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Warning.png Warning:
You will need to update core package e-smith-mysql to use this contrib to smeserver-mysql >= 2.7.0-5, currently available in smeupdates-testing

Important.png Note:
Mariadb 10.5 support is up to 24 June 2025 so one year more than SME10 which EOL is 30 June 2024.

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Jean-Philippe Pialasse


Alpha 10:
Contrib 10:
The latest version of smeserver-mariadb105 is available in the SME repository, click on the version number(s) for more information.


Koozali SME Server configuration package for mariadb105 RH SCLo This RPM will allow you to have 2 or more (if also using another contrib for another sclo version) versions of MySQL running side by side. You will have to select the one to use in the setup of the specific application - please see "usage" below. Please note that applications and contribs like phpmyadmin etc. will as standard use the original Mysql DBM for your OS unless you change the database connection.

Most of configuration options are explained for mysql/mariadb here : MySQL are also available for mariadb105 ( except innoDB options). Only difference is to prefix mariadb and mysql.init db entry by "mariadb105-". ie: mariadb105-mariadb and mariadb105-mysql.init

Note that on SME all mariadb service will share the same /etc/my.cnf configuration file. Generik part are read by all servers (eg: [mysqld] or [mariadb]), while specific version will only be read by the same version server (eg: [mariadb-10.1] for mariadb101). Also multiple for occurrence of one option where a server is able to read , the last one is used.

Note that default behaviour will be socket only, and if you enable networking, it will listen on default port on localhost. You then will need to open port to access remotely on LAN (private) or on web (public). Be careful that you need to manually configure yourself TLS encryption for mariadb before doing this kind of access as this is not part of base configuraiton and will leave your mysql traffic visible non encrypted.

Also if you want another port you need to define port to whatever you want. Also remember that default 3306 mysql port is reserved to original mariadb server


yum install smeserver-extrarepositories-centos-sclo
yum --enablerepo=smecontribs install smeserver-mariadb105

then try PHPMyAdmin for better experience


you can list the available configuration with the following command :

config show mariadb105-mariadb
config show mariadb105-mysql.init

Some of the properties are not shown, but are defaulted in a template or a script. Here a more comprehensive list with default and expected values :

property mariadb105-mariadb default values
LocalNetworkingOnly yes yes,no default provides only socket acces
TCPPort port empty keep empty for security prupose
port port number default 3313 if empty
access private, public,'' default empty for only localhost access
status enabled enabled,disabled
property mariadb105-mysql.init default values
status enabled enabled,disabled


you can access using command line with the following commands, a few similar ones. in doubt you can use the --socket=/var/lib/mysql/mariadb105.sock after the mysql command you want.



The complete path to the specific version of mysql57 server with the mysql client would be:

/opt/rh/rh-mariadb105/root/usr/bin/mysql  --socket=/var/lib/mysql/mariadb105.sock


mysql --socket=/var/lib/mysql/mariadb105.sock

For Wordpress adjust the DB_HOST value in the wp-config.php file accordingly.

 define( 'DB_HOST', 'localhost:/var/lib/mysql/mariadb105.sock' );


 define( 'DB_HOST', '' );

some other php app migh need something like


Resetting the MySQL root password

To reset the password for the MySQL root account. The MySQL root user on SME Server has a random generated password which is generated during installation. You do not need to know this password to login to MySQL with root privileges on SME Server. If you might have changed the MySQL root password you can reset it like this after getting command line access as root user. Any restart of the server will do the job

systemctl restart mariadb105-mariadb.service


yum remove smeserver-mariadb105  rh-mariadb105*


Please raise bugs under the SME-Contribs section in bugzilla

and select the smeserver-mariadb105 component or use this link

Below is an overview of the current issues for this contrib:

No open bugs found.


Only released version in smecontrib are listed here.

smeserver-mariadb105 Changelog: SME 10 (smecontribs)

2023/11/23 Jean-Philippe Pialasse 2.7.0-18.sme
- fix OpenFilesLimit too low preventing backup [SME: 12417]

- deleting extra folder in /home/e-smith/db/mysql/ for mariadb10*
2022/12/11 Jean-Philippe Pialasse 2.7.0-17.sme
- fix mariadb overriding skip-networking for other versions [SME: 12262]
2022/07/11 Jean-Philippe Pialasse 2.7.0-16.sme
- use dedicated log file for *mysql.init [SME: 11953]
2022/06/07 John Crisp 2.7.0-15.sme
- Fix init for MariaDB 104+ [SME: 11991]
2022/04/10 Jean-Philippe Pialasse 2.7.0-14.sme
- /usr/libexec/mysql-wait-stop not used after mariadb101 [SME: 11936]