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The lazy administrator's tool to transfer crypted password from a SME Server to another


   Transfer an user encrypted password fom one SME box shadow file to
   another box shadow file on SME servers (7.x/8.x). This tool is
   functionally equivalent some python script that allow this kind of
   manipulation. This could be used when the administrator do not know the
   plain password of its users and want to migrate a SME box. It can be run
   from the command line or called from an other script. It allows you, for
   example, to tranfert all your users password after creating them with
   lat-users and dump files obtains from the older box.

See /usr/doc/lazy-admin-tools/example.shadow for the format of the input file.

Smecontribs repository for SME Server

yum install --enablerepo=smecontribs smeserver-lazy_admin_tools smeserver-userpanel smeserver-mailsorting
signal-event post-upgrade; signal-event reboot


   lat-shadow -a -c "username | encryptedPassword"
   lat-shadow -a [-f] -i /path/to/password.list


The following options are supported:

   -a, --add
       Add the encrypted passwords for user account to the server.
   -c "Arguments", --command-line="Arguments"
       Take arguments from the command line. See the 'Arguments' section
       below for the various arguments that are accepted.
   -f, --force
       Force update if password is not empty in the shadow file on the SME
   -h, --help
       Extended help for this tool
   -i=FILE, --input-file=FILE
       Use the information from FILE to create or delete the user accounts.
       See /usr/doc/lazy-admin-tools for an example of an input file.


      user*      - Must contain only lower-case letters, numbers,
                   hyphens, periods and underscores, and should start
                   with a lower-case letter. Wildcards (* and ?) can
                   only be used to delete users.
      password*  - Encrypted Password for the user  from the /etc/shadow file
      * mandatory field


lat-shadow -a -c "harry | fdasf57ertg73sdf"
   Update empty password field in /etc/shadow for user 'harry' from the command line, with password entered.
Important.png Note:
You have to understand that it is an encrypted password which you have to give and not a new password in a clear text

lat-shadow -a -i /root/shadow.list
   Uses the arguments specified in /root/shadow.list to update user shadow encrypted password. 
Important.png Note:
you could use the output file make by lat-dump to move users to a new SME Server

Please refer to /usr/doc/lazy-admin-tools/example.shadow for an example of an input file.


Please raise bugs under the SME-Contribs section in bugzilla and select the e-smith-lazy_admin_tools component or use this link .