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Communications Manager Requirements

Communications Group


The communications group, supported by the Communications Manager, can be split into four areas

  • Documentation Team
  • Translations Team
  • Web Site Team
  • Org Support Team

Note that any individual volunteer may hold more than one role on more than one team. The Communications Manager (CM) will strive to support the efforts of all groups.

Communications Manager (CM)

This person will lead the volunteers in the communications group. The duties of this office include:

  • Making the final decision of what documentation will be in issued for each release. The outgrowth of this work will be a documentation policy, such that everyone knows what documentation to expect and plan for on future releases.
  • Working with the group to see that volunteers are assigned to the tasks needed for each release
  • Polling the volunteers to establish potential successors (preferably two or more candidates) for the next election.
  • Communicate to the Administrative Group who is on the team initially and update the Administrative Group as changes occur.
  • Evaluating submissions for News items for the community.
  • Making the final decisions on news releases about SME server that we distribute to the public at-large.
  • Plan and execute a polling procedure with the SME community to make suggestions about what features and changes they would like to see in upcoming releases, contributions and/or how-to.
  • The CM shall designate TM's to oversee the translation of SME documentation into the language of interest to the designated DL (please refer to the roles document).
  • Ensure that a changelog and release notes are available to be included with any new release.

The Communications Manager will also have the role of Secretary in SME Server, Inc., and will sit on the Board of Directors. The Secretary, or delegate, shall be responsible for taking and keeping meeting minutes, and posting all board documents to the community website.

SME Documentation Team

The SME Documentation Team is responsible for all the documentation for SME Server and add-ons. This documentation should be available online and as downloadable files. The types of documentation include:

  • Manuals, User Guides, Admin Guides
  • Introduction to SME (Welcome, Download, Template system, etc.)
  • SME Security Guide
  • Feature Guides (mail subsystem, antivirus, etc.)
  • Developer Guides (roll RPMs, contrib testing, any requested help with contrib documentation)
  • Howtos (writing Howtos, and/or accepting submissions)
  • Changelogs and Package Lists

It is not necessary to be a team member to write documentation - all documentation will be freely accepted. Documentation should be submitted to the CM so that it can be properly categorized and included in the website.

Any tools used for the purposes of SME Documentation are the responsibility of this team.

SME Translations Team

The SME Translations Team is responsible for making documentation available in all the languages for which there are sufficient interest and resources. The translations should be available online and as downloadable files. The primary sources for translations will be:

  • The developers group (server-manager panels, installation text, etc.)
  • The SME documentation team
  • Contributed Howtos

The primary goal of this team is to make SME Server usable to the international computing community. As time and resources permit, attention will also be paid toward making documents created in other languages available in English.

Any tools used for the purposes of translation are the responsibility of this team.

Web Site Team

The Web Site team is responsible for all the features and activities on the community website(s). This team is led by the Web Administrator, who shall have the ability to create roles in the team to carry out the duties of the post (monitor mailing lists, create sub webs, assist with contrib projects, etc.).

The community Web Site Team will follow the principle of least access: the members performing each role will have the access to any sections, sub webs, or virtual domains necessary to fulfill their duties, and no more. The Web Administrator will prepare a report listing all members with extraordinary access twice a year at a minimum. This report will be available to the public.

To guard against accident, at least three people will have full administrative access to the entire web site. This number will include any server administrators at the hosting provider that have the ability to grant full administrative access to the web site. Only one of these people, the Web Administrator, or delegate(s), will actively administer the site at any one time.

Org Support Team

The Org Support Team is responsible for any documents concerning the community. This is not intended to include SME documentation. The types of documents include:

  • Policies, procedures, and process documentation
  • Official community documents, such as the constitution, guidance's, etc.
  • Community introduction, Guides
  • Volunteering, How Do I get involved?
  • Documents that explain legal or official business documents in understandable terms

The Org Support Team will maintain a repository of any legal documents, contracts, etc., make this repository available to the community, and keep it up to date.

The Org Support Team is not empowered to create or sign contracts, financial encumbrances, or other legally-binding documents. This is the responsibility of the Leadership Committee. The Org Support Team is to make up-to-date web copies of these documents available to the committee.

All policies, procedures, guidance documents, etc., shall be available to the public.