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Your problem sounds like a potential bug. The SME server design philosophy is "It should just work" If you see errors, strange behaviour or something that is not working as expected, then the SME developers and bugteam consider these as potential bugs. You are not expected to absolutely determine if your problem is a bug before lodging a report. The dev/bugteam would like to investigate your problem further before forensic evidence (logs, system state etc) are lost.

Please lodge a bug report at http://bugs.contribs.org/ and assist the expert team to diagnose the cause and resolve the problem in a systematic manner, for the benefit of all users, yourself included. The bug tracker (Bugzilla) provides a mechanism for follow up, posting of additional information, implementation of the fix and ultimately closure of the bug (and reopening if necessary) etc, functionality the forums do not have and which is needed by the dev/bugteam. We understand that you may be in a urgent hurry to fix your problem, and advise that in many cases the bug tracker will result in the fastest resolution of your problem, as there is a team of SME experts available there to analyse your issue. Your assistance is appreciated.