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This is a howto based on fedora7 showing how to authenticate a K12LTSP [1] server off SME Server. The K12LTSP server is an easy way to add Linux thin client computing to your network. The K12LTSP Server is based on Fedora 6 with pre-configured LTSP [2] added in.

Install the K12LTSP Server

  1. Turn off the firewall
  2. Turn off SE Linux
  3. Log in as root
  4. Check /etc/hosts - make sure that the internal server name is different to your SME Server's name. I ran into trouble because the default K12LTSP internal server name is server.ltsp and my SME Server is server.school.edu.au - I changed the K12LTSP server's internal server name to k12server.ltsp. Note, this is different to the K12LTSP's external server name which you can set to be anything. Mine is k12.school.edu.au ! You probably won't have to do this step if you gave your SME Server a more imaginative name!
  5. Do a yum update. I ran into trouble with broken icewm (a really light window manager which I don't like anyway). So first do a yum remove icewm -y, and then yum update - y (I had to download around 450MB of updates, Fedora 6 is just a little old!)
  6. Reboot if you know what's good for ya!