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Oats for SME Server 7.x


Craig Jensen


OATS: Online Automated Timecard System. A multi-user online timecard system written in PHP/MySQL. It allows users to input their hours and then print their hours out at the end of the time period (in PDF/HTML/Text format). It also has support for creating a template if the user works the same hours every week. After submitting his/her timecard, the user can start a new timecard, and the old one is archived.

The data is all stored in MySQL, and O.A.T.S. has support for three authentication methods: database, imap, and pop3.

OATS has a well-developed administration center to make it easy to log in as another user, clean out tables, and update the FAQ.


Install Oats

Install with the following command and it will install all of the required packages for you.

yum --enablerepo=smecontribs install oats smeserver-oats

Information.png Tip:
Oats function of providing output in pdf is only enabled by installing the below packages...

From 'dag' repo:
yum --enablerepo=dag install html2ps
Base repo will have to be enabled for ImageMagic-perl
  • html2ps - which will pull in dependency:
    • ImageMagick-perl
From the default ('base' and 'updates') repos:
yum install ghostscript
  • ghostscript - which will pull in several dependancies:
    • VFlib2
    • chkfontpath
    • fonts-xorg-base
    • ghostscript-fonts
    • ttmkfdir
    • urw-fonts
    • xorg-x11-font-utils
    • xorg-x11-xfs

Using Oats

Login to your new interface @ http://yourdomain.com/oats

username: 'admin'
password: 'admin'

Important.png Note:
Please change this password! The user 'admin' is setup by default as the only user with Admministrator access (a new link is provided at this users top navigation called 'admin')

Configuration Options

Oats configuration is a templated file /opt/oats/config/defaults.php

[root@jensen-server defaults.php]# pwd

[root@jensen-server defaults.php]# ls
10config-colors  30config-options1       55config-administrators  70config-db_options  template-end
20config-dates   50config-print_options  60config-auth_options    template-begin

Edit one of these to your needs then:

expand-template /opt/oats/config/defaults.php
Common Config Changes
  • Output of the timecard: pdf, html, or text found in template fragment 50config-print_options
  • Colors: all colors are listed in the template fragment 10config-colors
  • Administrators: users with admin access are added to the array (comma separated in single quotes) in template fragment 55config-admministrators
  • Authorization: DB is default, IMAP and POP3 are the other options found in template fragment 60config-auth_options