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Status: Gold

SME Server 7.3 Release Notes

January 1 2008

The SME Server development team is pleased to announce the release of SME Server 7.3. This release is based on CentOS 4.6 and all packages have been updated to the latest releases.

The release should be obtained from your closest mirror, see

All SME Server users should upgrade to this release.

Bug reports and reports of potential bugs should be raised in the bug tracker (and only there, please);

Please Note

It may take up to 48 hours for mirrors to finish syncing, during this time you may experience problems.

About SME Server

SME Server is the leading Linux distribution for small and medium enterprises. SME Server is brought to you by SME Server, Inc. ( ), a non-profit corporation that exists to provide marketing and legal support for SME Server.

SME Server is freely available under the GNU General Public License and is only possible through the efforts of the SME Server community. However, the availability and quality of SME Server is dependent on meeting our expenses, such as hosting costs, server hardware, etc.

As such, we ask for a small donation to offset costs and fund further development.

Please visit Donate to donate.


The development team would like to thank all of those involved in this release. However, this distribution cannot continue with the current level of support. More people are required to help with bug triage and verification testing.

This release contains many new features, all released updates for SME Server 7.2 and fixes for many reported problems. Upgrades will be available by CD, the Software Installer and command line.


  • Always perform a backup prior to major system upgrades
  • An upgrade will preserve the existing data

Changes in this release

Installer Options

  • Using "sme multipart" boot parameter now enables quotas on all LVM's see bug 3651 on how to create your quota files

Other mail system changes

  • Support for disconnect option in rhsbl plugin
  • Support for disconnect immediately if dnsbl plugin rejects recipient addresses
  • Newer version of ipsvd to resolve a few Thunderbird issues
  • Support for configurable timeouts which by default is set to two minutes


  • Now able to remove Corporate DNS setting
  • Raid reconstruction now finishes after using "sme nolvm" passed at install time


  • Ability to use console restore with CD or DVD recordable media
  • Remove smbpasswd file prior to restore


  • The fr-fr browser language is now supported
  • Italian translation minor update

Software Installer

  • The and mirrors has been added as a mirror location. Many thanks to all of our mirrors
  • Removed planetmirror mirror due to being unstable for a number of months
  • Added smecontribs repository to smeserver


  • Horde, imp, turbo and ingo have been updated to the latest versions

Server manager

  • Updated wording in Server manager > proxy to be correct when running in serveronly mode
  • Now able to remove settings in the Corporate DNS panel
  • Make qpsmtpd/state visible in the view log files
  • Convert squid timestamp in view log files
  • Since we moved to session-based login changing admin password does no longer invalidate access to server manager
  • Added support if you use port-forwarding with an external dynamic ip address

Other fixes and updates

  • More changes have been made in preparation for migration to CentOS5
  • Various samba issues fixed with new samba 3.0.25b package
  • Smartd is disabled by default but has built in templates to enable
  • Import of spamassassin keys are now processed correctly
  • Fixed various log noise issues
  • Allow root to be key based login only
  • Increased dnscache forwarder cache size
  • Freshclam permissions now corrected
  • Unwanted symlinks in httpd log directory no longer appear
  • Added WPAD feature in DHCP
  • Fixed various perl issues
  • Using long email address now stops regeneration email every day

General features

  • Based on CentOS 4.6 and all available updates

There are a few differences from previous releases <=7.2

After installing for the very first time:

  • First night you should receive an email from cron about sa_updates.
  • First night you should receive a large email saying a bunch of groups/users were removed/added (rkhunter email notification).
  • Any time you change users/groups you will receive an email the next day about those changes (rkhunter email notification).

Taking the upgrade path from a 7.x to 7.3

  • First night you may receive an email from cron about sa_updates
  • First night you may receive a email saying missing passwd/group files (rkhunter email notification).

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