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As noted in bug 6641, the scarab rpm is no longer in smecontribs, and it seems the proect is dead - last release was Feb 2007 -

About Scarab

Scarab is a highly customizable artifact tracking system. ( )

A good replacement for bugzilla, and also has import scripts to import bugzilla issues.

Read about scarab:

and Scarab design:


Install Tomcat as described here: Tomcat

Then open mysqld access to local network because Scarab use the mysqld port instead the socket.

The following instructions are extracted from MySQL#Access_MySQL_from_the_local_network

config setprop mysqld LocalNetworkingOnly no
expand-template /etc/my.cnf
sv t /service/mysqd

In some circunstances mysqld fail to start. If this is your case, reboot the server.


yum --enablerepo=smecontribs install scarab

The installation create scarab db and scarabu user.

Under /opt/scarab you have found the extensions directory, and can be use the scripts to import data from bugzilla.

Under /db/mysql you have found the database creation scripts. The installation use install_db_plain.sql. This script install a plain db for Scarab. If you want to install sample data, when finish the installation, execute:

mysql < install_db_with_sample.sql

The script remove the old db and create a new one with sample data.

You can always return to the plain db executing:

mysql < install_db_plain.sql


Access http://yourdomain:tomcatport/scarab

The default username is Administrator with password 1 (number one)


Read all the documentation available from Scarab site. The mailing list is a good source of information too.

I think Scarab is a good tool to try and test over bugzilla.

As always, report any bug