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<nowiki>__TOC__</nowiki> =='''Introduction'''==
Following Step-by-Step instructions are for installing wordpress in an i-Bay of SME Server.
Instructions below will show you how to install both single wordpress install and Multisite. All steps build on each other, so if your ultimate goal is step C, Step A and B must be done first.
Administrators should make use of Groups to only allow authorized users to have access to ibay files via samba/Windows filesharing.
== PART ONE: == '''<u>A) Wordpress install in an iBay of SME serverPART ONE:</u>'''==
=== A) Wordpress install in an iBay of SME server: ===
A1) Create an iBay in which you wish to install wordpress on.
* If you want to have a single blog (personal blog) on one domain, you are done.
 '''<u>=== B) Enable a Multisite:</u>''' <u>(</u>several blogs under one domain)===
B1) Open wp-config.php and add the folowing code:
* If you are planning to run several blogs under one domain, than you are done.
 '''<u>=== C) To run several Domains on one wordpress install:</u>'''===
C1) You will need to install Wordpress Domain Mapping plugin.
SME Server and wordpress use the same folder name "files" for totally different folders in different locations. That conflict is causing problems displaying images inside blogs that use Domain mapping. In order for the images to show up correctly, we need to create a custom template to fix the conflict. Go below to PART TWO for instruction on how to create the custom template.
== '''PART TWO: == '''Custom Templates'''==
=== Custom Templates ===
'''<u>=== 1) Enable Wildcard Subdomains</u>'''===
Inside following folder location:
signal-event post-upgrade; signal-event reboot
 '''<u>=== 2) Fix Image display problem in multisite installation.</u>'''===
Inside following folder location:
signal-event post-upgrade; signal-event reboot
 '''<u>=== 3) Increase file size limit in PHP.</u>'''===
This step is not necessary, you can do it if you need to upload files/ pictures larger than the default settings in php.

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