Mediatomb with SME 9.1

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Important.png Note:
you might rather install the contrib than doing this how-to manually : Mediatomb

Important.png Note:
As per the mediatomb website: Update 2017-04-03: MediaTomb was fun, but we moved on to other things and will not continue the project. You may want to check out a fork at

( Source : and,52956.0.html )

Make Mediatomb working on a SME 9.1 in date of the 04/04/2017 requiere to get some packet manually from the static mirror of the University of Kent, cause DAG repository are down for now.

the DAG static mirror for i386 packets :

And for the x86_64 :

You need the EPEL repository too. If you don't have him, you can follow this howto:

After the installation, mediatomb will use a database for manage your media. You have 2 options:

-Using Mysql, who's natively installed on SME, but who requiere to add manualy an entry in your Database, and to create an additionnal user's.
Here's the way :

Create Mysql entry & user

GRANT ALL ON mediatomb.* TO 'mediatomb'@'localhost';


- Or Using Sqlite3 :
Sqlite3 need to be installed from the repo (yum install sqlite) before using mediatomb, but give the advantage to not requiere any additionnal manipulation. If you don't modify the config.xml file, mediatomb will automaticaly get his database working with Sqlite3.
But, at this moment, i have some trouble with this, that's de DB locked herself if the daemon or service
is shutting down in use, and need to make me reboot the server. it should be another way to unlock but i can't search for now..

You've making your choice for the Database ?
Away we go.

First needed packets are :
yum install --enablerepo=smecontribs,epel expat zlib js taglib libexif curl ffmpeg perl-File-LibMagic

then you need to Dowload the packet's from DAG.

Create a folder for stock them where you want and go inside:

cd /root
mkdir mediatomb_dagrpm
cd mediatomb_dagrpm

In the date of the 04/04/2017 you can download all the packet like that:

For the x86_64 users :


For the i386 users :


If some won't downloading, go to
and look for the exact name of the packet who have certainly been updated, and recontruct your wget url.
Now, you need to install them :

if you're packet is stocked separately from any other rpm, as in exemple, just do

yum localinstall lib*

For installing all the lib* packet's.
And follow by

yum localinstall mediatomb*

You can now launch mediatomb.
He will create a config.xml under /root/.mediatomb/config.xml and running the service, giving you the ip:port for his webUI.

For me, all work natively from this point.
Every configuration point can be find in the documentation on the official site :
You can have a look on the wiki too, who have some good tricks


if you want to enable some transcoding you will need to isntall vlc and vorbis-tools