Koozali Foundation Design Brief

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Koozali Project
Logo Design Concepts and Direction

  1. Clean and simple preferred over complex.
  2. Logo is to represent a linux server system that is simple to manage yet powerful and scalable.
  3. Try to capture the essence of the name of our project, Koozali, which means re-birth or re-born (not critical).
  4. 1-3 colors; - try to avoid gradient shading - 2 is better than 3 for monchrome conversion. Would favor a logo where we could change the color depending on the version of the software we release: For example one color for the free version and another color for the professional version, etc.
  5. Try to make it look good in both monochrome and color; be wary of when it is produced on differing backgrounds - some designs are odd when changing background from light to dark.
  6. Looks good when scaling (small and large sizes); Best to keep vaguely within a square or circle -- neither too wide or too high.
  7. Look at examples of our competition to get an idea of the direction we want to go with the project logo, but don’t necessarily emulate:
    * ClearOS: http://www.clearfoundation.com/Software/overview.html
    * Zentyal: http://www.zentyal.com/
  8. K.I.S.S ;-)
  9. Fonts ??? Something easily available / open source - possibly one main, and a sub font.
  10. If fonts are part of the logo, would be nice to have the ability to separate the two for flexibility.
  11. Simple style guide we can all use/adhere to - colour refs for CMYK/Pantone/web etc.
  12. List of words to sum up Koozali SME Server:
    • Linux
    • Server
    • Easy
    • Simple
    • Powerful
    • Manageable
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Enterprise
    • Scalable
    • Secure
    • Flexible
    • You could also add double or triples
      • Easy but Powerful
      • Small and Medium
      • Linux Server
      • Powerful but Manageable
      • Simple and Scalable