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Darrel May (Contrib)
Stéphane de Labrusse AKA Stephdl


Contrib 10:
Contrib 9:
The latest version of smeserver-phpsysinfo is available in the SME repository, click on the version number(s) for more information.


This contrib installs phpSysInfo ( on SME Server 8.x.

PHPSysInfo is a customizable PHP Script that parses /proc, and formats information nicely. It will display information about system facts like Uptime, CPU, Memory, PCI devices, SCSI devices, IDE devices, Network adapters, Disk usage, and more.

Installation from stephdl repository

For now that rpm is more up-to-date than the one of contribs. The version is 3.1.13 : see bugzilla:8460 and bugzilla:8459

A menu is now in the server manager to use the contrib, see PhpSysInfo in the administration panel. the admin credentials is required to use that contribs.


  • For sme8

you have to enable the stephdl repository

yum install --enablerepo=stephdl,smecontribs smeserver-phpsysinfo
signal-event console-save
  • For sme9


yum install --enablerepo=smecontribs smeserver-phpsysinfo
signal-event console-save
  • For sme10


yum install --enablerepo=smecontribs,epel smeserver-phpsysinfo
signal-event console-save


Once installed, you can access phpSysInfo at or use it in the server-manager Default behavior is to restrict access to secure http access, requiring SME Servers admin credentials.

However this can be modified to open access over regular http by issuing If you want to allow outside of your Local network

db configuration setprop phpsysinfo access public

If you don't want ssl

db configuration setprop phpsysinfo HTTPS off

expand template an restart service

expand-template /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
sv t httpd-e-smith


signal-event console-save

One should never allow admin authentication over regular http as the password would travel in clear text.


Once installed you should go to the /opt/phpsysinfo/phpsysinfo.ini to enable more options. Every time you install or upgrade the contrib, the rpm process do a backup of your phpsysinfo.ini.

nano /opt/phpsysinfo/phpsysinfo.ini

Check installed version

yum info installed smeserver-phpsysinfo


Please raise bugs under the SME-Contribs section in bugzilla and select the smeserver-phpsysinfo component or use this link

Below is an overview of the current issues for this contrib:

IDProductVersionStatusSummary (3 tasks)
10331SME Contribs9.2CONFIRMEDwrong psstatus configuration
10330SME Contribs9.2CONFIRMEDallow access from manager without asking again to auth
4350SME Contribs9.2CONFIRMEDSecurity issue with phpsysinfo


Only released version in smecontrib are listed here.

smeserver-phpsysinfo Changelog: SME 10 (smecontribs)

2022/07/31 Jean-Philippe Pialasse 3.2.3-6.sme
- update to httpd 2.4 access syntax [SME: 12057]

removed compatibnility, added Requires e-smith-apache >= 2.6.0-19
2022/07/24 Jean-Philippe Pialasse 3.2.3-5.sme
- update to httpd 2.4 access syntax [SME: 12057]
2021/04/07 Brian Read 3.2.3-4.sme
- Add Update event to createlinks [SME: 11054]

2021/04/07 BogusDateBot
- Eliminated rpmbuild "bogus date" warnings due to inconsistent weekday,

 by assuming the date is correct and changing the weekday.
Thu May 30 2001 --> Thu May 24 2001 or Wed May 30 2001 or Thu May 31 2001 or ....
Wed Sep 22 2015 --> Wed Sep 16 2015 or Tue Sep 22 2015 or Wed Sep 23 2015 or ....
2019/01/20 Jean-Philipe Pialasse 3.2.3-3.sme
- Add Update event to createlinks process formating [SME: 10329]