.responseXML);
                               <serverCallback methodName="switchAction"></serverCallback>

Unnilennium (talk) 15:38, 24 March 2016 (CET)