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The lazy administrator's tool to manage domainnames


      Creates or deletes domainnames on Mitel's SME servers.  This tool is
      functionally equivalent to the 'virtual domains' option in the server-
      manager, but can be run from the command line or called from an other
      script.  It allows you, for example, to create a large number of domain
      names in a batch process, or delete domain names on a remote machine
      via an ssh console.
      See /usr/doc/lazy-admin-tools/ for the format of the
      input file.

Smecontribs repository for SME Server

yum install --enablerepo=smecontribs smeserver-lazy_admin_tools smeserver-userpanel smeserver-mailsorting
signal-event post-upgrade; signal-event reboot


      lat-domains -a -c "domain | description | i-bay"
      lat-domains -a -i /path/to/domains.list
      lat-domains -d [-f] -c "domain"
      lat-domains -d [-f] -i /path/to/domains.list


      The following options are supported:
      -a, --add
          Add a domain name to the server
      -c ""Arguments"", --command-line=""Arguments""
          Take arguments from the command line.  See the 'Arguments' section
          below for the various arguments that are accepted.
      -d, --delete
          Delete a domain name from the server. Wildcards (* and ?) are
      -f, --force
          Don't prompt before deleting.
      -h, --help
          Extended help for this tool
      -i FILE, --input-file=FILE
          Use the information from FILE to create or delete the domain
          name(s).  See /usr/doc/lazy-admin-tools for an example of an input
         domain*     : Must contain one or more letters, numbers,
                       periods and minus signs. Wildcards (* and ?)
                       can only be used to delete domainnames.
         desription  : Free text description of the domain.
         i-bay       : Location where the content for the website
                       can be found. Must be a valid ibay-name.
                       Otherwise the primary website of the server is
         * mandatory field


lat-domains -a -c " | School of witchcraft | hogwarts"
      Creates the domain name  '' and links it to i-bay 'hog-warts'.
lat-domains -a -c ""
      Creates the domain name  '' and links it to the primary
lat-domains -a -i /root/domains.list
      Creates the domain names defined in /root/domains.list.  Refer to
      /usr/doc/lazy-admin-tools/ for an example of an input
lat-domains -d -f -c "*.net"
      Deletes all '.net' domain names without prompting (-f).


Please raise bugs under the SME-Contribs section in bugzilla and select the e-smith-lazy_admin_tools component or use this link .