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Warning.png Warning:
you should prefer sysmon instead of this contribs which is no more maintained

System Monitor for SME Server


Michel Van hees


  • System Monitor provide graphics regarding server health.
  • It adds a new panel in the server-manager.


RRDtool and perl-rrdtool are required

yum install rrdtool perl-rrdtool --enablerepo=smecontribs
wget ""

Sysstat are required but will be install using yum.

yum localinstall smeserver-system_monitor-x.y-z.noarch.rpm


All rrd base are automatically move to a backup directory /var/lib/rrdsm/backup/ If you update from version at least 5, you can use it again. Use the following command :

service systemmonitor stop
rm /var/lib/rrdsm/*.rrd
mv /var/lib/rrdsm/backup/*.rrd /var/lib/rrdsm/
service systemmonitor start


yum remove smeserver-system_monitor

Remove rrd data manually in /var/lib/rrdsm/ directory.


You can access system_monitor interface in the server-manager.

Known problems

After update, it could happen that parameters for the service disappear. Check existence with the following command:

db configuration show systemmonitor

If nothing appear, use the following command:

db configuration set systemmonitor service status enabled debug release
service systemmonitor stop
service systemmonitor start

From verison 6, debug mode are present for the service so that remote debuging is easer. To activate it, use the command:

db configuration setprop systemmonitor debug debug

Wait for about 5 minutes and go check file /var/log/systemmonitor You can send it to me, you'll find my address in the spec of RPM.

Additional information