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Next to the SME Server 9.0 release notes, additional information and/or corrections after the initial official release are listed on this page.

Garbled screen

With some ATI or Intel video cards you may experience some garbled screen at the first boot due to the Kernel Mode Setting. This bug is described in bugzilla:8488. You can work around this issue by performing the following - at the boot menu of the live DVD/USB during the initial install press Tab to edit the boot arguments with the following option, you also need to have selected raidX level, noLVM, and add "nomodeset" at the end of the line. Normally this problem shows up post install not during the initial install.In case of issues, please direct your questions to the Forums

Swapped network interface

It can happen that during installation or after changing network interfaces, they appear in reverse order to the system, leaving the network (LAN/WAN) non functional. This has been fixed in e-smith-base-5.6.0-10 bugzilla:8542