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Michael Weinberger


This document describes the installation of Nagios Distributed Monitoring (NSCA).

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Download the packages and files from manually or run the the script wgetall to download all in one go.

bash < wgetall


Configure the dag repositoy

You need to activate the Dag reposity before installing this contrib.

see dag repository

NSCA installation (Distributed Monitoring)

Installation of a distributed server
/usr/bin/yum --enablerepo=dag install \
 nagios-plugins \
 nagios-plugins-nrpe \
 nagios-plugins-setuid \
/usr/bin/yum --enablerepo=dag localinstall \
 smeserver-nagios-nsca-*.noarch.rpm \
 smeserver-nagios-backup-*.noarch.rpm \
 perl-Nagios-Plugin-*.noarch.rpm \
 smeserver-nagios-plugins-*.noarch.rpm \
 nagios-plugins-generic-*.noarch.rpm \
 nagios-plugins-temptrax-*.el4.rf.i386.rpm \
Configuration of a distributed server

Configure the distributed server by editing the client config file /etc/nagios/send_nsca.cfg. Read more here.

Required installation on the central Nagios server
/usr/bin/yum --enablerepo=dag localinstall smeserver-nagios-nsca-*.noarch.rpm
NSCA configuration on the central Nagios server

Configure the TCP wrapper.

config set nsca service
config setprop nsca HostsAllow " DISTRIBUTED_SERVER_IP"
expand-template /etc/hosts.allow

Configure the NSCA service by editing the config file /etc/nagios/nsca.cfg. Read more here. Restart the service to make the configuration effective:

service nsca restart


This removes the installed Nagios packages.

service nsca stop
rpm -e \
 nagios \
 nagios-nsca \
 nagios-plugins-nrpe \
 smeserver-nagios-nsca \
 smeserver-nagios-backup \
 nagios-of-plugins \
 nagios-plugins-generic \
 nagios-plugins-setuid \
 nagios-plugins-temptrax \
 perl-Nagios-Plugin \
expand-template /etc/hosts.allow