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Now that Gallery isn't being maintained anymore, Piwigo may be good replacement for having photo galleries on a SME Server. This is a first attempt of a "How to"...

Log in to a shell as user root and enter the following commands

Install ImageMagick

$ yum install ImageMagick

Create a MySQL database for Piwigo

$ mysqladmin create 'piwigo' –default-character-set=utf8

Create a MySQL user for the new database

$ mysql
> grant select,insert,update,delete,create,alter,drop on piwigo.* to piwigo@localhost identified by 'my_secret_password';
> flush privileges;
> quit;

Of course, "my_secret_password" should be replaced with a password of your own choice.

Download and install the source code for Piwigo

$ cd /home/e-smith/files/ibays/Primary/html
$ wget http://piwigo.org/download/dlcounter.php?code=latest -O piwigo.zip
$ unzip piwigo.zip
$ rm piwigo.zip
$ mv piwigo photos
$ chown root.web -R photos
$ chmod g+w -R photos

Setup Piwigo

In a browser, open http://yourserver.com/photos, and fill out the form

Host localhost
User piwigo (the database user)
Password my_secret_password (the database user's password)
Database name piwigo
Database table prefix piwigo_
Webmaster login myuser (user name of your own choice, for administration of Piwigo)
Webmaster password mypassword (password of your own choice)
Webmaster mail address myuser@myserver.com (mail address shown on the Piwigo site)

Click "Start Installation"

Adding photos

Hopefully everything will then be set up to your satisfaction, and you can start adding photos.

Importing from Gallery

If you have previously used Gallery, Piwigo can import the images, comments etc. from your albums there. Checkout the Menalto2Piwigo-plugin