From SME Server

Recently I stumbled on the Fedora gallery2 SRPM.

After inspecting it, I came to the conclusion that there is room for improvement to your RPM. If we incorporate the way gallery2 is build for Fedora on the new build system, installation in SME Server would be much more user friendly and you package only needs to include the necessary files to integrate everything with SME Server.

Benefits of this system are:

  • core and all modules are built as seperate RPMS
  • gallery updates do net need a update of the smeserver-gallery2 RPM, they only need a rebuild of the gallery2 RPM on which smeserver-subversion should depend
  • users can select which modules to install using yum (and perhaps also via the admin interface, this depends on permissions of th eunderlying file system)

Cactus 05:44, 30 December 2007 (MST)