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Procedure to download an ISO: Select the [ closest mirror], the version of SME Server you want, then the iso directory and finally the i386 or the x86_64 directory. Note that in each repo, there are two ISO images. One is named according to the released version (e.g. smeserver-8.1-i386.iso), the other does not provide version information (e.g. smeserver-i386.iso). The non version ISO is the actual file and facilitates rsync updates for the mirrors. The versioned ISO is actually a symlink to the non-versioned ISO so people know what version they are downloading. Both will download the same binary data to your computer.
{{tip box|Due to the growth of a number of included packages, '''the size of the smeserver ISO has now outgrown the size of CD-ROM media'''. '''A DVD-ROM is now the prefered sized medium''' or use a '''[[Install_From_USB| Usb Key]]'''. (N.B. Technically, you can still burn the smeserver 64 bit ISO to a CD-ROM provided the CD creation software is capable of writing more than the official disk capacity, over burn feature, but not the 32-bit version. Therefore, it is now strongly recommended to use a DVD-ROM or USB Key for both versions.)}}<br />
'''Direct links :'''
====For SME 9====
'''[ CDDVD-smeserver-9-i386.iso]'''<br />
'''[ CDDVD-smeserver-9-x86_64.iso]'''<br />
'''Please always verify your download against the provided checksums (md5 or sha1) provided in the directories [ here]'''

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