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PythonIcon.png Skill level: Advanced
The instructions on this page may require deviations from standard procedures. A good understanding of linux and Koozali SME Server is recommended.


Openbravo ERP has been specifically designed to help businesses improve their performance. Its functional coverage includes all areas of an integrated management system. Additionally, this same application seamlessly integrates the rest of the areas, starting with a management scope directly helping clients with its CRM (Customer Relationship Management), BI (Business Intelligence), and POS (Point of Sale).


Before you can begin with Openbravo setup, you must satisfy all pre-requisites. They are:

To install Ant, download the .tar.gz version from to a temp folder. We use for our example 1.7.1


tar xzvf apache-ant-1.7.1-bin.tar.gz

Copy to the destination folder

cp -rf apache-ant-1.7.1 /usr/local/ant

There is not need to add now ant to the path for Openbravo installation. If you want to do, read the Ant documentation.

Download the last Openbravo release (currently 2.40). The easy way to install is to download the binary package. Download from SF:

Make executable

chmod 777 OpenbravoERP_2.40-linux-installer.bin

Start installation


Use the default choices. When you prompted for Ant path, type


When prompted for Tomcat path, type


When prompted, choose a password for tad user.

Remember, leave all as default. Only modify the Date Format and Time Format.

Now wait at least 20 minutes to finish the installation!

Test new installation

Access at http://server:8080/openbravo

User: Openbravo

Pass: openbravo