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Plex Media Server

Plex allows you to aggregate all your personal media and access it anywhere you go

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Important.png Note:
latest supported version on sme 9.2 is plex plexmediaserver-, due to unsolved dependecie, needed glibc 2.14 so centos 7.
I have had this installed in a server for a number of years without issue but had to manually install it originally as there was a bug in the spec file. The installer script below should help the installation but I have not tested it on a fresh install

Enable ports for Plex

config set plexmediaserver service TCPPort 32400 UDPPort 32400 access public status enabled
signal-event console-save

If the Server is behind a firewall you need to forward ports TCP+UDP 32400 - 32410 to your server

Create a plex account at


There is a handy installer/updater here:

yum install git
mkdir /opt
git clone

Add /etc/plexupdate.conf and add your server IP address


Add /etc/plexupdate.cron.conf


Copy the cronwrapper to cron.daily or corn.weekly to automate updates

cp /opt/plexupdate/extras/cronwrapper /etc/cron.daily/cronwrapper

Now run the installer:


If this is your first install I believe it will ask for your username and password (I haven't tested this as I already had it installed)

One you have installed go to:


Login and setup your server

Subsequent updates use a key from your Plex server install

Remote Access

If you have problems connecting to Plex from outside your network check Settings, Server, Show Advanced, Remote Access, and look for the Private setting. You may need to set this manually to port 32400

Remote data store

If you have a remote server with additional Media e.g. a NAS You can mount a shared folder via fstab and add the media to your library.

Create /etc/samba/user and add the remote server user credentials


Set the file read only:

chmod 0400 /etc/samba/user 

Add a line similar to this in /etc/fstab:

//remoteserver/ibay/files /media/remoteserver/somedir cifs credentials=/etc/samba/user,noexec,uid=5000,gid=500,_netdev 0 0

Reboot your server and check you can see files in /media.

In Plex you can now add a new library and browse for the remote files.