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Netkeeper Remote Server Monitor

A small Windows based program for continuously monitoring multiple Local or Remote SME servers Over SSH.




Download the installation files from here.

You will need the for the base install. You will need if you wish to monitor Affa backup jobs on the server.

  1. Unzip the file on the windows workstation.
  2. Run setup.exe.
  3. Open the Netkeeper Remote Server Monitor program and go to Server Maintenance.
  4. Click Add Server and put in your server information.
    • Domain can be either an IP address or a domain name that resolves to the correct IP.
    • SSH port can be changed to a non-standard port.
    • Password is the server's root password.
  • The first time a server's Raid Status is updated it will review the Raid Status, Click "YES" to accept.
    • Make sure the raid status is correct and raid is in sync before accepting. This is considered the baseline and is stored in the Server's database in NRSM. Once this is accepted, all future raid status checks will be against this baseline and any change in status will be shown as FAILURE.

Upgrading from v0.2/v0.3 TO v0.5

  • Version 0.3 shows the date and time of the last successful Affa backup job instead of just SUCCESS or FAILURE.
  1. Download
  2. Unzip and replace the old NRSM.exe with the new one.
  3. Download and replace on the servers with Affa backup monitoring.


  • The server's status is updated every 5 minutes, but an update can be forced by clicking on "REFRESH"
  • To access a server's console, double-click on the server's domain name.
  • To review a server's Raid status, double-click on the server's RAID status.

Configuring Affa Backup Monitoring

  1. Copy or download the post backup script to the servers running Affa.
  1. Make it executable with "chmod +x" at the server console.
  1. Edit the Affa job configuration file and enter the path to for 'postJobCommand'. (The command to edit the job would be something like the following)
    • 'db affa setprop Affa_Job_Name postJobCommand

See Affa how-to here for reference:

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