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Important.png Note:
This service has been decommissioned and is no longer active. The page is here for historic reasons

Development chat room

Contribs.org has now a jabber server with a public chat room called "developers". It's open to anyone who wants to discuss about development on SME Server.

To join it, you need a jabber account, and of course a jabber client ;)

There're a lot of public jabber servers where you can create an account, jabber.org being the most popular. You can also run your own jabber server using for example Ejabberd contrib.

Once you have your account created and connected, you need to search for chatrooms on conference.contribs.org. You should see 3 chatrooms. For example, with gajim client, you can use the service discovery function, enter host conference.contribs.org, then browse, you'll have something like this:

Screenshot of Gajim service discovery

You can now join the conference and talk with anyone connected.