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SME Server 7.5.1 Release Announcement

June 27 2010

The SME Server development team is pleased to announce the release of SME Server 7.5.1 This is a patch release for SME 7.5 to resolve problems seen by some VPN users, and other minor fixes.

The release should be obtained from your closest mirror, see

Bug reports and reports of potential bugs should be raised in the bug tracker (and only there, please);

Important.png Note:
It may take up to 48 hours for mirrors to finish syncing, during this time you may experience problems.

About SME Server

SME Server is the leading Linux distribution for small and medium enterprises.

SME Server is freely available under the GNU General Public License and is only possible through the efforts of the SME Server community. However, the availability and quality of SME Server is dependent on meeting our expenses, such as hosting costs, server hardware, etc.

This release is based on CentOS 4.8.


The development team would like to thank all of those involved in this release. More people are required to help with bug triage and verification testing.


Upgrades are available by CD, the Software Installer and command line.

  • Always perform a backup prior to major system upgrades
  • An upgrade will preserve the existing data

Changes in this release


  • Restoring from a Workstation Backup showed a false failure.
  • The Workstation Backup panel now removes leading and trailing spaces from the hostname.


  • Latest translation updates.
  • Fix translation of local nic string in console.

Mail Server

  • Implement a database key (TlsBeforeAuth) to allow SMTP Authentication without TLS. The default remains to require TLS before Auth (introduced in SME 7.5).

Server manager

  • Add option to limit port forwarding by source ip address.
  • Enable port forwards to localhost if mode is serveronly.
  • Text description added for each Port Forwarding.

Other fixes and updates

  • VPN failed for some users due to incorrect kernel module.
  • Error in postuninstall script prevented kmod packages from being removed during upgrade.
  • /etc/cron.daily/freshclam was replaced by a dummy file as freshclam does not need to be run daily as it is run as a supervised process.

Changes from SME 7.4 to SME 7.5


  • The backup service has been made more robust:
    • Allow many backups in the same day.
    • Prevent launching a restore if all needed backups are not available.
    • Do not allow a restore from a partial backup.
  • Some valid passwords would fail due to how the backup directory was mounted, the use of a credentials file for mount.cifs now avoids this limitation.
  • The e-mail now correctly identifies incremental and full backups.
  • Make Workstation Backup 'full backup allowed on' setting stick across revisits of the Configure page when set to 'Sunday'.
  • Workstation Backup emails now include a To: header.

File Server

  • A patch was added to support multiple samba roles, the change is transparent. However installing smeserver-adv-samba allows the user to take advantage of additional server roles as detailed in


  • As part of a major update with translations we have added seven new languages:
    • Thai
    • Polish
    • Romanian
    • Estonian
    • Chinese
    • Norwegian (Bokmal)
    • Russian.
  • Other fixes include updated translations for the existing languages.

Mail Server

  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) authentication capability has been added for incoming smtp ehlo requests.
  • Implement correctly the subject line SPAM tagging functionality.
  • The syntax of the smtproutes and SMTPSmartHost templates have been updated to avoid MX lookups
  • Incoming mail could be incorrectly rejected by qpsmtpd plugin require_resolvable_fromhost.
  • Update to qpsmtpd 0.83
  • Update to ClamAV 0.96.1
  • Increase MemLimit to 600M for clamav-0.96
  • Remove spamassassin jobs from cron.daily that are no longer needed.
  • HeuristicScanPrecedence is a new option in clamav 0.94. See
  • Rotate Virus scanning log files
  • Remove the external preloaded library, qmail-workaround, which was needed for qmail loopback connections if a domain MX resolves to This has now been replaced by a patch to qmail itself.
  • Use HeloHost (if present) for SMTP auth proxy

Server manager

  • The reconfigure warning is displayed in subsequent browser sessions of the server-manager when the server is updated from the Command Line, or after a reboot, if a full reconfiguration has not been performed.
  • Allow to select "check for updates" daily, weekly or monthly in the Software Installer. Check for updates can also be disabled.
  • Fix yum warnings about "another instance is running" when running a second instance of yum from another terminal.
  • Improve the HTML formatting of the modify quota panel to work in IE8.

Webmail and Groupware

  • Horde, imp, turba and ingo have been updated to the latest versions
  • Patch to make sure username is always saved in lowercase to horde db's
  • Allow FQDN and non-FQDN access to webmail.
  • The spell checker in Horde Mail has been enabled for HTML composition.
  • Obsolete smeserver-trean < 0.1-8 as it makes the sidebar menu of the webmail interface disappear.

Web Server

  • SSLv2 is now disabled by default as it is not secure.

To Revert to SSLv2 = enabled

root@test7 ~]# db configuration setprop qpsmtpd tlsCipher 'ALL:!aNULL:!ADH:!eNULL:!LOW:!EXP:RC4+RSA:+HIGH:+MEDIUM' [Note: all on one line]
root@test7 ~]# signal-event email-update

Force TLSv1 only (SSLv2 = disabled)

[root@test7 ~]# db configuration setprop qpsmtpd tlsCipher 'HIGH:!SSLv2'
[root@test7 ~]# signal-event email-update
  • * Add support for more MIME Types to Apache:
    • Openoffice 1.x, Openoffice 2.x
    • Microsoft Office 2007
    • XML
  • SSL Certificates will now use a SHA1
  • SSL Certificates will now use a 2048 bits key size

Other fixes and updates

  • From June 2009 smeserver-rkhunter was removed from smeos and made a contrib.
  • Do not allow re-allocation of deleted Windows user profiles.
  • Template sshd login grace time
  • Correct the configuration of smartd to monitor hard disk status, but default to disabled.
  • Display the boot time menu by default by removing the hiddenmenu entry from the default grub.conf to be in line with the documentation.
  • Enable error logging for MySQL.
  • When user or group names with a "." in the names exist, running /sbin/e-smith/audittools/aliases will show more than the expected list.
  • Improve the quality of the mirrors by using a network mirror-list. The list is automatically generated hourly based on the status of the current mirrors. By using these mirror-lists it is ensured that people are directed to an updated mirror. When a mirror is added or removed the change will be available quickly and automatically. It also centralizes control of the mirror lists.
  • Add yum-protect-packages support to prevent removal of needed packages. This stops accidental removal of core SME Server packages.
  • Introduced (weak) kernel modules which are independent of kernel version. This means there is no need to update/rebuild kmods for each kernel update.
  • Fix for VPN access failed with buffer too small errors.
  • Require /sbin/mdassemble so mkinitrd works correctly.
  • Reduce drive size requirements from 5G to 1.5G

Ian Wells, on behalf of the SME Server development team.