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As noted by someone else, wouldn't it be better to authenticate SugerCRM as an unprivileged user rather than root? --Davidiwharper 14:00, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

I guess this page should be renamed to 'LDAP Authentication' opposed to just LDAP [HF]

Comment (chris burnat) "Uninstall Not needed the new method is benign," This sentence is somewhat meaningless... Google "benign"..

Additional info provided by Daniel [Re: [docteam] LDAP Authentication Enable/Disable)]

a) If you enable ldap auth, it'll remove all your groups, users, ibay accounts from the unix databases so everything is only in LDAP

b)> db configuration setprop ldap Authentication disabled

This will just break everything because you won't have any account anymore, and you disable LDAP master auth functionnality, so you won't have any account available on the server anymore